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Emergency Repair

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The beep of his phone broke thru the music in his ear buds.

**Just got a priority call. Head there next. I am sending someone else to your next job, new customer from a customer referral. You were requested by name. I am sending you the info.**

“Why do they do this shit to me?” he thought as he read the text.

**I’m almost done here. Shouldn’t be more than 10 more minutes.**

He was texting her back as he got the text with the new customer info. Hopefully this won’t throw to much of a wrench in my day. Shaking his head he went back to work.

He turned his music back on as he finished the job.

“I am focused on what I am after, the key to the next open chapter…”

He finished the job he was on headed to the new one. He didn’t mind new customers and knew how important they were for business. He was one of the company’s best techs and usually dealt with the priority jobs.

“Maybe she’ll be sexy and wearing next to nothing.” he though with a chuckle. He knew that probably wasn’t likely but, it was a good thought anyway.

She had just moved in and was taking boxes out of the garage and into the house. She had asked the movers to stack all the boxes there so they could be on their way. They had just put the last load in and were leaving as she went to lower the garage door. It stopped half way down.

“Fuck me!!” she thought.

Now she was going to have to stop and figure out how to fix this problem. She pushed the button again thinking it would help. Nope, didn’t even move. She went and tried to pull the door down nothing happened.

“Lovely! Time to find someone who knows how to fix this damned door.” She went back in the house and got online to see what she could find.

There were several options. She looked thru all their sites. She went back to the third one she looked at. It had several good reviews. They had been in business for over 20 years and they seemed reputable. She was flipping thru the pictures of the work they did and even some of the service techs, then she saw Him!! He had blue eyes and what she thought looked like a smirk when he smiled.

“Oh!! I bet he would be fun to play with.” She laughed. She really needed to get laid.

Four months. Four months since she had decided to make the biggest change she had ever made. It had led to her moving and living alone for the first time since college. She had found her new job online. It was a new company and they offered to pay all her moving expenses. It wasn’t a hard choice to make. The hard part was no longer having a man in her life. She shook her head.

“Nope. I was right to leave. Things weren’t working. Move on.” Saying it out loud helped. The sexy guy she was looking at on her tablet was helping too.

She laughed at the thought of seducing the Repair man. It wasn’t like she hadn’t seen “that” porn or even though it a few times before but never acted on it. She kept going back to his picture. He was bald headed and looked to have a good body from what she could see in the picture, wide shoulders and good chest. She was getting turned on just looking at him. It was the eyes she kept going back to. There was something she recognized in them.

She looked closer, it had his first name. Hmmm she wondered how she could get him specifically. There was a review after his pic talking about what excellent service he had given the customer.

“Mmmmmm..I’d let him give me excellent customer service. Hell let’s give it a shot. What’s the worst that can happen? He’s not interested and I get to look at eye candy.” she thought.

She called the number they had listed and told the lady who answered the phone her problem. She gave the name of the customer that had given the review and said she was a friend of hers (little white lie). She asked if she could request him as her tech. The lady said of course.

She proceeded to tell the lady she could pay extra if she could have it serviced that day as all her belongings were in the garage, and…

“It’s been four months since I’ve been laid and I’m hoping to seduce your service tech” she left that part out but smiled at the thought.

The lady told her to give her a few minutes to see what she could do. She was back in less than ten minutes telling her he would be there as soon as he finished the job he was on. She smiled and said thank you, as she hung up the phone.

“Have you lost your mind? What if he’s married or gay? Do you really think this is going to work? You know you have a vibrator for these kinds of moments.” All these thoughts ran thru her head. She smiled and giggled a little. She found herself walking to her room with her hands on her breasts. She felt her nipples getting hard under her hands. She squeezed her tits and felt the heat in her chest spread down her stomach and caused the muscles in her pussy to clench.

She went to her bedroom, thankful she had gotten it set up first. She took off her leggings and her bra. Looking at herself in the canlı bahis full length mirror in just an old black cotton off the shoulder t-shirt and a pair of black and orange striped boy short panties. She was a bigger girl, always had been. She had thick thighs and a full round ass. Her breasts were a 38DD and she had a soft tummy that was larger than she would have liked. She turned side to side. The shirt hung low enough that it covered her unless she walked or bent over.

“Not bad at all.” She smiled and shook her ass a little.

She put on a little make up and pulled her hair back away from her face. Her cheeks were flush and her heart was racing. She may be comfortable in her own body but she had never been this bold. Not with a perfect stranger anyway. Old memories crossed her mind and she sighed.

Hearing the beep of a vehicle backing up pulled her out of the naughty thoughts she was having. She looked at her phone.

“Damn that was fast, less than thirty minutes.” They work quickly, she thought.

She watched him walk to the door. Oh he looked better in person!! He had on cargo work pants and a hoodie. His sun glasses were on his head and he had an easy smile on his face. Even if he wasn’t interested he would be fun to look at while he worked. He paused at the garage then made his way to the front door. He rang the bell and waited. She stood at the living room window a minute longer and called be right there. She took a deep breath was she really fixing to do this…yep she smiled as she opened the door.

“Oh wow!! I didn’t expect you so fast.” She said acting out of breath like she had hurried to the door. Thus, explaining why she had no pants on.

He looked shocked to see her standing there less than half dressed. She was thick in all the right places and from the quick look he got before looking down she seemed to have great tits.

“Ummm…yeah we try to answer all of our calls quickly. It looks like your garage door is stuck.” He said still a little in shock.

“She doesn’t seem to be trying to cover up or even seem that embarrassed to be standing here in what appeared just a t shirt. Hopefully she drops something.” He smiled at the thought and was not nearly as annoyed that his schedule had been rearranged.

She had great eyes and thick full lips. Her smile lit up her eyes. He couldn’t help but wonder what her ass looked like. Damn what he could do with all of that!! He felt his cock stir and he coughed to cover the small groan that escaped his lips.

“Would you like to show me what’s going on this morning so I can get it fixed up for you?” There was definitely innuendo in his voice but he didn’t know if she would or even cared to catch it.

She smiled into his eyes. Hoping he was willing to do more than flirt. She hadn’t seen a ring and he didn’t come across as batting for the other team. She opened the door and invited him in. She could feel herself getting hotter by the second. Her nipples had gotten harder and she knew they were noticeable thru the thin shirt. She turned, knowing full well as she walked he would see her ass cheeks only partly covered by the panties she wore and the t-shirt.

“The door I’m having real problems with is this way.” She turned and started walking down the hall.

Would he notice that this wasn’t the direction of the garage? Would he question her? She glanced back over her shoulder. He was focused on her ass. She smiled.

He followed watching her ass peek out from under her t-shirt as she walked. “Holy fucking shit!!” Was all he could think while looking at her. His cock getting harder the longer he looked.

She walked into her room and stood at the foot of her bed with her back still to him.

He stopped in the door way. She was almost bent over the foot of the bed looking at him.

“Ummmm…there doesn’t seem to be a door in here for me to uuugghhh look at…” Was this really happening to him?!?!?!?!?? Was she really bent over her bed?!?!?!

“Am I really going to, to just stand here?!?!?!?” He still wasn’t sure this was actually happening.

“It’s over here. So you may have to get a little closer to see it…” she bent all the way over the foot board of the bed and spread her legs a little wider.

Was he going to close the gap between them or would he excuse his self to do the job he had been called for?

He stood there only a moment longer. His hardening member answered for him. Fuck yes he was going to act. Her ass was amazing and she was all but begging him to take her. She wiggled her ass just a little as he made his way to where she was.

He dropped his clipboard and sun glasses on the floor, pulling his hoodie off as he stood behind her. Her legs looked soft and her ass cheeks peeking out from her panties were just asking to be kissed, and spanked. He pulled his under armor shirt off and ran his hand up the back of her thigh. She sighed and pushed her ass into the air a bit further. His touch was like fire against bahis siteleri her skin. She could feel the tips of his fingers after he had pulled them away.

“Aaaaawwwww!!” She moaned as his fingers left her skin. There was a clenching deep inside her and she could feel the heat and moisture building.

He ran his rough hands back down her thighs as he got to his knees and inhaled deeply. She smelled of body wash and excitement. He continued to run both hands up and down the backs of her thighs as he pressed his lips to her thick ass cheek. Her skin was soft under his lips and warm. He squeezed her thighs as his hands made their way back up and to her ass. He nipped her ass with his teeth as he pulled her luscious cheeks apart. He gripped her ass tighter then he probably should have.

She moaned louder as he squeezed, bit, and spread her ass cheeks apart. She liked it rougher than most. Was that what she had seen in his eyes, the need to take control and be a little rough while he did it? His firm fingers digging into her skin made her already wet center actually drip down her lips. She arched her back and pushed her hips into his hands.

He could feel the heat coming off of her thru her thin panties as well as see the wet spot forming. He kissed her just outside her panty line as he hooked his fingers into them and pulled them to the side. He was right she was so very wet already. Laying his tongue flat he licked her from her swollen lips to her pretty pink pucker. He groaned as he tasted her and breathed her in.

“God damn she tasted good.” He thought and his cock jerked in his pants and the pre cum leaking into the under armor tights he wore to keep warm. He was definitely warm now.

She let out a long slow moan and again pushed back into him. His cock was aching to be let out of his pants. He unzipped them as he continued to lick her lips and worked his way to her pretty pink pucker. Taking his time, because, God only knew when this would ever happen again. He didn’t even know her name. He hadn’t even looked to see what it was.

He didn’t even care as he pushed his tongue deeper into her finding her even wetter. He stroked his cock with his free hand as he spread her lips with the other. He throbbed as he licked her, pre cum coating the head of his cock.

“If I keep stroking I’m going to unload all over her ass.” He thought and only stroked one more time because he wasn’t ready for that yet.

He took both hands and spread her wide, licking her in long slow motions from clit to ass. Her bald soft pussy puffed as he continued to kiss and suck on her lips Every once in a while he was circling and sucking her clit. He was driving her crazy with his tongue and fingers. His hands were rough from working but gentle as he used them on her. Her nipples were hard as they were pressed into the bed. Her breath was getting ragged and fast as the orgasm built with each movement of his lips and tongue. She moaned and sighed as he took his time.

“God he is going to make her cum any minute!!” Her thoughts were hard to put together as his tongue worked her pussy.

He felt her legs shaking and her muscles clench as he licked her deeper. She was so hot and tasted sweeter with every lick. He slide two fingers inside her and began licking her tight little pucker.

“Fuck me!! God yessss!!” She called out as his tongue circled her and his fingers slid in her molten center deeper

The walls of her pussy contracted around his fingers like a velevt vise. He couldn’t wait to feel her around his cock. He pushed his tongue into her and worked his fingers faster; he wanted her to cum on his face first. She was bucking her hips and moaning like a little slut would. She didn’t even care. He felt so good. Feeling her self-getting to the edge she pushed back hard into him.

“Ooooo yes I’m gonna cum, don’t stop!! Dear God please don’t stop!!” She called out so loud she was sure the neighbors heard her. Fuck them, she thought. If they were in my shoes right now they’d be yelling too.

He pumped his fingers faster and harder, she was so wet she was making slurping noises as he pushed in and out of her. She was hot and tight against his fingers. He reluctantly took them out putting one finger into her tight pucker and wrapping his lips around her clit and sucking, as he pushed his finger in deeper. Fuck her ass was tight and hotter than her pussy. He didn’t know how that was possible. His cock jerked as she exploded in his mouth.

She came with cuss words and a gush of wetness that covered his chin and dripped down onto his chest. He didn’t stop until she was begging for his cock. He stood up and took his pants and work boots off. He was rock hard. He was going to have to go slow if he wanted this to last. She scooted to the edge of her bed and as soon as he was in reach she took him in her mouth. He groaned as her full lips covered the slick, thick head of his cock.

“Fuck!! You’re a good little cock sucker aren’t you?!?!?!?” He bahis şirketleri wasn’t sure how she would respond to that but it was the truth

“Mmmmmmmm” she moaned on his cock not slowing down. His words made her tingle all over.

She sucked hard and fast she wanted. No needed to taste his cum. She had every intention of feeling him inside her but first she had to do this. He was thick and his head smooth and slick with pre cum. She licked his head and took him balls deep. He groaned as she worked his shaft. She squeezed her lips and sucked in her cheeks as she moved her head up and down. He put his hands on the sides of her head and held her in place using her mouth as he would her pussy. She grabbed his balls and squeezed. Not hard but enough to have him groaning louder. She looked up at him and took him deep in her mouth again.

“I’ll show you what a good little cock sucker I am” she knew how to suck dick and loved doing it.

When she came to his head she swirled her tongue and began to stroke and suck his thick cock. She continued to look at him begging with her eyes for him to fill her mouth.

“Oh baby girl I’m gonna cum!!” He hadn’t meant to call her that but she was sucking all rational though out thru his cock.

He held her head and let out a long moan as he emptied into her hungry mouth. She never stopped sucking. He came in hard fast spurts coating her tongue. She felt him shake as she kept sucking for a moment longer.

“God damn!! That was amazing!! Now get on your back. I want to feel your wet pussy on my cock.” His voice was low and in control. She did as he said.

She lay on her back putting her feet on the bed and spreading her thick thighs for him. She put her fingers at the bottom of her shirt and slowly pulled it up showing off her soft full breast. She had large nipples that needed to be sucked and squeezed. He stood there and just looked at her for a moment.

“How the hell did I get so lucky???” She is hot and gives head like a fucking dream.

His cock jerked as he looked at her. He was still leaking and had her spit dripping from the head of his cock. He stroked it a few more times while she played with her tits. Even if this happened to him again he doubted it would top this. She was soft in all the right places. He couldn’t wait to touch her body. He took his hand off his cock and walked to the edge of her bed. He ran his hands up her thighs as he got closer to her.

She moaned at his touch. She could fully see his chest and stomach now. He was a well-built man. She could tell his body would be hard under her hands. She could see his muscles flex as he was rubbing his hands closer to her soaking wet pussy.

“Oooo my God your hands are setting me on fire!!” With every touch she ached a little more and the tension deep in her grew.

She arched her back and pulled the shirt over her head. She ran her shaking hands back down to her hard nipples and rolled them between her thumb and forefinger. She pulled them hard and gasped. The sensation made her muscles clench as she tried to lift her hips off the bed. She could feel her wetness slip between her lips and down across her tight pucker. Her breathing was ragged and full of desperate needs.

“You have such suck able nipples. Pull them again for me. Pull them and squeeze them baby!!” He wanted to see her obey him. The thought took him by surprise. He hadn’t had that urge for a while. He let it take over.

He wasn’t a man that rushed, but takes his time and does a thorough job. She shook as his thumbs reached her lips and gently ran over them.

“Good girl!! He heard her moan at his words. Was that a twinkle in her eyes? “Did you like that? Do you want to be a good girl for me?” Fuck!! Where is this coming from?!?!?!?!

“Yes I want to be a good girl!! I can be such a good girl!!” She all but moaned the words.

He could feel how wet and swollen she was. His fingers were squeezing her thighs as he continued up her body. She pulled her nipples and squeezed her tits as he told her. She watched his face and body react to hers.

“Oh my god your body…, hell, you are beautiful. I can’t wait to feel my cock deep inside you!! He whispered the words to her as he leaned down over her.

He began kissing her neck and nipping as he pulled away to find her lips. He didn’t kiss her fast. He wanted to take his time and build the anticipation. He was so close she could feel his breath on her face. He took the tip of his tongue and ran it across her bottom lip. She parted her lips and she opened her mouth. His breath was her air. She breathed him in slowly and let out a ragged sigh. Then he covered her mouth with his, slowly tracing her tongue with his, pulling back to suck or bit her fat bottom lip. He could still taste himself on her tongue as well as her pussy.

His cock pressed against her lips as he continued to kiss her. He could feel her pressing her thighs down against him trying to put more of his head inside her needy pussy. With his hands covering hers over her tits and his thighs pressed into hers she couldn’t move. A wicked smile crossed his face and made his eyes shine a little brighter.

“Damn he has a good smile!!” she thought.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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