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Innocence has its Needs

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Julie was a pinup inspired girl with short, brown hair, a boyish smile, and a slim body that moved like water. When she came close to me I felt my cock painfully writhe inside my pants, like a little monster stretching. But the best thing about her was her innocence. She was sweet to all things, touched them with caring fingers, and looked at them as if they had the potential for greatness inside them.

She was a good catch for a cute boy, me, Frank, with, some would say, a timid behavior. We were drawn to each other because of our innate goodness, we both knew it. In a world that could be harsh and cruel, we were a soft light.

Even so, I couldn’t believe my luck when my interest was met by her enthusiasm on that drizzling midsummer night, when we accidently met under the same tree after a party hosted by a friend of a friend. We even kissed for the first time then, and afterwards we managed to find a safe place in her basement were we fell into each other for the first time.

Sweet and slow was our melody then, and it was our melody later, when this takes place. My cock would fit perfectly inside her pussy and we would make love in the truest sense of the word. I would always insist on positions where we could lock gazes as we came together.

We never talked about previous relationships. I didn’t have any, and she never mentioned anything. Luckily our city was big enough for privacy. I told myself that there would be nothing shocking in her history for me. Anyway, I didn’t care that much.

As 25 year olds we lived in a medium apartment next to a river in that same city. She worked as a chef and I studied to be veterinarian. When this happened I had been away for a few days to work as a trainee in a smaller city a few hours away, long enough to warrant a motel stay. It went well, really well. I met an amazing bulldog. I even got off a day earlier, something the boss did to be nice, even though I could have stayed there forever.

I thought about calling, but she would be at work, I knew. It was a Friday, a stressful day for her. I could prepare something for her homecoming, a surprise. She liked it when I tried to cook. I would just put away my bags at home and then get some food.

A soft glow from the living room told me that she had forgotten to turn off her computer before she went to work. The screensaver was on. A purple glow. Otherwise it was dark. Too dark. All the curtains covered all the windows. I took off my shoes and went inside, and figured that if I had to shut down a computer I could take a look inside the refrigerator to see if I should get some basic foodstuffs too. And let in some light.

Some of her clothes were tossed carelessly over a chair next to the computer desk and I picked them up with one hand and at the same time I reached for the touchpad, but I stopped before I could touchpad it. I noticed that Julie´s dildo lay next to the computer, in the darkness.

I smiled, even almanbahis şikayet chuckled. She had masturbated and looked at porn in my absence. I would pretend I hadn’t noticed it, I decided, and continued.

At first I didn’t know what it was I was seeing on the screen. Some smudgy screenshot? No, a paused video. It was an internet page called… something quite disturbing. By 21th century instincts I clicked on the smudgy, paused video.

A chubby, female face, cute, was screaming silently with what looked like lust infused with terrible pain. She was standing on all fours, and a man was behind her, but you could not see anything clearly beyond her fantastically expressive face.

At first I thought it was muted but then I heard a silent scream after her mouth convulsed from a savage thrust and realized that the earplugs were in the socket, and that they dangled from the desk, almost in unison with the thrusts.

I lifted one up to my ear and heard exactly what she so obviously felt, almost panic inducing, pain inflicting, and pure pleasure. She was like a demon, perfect sin for just a few minutes before the video started again, and again. After three runs I paused the video and removed the earplug and started to go through the site with confused, inner turmoil.

Everything was in the same spirit, with vastly different quality. I wanted to see it all; I wanted to see how far this went on. Why had she watched this? Had she fucked herself to this? I didn’t feel betrayed, but I felt sad. Obviously we were not as close as I thought.

I dropped her clothes and sat down in front of a gif, where a latex clad petite was tied up to be fucked anally by a middle aged woman wearing a strapon. The petite could have been Julie if she had been a blond. I felt something stir in my pants, but I was distracted by a sound, a tiny, trickling sound, like someone taking a water saving shower.

The sound had not been there when I moved into the living room.

Suddenly the sound stopped.

Fuck! She was home? What should I do? What could I do? What did I want to do?

I moved away from the computer, still with the gif going strong, just in time to see my Julie coming out of the bathroom with a towel all over her face and hair, drying it.

“Julie,” I said softly.

She screamed and fell down after trying to jump back. The towel fell from her face, and she laughed when she noticed it was me. “Frank!” And then maybe she noticed the look on my face, or maybe the computer, because she said, softly, “Frank? Are you okay?”

“Yeah,” I said. “I just… Julie, why didn’t you tell me?”

She stood up and continued to dry herself, but she blushed.

“What?” she asked. “Frank, I want to get…” She tried to look at me, and I could see that she loved me. “I love you and I would never want to make you uncomfortable.”

“Do you need… those things?” I asked, pointing at the computer screen. almanbahis canlı casino “Do you need that to be fulfilled? Sexually, I mean?”

“I’m a big girl,” she said, smiling but maybe a little bit melancholy. “I can take care of myself.”

Both of us looked at the orgy of evidence. Then we looked at each other. Then we looked away again, to walls.

“You did it… before?” I asked, clumsily and directionless, and something else.

“Before we met?” she asked. “Yes.” And she saw my facial expression. “Ah, honey! I can do without. I want to be with you.”

“But why do you want it?” I asked. “It…”

“Why?” she blushed again. “Well… It’s amazing.”

“When it hurts?” I asked.

“Yeah…” she said huskily. Then she looked at me strangely. “Why do you wonder?” She edged closer to me. “Did you see something you liked?”

“I…” I stuttered. “I couldn’t do that to you!”

“I know,” she smiled. “And it’s alright without.”

“But not amazing?” I asked.

She moved over to me and kissed my lips, and we cuddled up on the couch, with the screen, with that same gif going on the desk. Her body was still slightly damp after the shower. After all, I had interrupted her drying process.

“You are amazing”, she said. “But yeah, I would need that to make our sex as good.” She looked at the screen with dreaming eyes. “I’ve thought about it, how you would force me to lick all of your cock to lube it all up only to fuck my ass.”

“Stop,” I said, but too quiet for her to hear.

I could see how she moved her hips against the couch the way she always did when she got horny. I imagined I could smell her, and that I could see her nipples harden.

“I think about it while we have sex”, she continued in the same state. “That it’s just foreplay.” Suddenly she turned and faced me. “Did you see the one I left on the screen?”

“I… What?” I asked, and suddenly she moved over to the computer, moved it to the couch table, scrolled up to the blurry thing, and after an inquisitive look on me she clicked on it. I recognized those minutes very well. It rolled on in silence; she hadn’t removed the earplugs from the socket.

“It’s my favorite”, she said, eyes firmly on the clip. “I can imagine that it’s you fucking her. Fucking me.”

We sat in silence. Every time the woman on screen had the most violent reaction Julia shivered next to me and a little moan forced itself from her mouth, open and shining from spit. Slowly she grabbed my hand and moved it, I couldn’t react, down to her pussy and I could feel her flowing more freely than I had ever experienced before. She squished.

When I had started to move my fingers slowly against her she let one of her hands move up to my crotch and played above my cloth covered erection, way harder than I felt comfortable with, but I couldn’t deny it either. Julia managed to turn her head a bit to smile at me before she continued almanbahis casino to follow the video like a nun would look at Jesus resurrected.

She stood up, still with her eyes glued to the sweet torment before us and my fingers against her, and lowered herself onto me, wriggling teasingly. We had done similar things previously so she knew what worked against me.

“Please?” I murmured, not loud enough to stop her.

“And I told myself,” she continued, pressing down hard against me. I could feel her wetness seeping through, “if he loved me he would do that to me, if I explained how much I needed it. But I knew you were too nice, too good, to get turned on by something like that. But then,” she moaned loudly and had to stop, “maybe you are perfect and just didn’t know it.” She could barely speak. “Maybe if I begged real good? Or maybe if I didn’t ask?”

She stood up once again, now letting my hand fall down, leaving a wet mark on the couch were it landed, and kneed before me, ripping at my pants with a fanatic glow in her eyes.

“Stop me if you don’t want this,” she said as she dragged my cock from its confines, holding it with her delicate touch and looking at it as if it had potential for greatness inside her. “I can’t take this anymore… I’ve wanted for so long.”

I didn’t dare to stop her and she started to lick and spit and suck clumsily, not at all like she usually did. She usually was the artist. Now she was the addict, and this was only the preparation of the needle. When my cock was glistening she pulled herself up, and then she dragged me up on unsteady legs, and she threw her arms on either side of the computer screen and spread her legs.

“Fuck my ass!” she said. “Make me look like she does.”

Terrified of what would happen if I hesitated I positioned myself and started to push against her opening, feeling it slowly open, but not easy.

“Ah!” she moaned and screamed. “That’s it. Push!” I continued and felt her open before me. “Fuck!” I stopped in terror. I hurt her. “Fuck me!”

She had never screamed like she did at that moment, not in pain and not in pleasure. Sometimes I couldn’t even tell what made her scream.

And I fucked her. Harder and harder. Her sounds driving me on. They made me want to hear more. Made me want to thrust harder and I did. I almost lost my grip off her hips and I tightened my grasp and made her sing out in even sweeter screams.

Suddenly I felt her convulse under me and from her lovely lips came the best sound I’ve ever heard and I came just from the sheer force of it, and as I spurted inside her I felt her shiver in ecstasy.

We collapsed back on the couch without letting go of each other and I couldn’t believe it when her squeezing opening made my cock rock solid again, as if it hadn’t already spurted like never before, as if I couldn’t feel my semen slide out of her with every movement.

She was also surprised because I heard her squeal with joy in a post orgasmic wave. Immediately she started to move her hips against me again.

“You mustn’t stop before you are empty”, she managed to say as she continued. “Mustn’t, honey… Now you mustn’t never stop… Hmmm…”

She was still perfect.

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