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Married with Children

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This is a story of a happily married couple doing what happily married couples do.


Joyce and I had dated all through high school. We were married in the summer after my sophomore year in college. She was only a year younger than I, but she was a hundred years wiser.

My name is Oliver Winkler. I’m thirty six years old, five feet ten inches tall and about a hundred and sixty pounds. Joyce and I have two children, Kathy, fourteen and John twelve. We live in a quiet suburb near St. Paul.

I loved Joyce from the moment I first saw her. She was totally beautiful, at five feet four inches and a hundred and twenty pounds. After I met her, I dated only her. I had never slept with another woman. She was a virgin when we got married and has stayed true to me through the years.

When I came home from work on Friday she was in the kitchen preparing dinner.

“Hi, honey. Where are the kids?”

“Kathy is at ballet practice and John is playing baseball,” she informed me with a sly grin on her face.

“So, I’ve got you all to myself,” I snickered with an evil leer on my lips.

“Yes you do sir. You’re not going to take advantage of me are you?” she asked in her best little girl voice.

“I think you’re going to take advantage of me,” I whispered in her ear.

Shutting off the stove, canlı bahis she turned around and gave me a deep, tongue filled, lover’s kiss. “Okay, if you insist!” she grinned.

I picked her up and carried her to our bedroom. “I need a shower,” I said.

“Oh goody! Can I help?” she giggled.

She helped me take off my clothes and kissed my cock as soon as it appeared out of my boxers. I stripped her bare and licked her pussy. We hurried into the bathroom. I stepped under the hot spray and she stepped in behind me. I felt my back being soaped up. I turned and started soaping her tits. Her nipples were immediately hard. I rubbed some soap into her belly and scrubbed her arm pits. Then I slowly dragged my soapy fingers across her pussy. She twitched when I soaped her clit.

She had my cock in a death grip and was soaping my balls. She let go of my dick and soaped my armpits. We rinsed each other off and stepped out of the shower to dry.

As I dried her pussy, I licked it, worshipping at her altar. She giggled and tousled my hair. “Let’s go to bed1” she squeaked excitedly.

I loved making love to Joyce. She had everything a man could ever ask for. She was beautiful, bright and a terrific lover. I got an erection every time I thought of her. Is that unusual for people who have been married as long as we have? bahis siteleri I didn’t know and I didn’t care. She had me totally in her power.

I swept her off her feet and carried her to our king size bed. She lay supine in the middle of the sheet, panting lightly, her eyes wide with anticipation, a light sheen of sweat developing on her naked body.

I slowly parted her thighs and looked upon the place I had seen so many times before. Even after two children and years of love, her pussy looked just like it did the first time I saw it at our lake side honeymoon so long ago. She moaned a little as I gently licked her slit. Ambrosia! Her pussy was ambrosia. I took her clit between my teeth and bit it lightly. Her hips swung into immediate action. I placed my lips around it and sucked. I licked the tip of it. She was bucking off the bed like a rodeo bull.

“Now, Olly! Please do it now!” she begged.

I slid my cock into her vagina. It was still nice and tight and it was pulsating. Her pussy was magic. I loved everything about it. How it looked, how it smelled, how it tasted and how it worked. And I loved the woman it was attached to. As I stroked into her I still couldn’t believe my good fortune.

“Harder, Olly, faster, faster, please, please fuck me hard. Oh god, I love you!” She panted, her arms around my bahis şirketleri neck and her tits crushed to my chest.

I could feel her starting to tighten around me. She could do this quivering thing with her vagina that just drove me wild. “I’m gonna cum! I’m gonna cum now!” I groaned.

“Give it all to me,” she demanded. “Shoot me full. Unh, unh, unh, unh…I’m cumming with you! Gimme it now!”

She bucked off the sheet, driving my cock deeply into her. Her breathing was ragged. “Oh, yes, yes, yes,” she screamed as her climax overtook her.

My eyelids fluttered and I was lost in lust. I slammed my cock into her as far as I could and held it in her quivering pussy as I squirted my load of baby juice into her. Momentarily paralyzed, I held it within her until I could breathe again.

“Oh, Olly, that is so good! Is it good for you too?”

“Oh honey, it is always good for me and it always will be. Someday you’re gonna kill me with that magical pussy of yours.”

I rolled off of her and my cock popped out. She gave a little disappointed sigh.

“I know honey. I would stay here and fuck you all night if we could. Ballet practice will be over soon and so will the ball game. Let’s go get dinner ready and prepare for our hungry tribe.”

“Okay. One of these days, Olly I’m going to get you all to myself and then I’ll screw you to death!”

“It’s a date!” I smiled. I kissed her again and felt her up a little.

She moaned, “This ain’t getting dinner done.”

“Yeah, I know,” I replied wistfully.

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