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Our Honeymoon

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Lily and I had been dating for three years before I proposed to her on her 21st birthday. She had said yes even before I finished the sentence. Six months later we would be married in a sweet ceremony that lasted all day. By midnight we were exhausted from the whole process, but we were burning with desire for each other. Both of us have been brought up in Christian homes, where sex before marriage was a no-no, it wasn’t the worst sin that could be imagined (despite what many people think), but it was not appreciated. This did not bother us in one bit as it allowed us to focus on finishing our studies at separate colleges and to get to know the real other person rather than the physical one. However, by the time we made it up to our hotel sweet we were ready to tear each other’s clothes off. It the tuxedo and the wedding dress weren’t so expensive we would have, so we reluctantly took off our clothes slowly and carefully.

Finally, there we stood, me in my plain silver satin boxers and Lily in a magnificent red lingerie set she had gotten on her hens night. The sight of her two well developed breasts protruding from her chest and her mound, which formed a camel-toe underneath her g-string caused my dick to stiffen immediately, creating a tent in my boxers. Lily was more beautiful than I had ever imagined in my dreams. I was glad we waited; this was going to be a special night. I scooped her up n my arms and carried her over to the large queen size bed and laid her on it. I slotted myself in beside her and we immediately started kissing each other passionately, exploring the inside of each other’s mouths. We knew how to do that well. Our hands roamed over the other person’s body. While we were doing this I reached around her back and started to try and undo her bra. And I do say tried to, because in my eagerness I just couldn’t undo it, so Lily sat up, slid her arms out of her bra and twisted it around and undid it herself, revealing a pair of elegant breasts. Hers were round, firm and the size of a melon and were tipped by set of small round pink nipples. I had to reach out and touch them, so I sat up and slowly I extended my arm and brushed the surface of her breast with my fingertips. Her body reacted by shivering at my touch. I looked into Lily’s grey eyes and saw desire, love and passion there. Her hands snaked out and placed my other hand on her free breast. I was in heaven.

We were sitting cross-legged opposite each other. My hands roaming about on her breast, and hers had found their way into my boxer shorts and had a firm grip on my dick. Oh my goodness, I was getting my first hand-job by someone other than myself. Lily’s older sister had been married for several years before we did and given her some information to help us out tonight, without my knowledge. So after a while of mutual fondling she pushed me onto my back and knelt between my open legs. She pulled my boxers off and threw them over her shoulder and onto the floor. I had stayed hard, very hard and my 6 ½ in dick was free and waving in the air in all its glory. She didn’t continue with the hand-job, instead she bent down and began to lick my rigid pole. Her tongue flayed my dick for some time before she took it into her mouth. Later I would find out that her sister had told her to get me to come first before be had sex, because I was less likely to come too early when we did try it. It would prove to be valuable advice.

As Lily continued to lick and suck my dick, I was running my hands through her silky hair. Lily was naturally had jet-black hair, but she had been dying it blonde for a while now. She must not have had it bleached lately, as her roots were very black, causing her to have a two-toned hair colour. As this was my first time with my dick in a woman’s mouth I came quickly and hard. Lily being as inexperienced as I was, wasn’t ready for it at all. So she started to gag on the loads of come that I was shooting into her mouth. She didn’t know wether or not to spit or swallow, so some ended up sliding down her throat, some oozed out from between her open lips and the ret I pumped onto her face as she pulled off of my dick. She eventually swallowed what was in her mouth and we both started giggling like dizzy teenagers. Slowly she wiped my come off of her face with her fingers and wiped it on the bed. Lily then turned around and bent over to pick up a towel off the floor, she wiped the remaining come off her face and chin.

After my climax my dick had shrunk again. But at the sight of her ass sticking up in the air, with her dainty little mound barely peaking out between her legs my erection returned with a vengeance. Lily turned around and saw it standing to attention again. “Oh my goodness Jeremy!! Wasn’t that enough to keep it down for a while.”

“I can’t help it Honey if it likes the look of your resplendent ass.” I replied with a grin on my face. Before she could reply I had pulled her to me and whisked off her g-string. Her petite pouch greeted me. It was completely bald. She had shaven and waxed prior casino siteleri to our wedding day and I liked it. I could see a hint of pink flesh between the puffy outer lips of her pussy. Eagerly I bent down and kissed it softly, repeatedly. Lily moaned in delight. Now it was my turn to rock her world. I stopped kissing lifted my head so I could see and spread her lips wide with my fingers. It was an elegant sight, like the bright pink of a rose flower. At the top of her hidden valley I saw a little hooded button of flesh, from my exposure to porn I knew it was her clit. I also knew that by finding this I was well on my way to bringing Lily to a climax. I gently took her clit in my fingertips and rolled it around between them. Lily shuddered and moaned loudly. Yep, I was definitely on the right track here. I continued to play with her little nubbin of flesh until I put my head between her thighs and took it into my mouth. More moans of delight escaped from Lily who started to buck her hips. This was going well, what could I do next? I thought to my self. As I already had my head down there I continued licking her valley until I reached her pussy hole. It was round and becoming moist with her juices, which tasted slightly salty. I entered her pussy with my tongue and she bucked her hips violently, smashing her thighs into the side of my head. My ears were ringing, but I pressed on, as I was enjoying it almost as much as Lily.

I licked and probed her hole relentlessly until she started to release more of her womanly juices. Eventually I removed my head from her pussy and inserted two fingers in its stead. I began rubbing my fingers along the inner walls of her pussy with quick probing strokes. With my mouth now being free I turned my attention back to her breasts. My mouth was still covered in her juices when it clamped down on her breast. I heard more moans come from Lily as she continued to buck her hips wildly. This stuff really does work I thought to myself. It did not take too much longer for her to reach her climax. Pussy juiced flowed out onto my hand. I continued pumping my fingers inside her until the last spasms of her climax subsided. Lily dropped her head to the bed and said, “Holeeey Crap Jeremy!! Where did you learn to do that?” she asked.

“Lot’s of research.” I answered, referring to the porn I had watched with buddies at college.

“Well it worked.” She said as she sat up and we started kissing passionately again.

After a time Lily rolled onto her back and lifted her knees up, exposing her pussy to me. So I moved into position, grabbed my dick in my hand and guided it in first time. It was looking good from here. It was very tight, warm, moist and soft. Nothing like the warm apple pie, I was always hearing about. I began pumping my dick inside her pussy when on the third or fourth backward stroke I pulled back too far and fell out of her. Embarrassed I guided my dick back into her pussy and tried again. After a few more thrusts it happened again. I was furious with my self and apologized to Lily profusely. Once again I guided myself back into her, but before I resumed my thrusting Lily spoke up. “Honey its okay, you feel good, just try it a little slower, that’s all.”

“Okay.” I said embarrassed at my lack of co-ordination.

This time I started plunging my dick into her pussy with deep slow strokes, over and over again until I had found a comfortable rhythm. Now I got the hang of it. I was starting to really enjoy myself now as Lily’s pussy muscles contracted around my rigid shaft, and the head of my dick rubbed along the inner walls of her pussy. I speeded up my thrusts some but not much.

“Ohhh yeah!! Now you’ve got it.” Said Lily urging me on.

Gradually over the next few minutes I ramped up the speed of my thrusts, by this time Lily had synchronised her hip movements with mine. As our lovemaking was building up to the final act I felt the familiar tightening of my loins. Lily was also reaching the boundaries as her inner muscles clamed down on my dick making it harder to move around her pussy. As our bodies ground together we moved with blinding speed to our climaxes. I reached mine first and with a series of grunts I unloaded several jets of come into her pussy. Our juices mixed as I continued to pump away until she reached her climax soon afterwards and let out a sequence of “Ohh!! Ooooh! Ooohh!! Ooooohh’s!!” Spent, my dick quickly reverted to its natural flaccid state and I pulled out of her with an audible “Plop!!” I rolled out from between her legs and lay next to her. Exhausted from our hideously long day we fell asleep.

The next day we slept in, having slept the sleep of the dead, we woke up refreshed. Our plane was due to leave in a few hours so we went and had our first shower together, and we both enjoyed this new experience. It took us another hour to get ready and catch the shuttle bus to the airport. There we booked in our luggage and collected our tickets. We were informed that boarding would take place in about an hour, canlı casino so we strolled through the duty-free shops. I picked up a great camera. Maybe I could use it to take some pictures of Lily. Just the thought of Lily posing for nude pictures was turning me on. Lily saw my face flush. “What’s wrong?” she asked. “Oh nothing.” I replied. Lily seemed to accept this. Finally, we heard the boarding call for our flight.

The flight from Los Angeles to Auckland, New Zealand, was going to be a long one, at least 10 hours. We had been flying for about thereof those when Lily and I asked for a blanket each, as the aircraft was quite cold. The plane was only about half full, so the seat next to us was empty, that gave Lily and I three window seats for ourselves. So we raised the armrests and cuddled up together and fell asleep, cause the movie they were playing was crap.

I had been asleep for over an hour when I felt something touch my crotch. My eyes snapped open as I had forgotten where I was. I looked around and found Lily trying to sit up straight with her legs folded up on the seat. It was her hand that I had found rubbing my dick through my shorts. So under the cover of our blankets I reciprocated by reaching down to her pussy. Luckily for me she was wearing a short loose fitting skirt and a g-string, so I actually got penetration with two of my fingers. I had been working them inside her for several minutes when she pulled my hand away.

“Meet me in the toilet in a few minutes.” Lily whispered in my ear.

I just nodded my head as Lily straitened her skirt, got up and walked to the rear of the plane where the closest toilets were situated. I waited a couple of minutes and followed her. The passengers in our area were either sound asleep or engrossed in the crap movie that was still playing to notice our movements. I saw her head poke out of the far right cubicle, the one that was most obscured by the rear bulkhead. It was a tight squeeze but we managed to get in there.

She was facing the mirror, so as she pulled up her skirt I moved her g-string aside and made way for my already erect dick. I plunged it in taking her from behind; she was already wet. But the cramped conditions did not make for effective movements, so we scrapped that position. The only position we could make work was if I put the toilet seat down and sat on it, with Lily straddling me. We tried this for a minute or two and it seemed to work well enough. So Lily began thrashing around on my shaft until we had both come to a messy and rapid climax. We cleaned up as best we could and returned to our seats. We were now part of the exclusive mile-high club, and we were proud of it.

The rest of the flight went without any dramas or lust filled episodes and we finally reached our destination. The plane unloaded and we took a taxi to our hotel, which over looked a large bay. That night we just slept, the jet lag and the lack of sleep on the flight had made us both extremely weary.

I woke early to find Lily standing on the balcony, clad in only a shirt. “Beautiful isn’t it?” she said.

“It sure is, but from where I’m standing it’s not the most beautiful thing I can see by far.” I replied hugging her from behind and kissing her cheek. Lily didn’t reply but just went “Mmmm!” because I had begun to rub my dick, which was rigid from morning glory and was poking out from my boxers, along her but crack. With my dick I could feel that she was not wearing any panties under the shirt. “Yes please.” Lily stated out of the blue. Well that was all the encouragement I needed and I lifted her butt up a little and impaled her on my shaft in a single swift plunge. “Whooaa!!” she said in delight.

Lily leant forward and gripped the balcony’s railing, while I started to hammer her pussy from the rear like we had tried in the plane. I started with deep penetrating plunges and worked my way up to quick short stabs over a period of a few minutes. I was well on my way to climaxing. And all too soon I reached that point of no return. Hot come spurted into her waiting pussy. Lily seemed to have climaxed, but not fully. But she seemed content as she turned around and kissed me long and hard after I had pulled out of her. We had just turned to head back inside our room to get cleaned up when we noticed an older man sitting on his chair on the next balcony over. He has seen the whole thing. Lily and both went bright red in embarrassment. But to his credit the man just waved and gave us the thumbs up. So I waved back as I pushed Lily through the open doorway. Over the next two days we would not venture out onto that balcony again. Our embarrassment was too great.

Three nights later we were in a small B&B deep in the forests of New Zealand. It was as beautiful and picturesque as the footage seen in the Tolkien movies of a few years ago. We arrived late and missed dinner. So we went strait to bed. There we reignited the flames of passion and explored each other’s bodies to new extents.

Lily and I had found kaçak casino ourselves in a position where we were sitting up facing each other with our legs intertwined and with her pussy thoroughly impaled on my dick. In this position we could only achieve small hip movements, but could embrace and kiss each other fervently whilst we were doing it. It was a very sensual experience, which was soon to give way to more vigorous activities. In the previous position Lily had become extremely wet and had pleaded for something stronger. So we moved into doggy-style, we had never tried this before, so the experience was intense. I had taken her from the rear before, but not with the penetration I got doing it this way. I held onto her hip and braced them for the big plunge, but as I was about to slam my dick into her pussy I decided to do it differently. So I put the head in and pushed it in a few inches then I pulled all the way out. Then I repeated the process. Until eventually I was all the way inside her warm, moist chasm of desire.

Lily seemed to like it as she let out several purrs. It was the first time I had heard her purr like a cat. I nearly blew my load then and there. But I held it back and continued with my deep penetrating thrusts into her pussy. It was pure bliss; I could even feel my balls slapping her as I plunged my shaft in and out of her dripping pussy. After several minutes of the slow and steady pace I ramped up the speed of my thrusts and they became more urgent. I was nearing that peak right before I climax, so I reached around Lily’s waist and started to fondle her clit, while I continued to hammer her pussy. After a few moments of this we both climaxed and fell over panting. I was still inside of her when we fell asleep spooning.

The next morning we woke and had a shower together, got dressed and headed down to have a large homemade breakfast. It was a beautiful morning and the day was shaping out to be a warm one. So after breakfast we found our hostess and asked her were there any good beaches nearby.

“There are several great beaches within an hours drive of here, but after what I heard last night, the more secluded the better. So I have the perfect beach for you.” said the middle-aged woman as she pulled out a map book and showed us the destination, she even let us borrow the book, if we promised to bring it back. So we agreed to and went on our way. As we were leaving she called out to us. “Enjoy yourselves.” We smiled at each other and got into our hire car and drove to the beach.

It was over two hours away by car and then another 30 minutes by foot. But the effort was well worth it when we reached the secluded pristine beach. The beach was completely deserted, so we left our gear, except my camera and two towels. Lily and I had walked about a mile down the long beach when I stopped to take a few pictures of some exquisite rock formations off shore. I was happily snapping away at anything I felt was interesting, including Lily. She was wearing a white see through two-piece bikini. She was simply stunning and shone in the midday sun. I was contentedly snapping away at her when she suddenly took off her bra. As our honeymoon was progressing Lily was beginning to show her adventurous side more often.

I was more than happy to oblige her by taking some stunning shots of her topless standing against some large pieces of driftwood, with the sun highlighting her little pink nipples. I was on my way to becoming quite hard when Lily dropped her bikini bottoms to the sand and stood their in all her glory. She did not hang around long enough for me to get too many pictures of her this way, as she ran and dove into the crashing breakers. I put my camera back into its case. And dropped my board shorts onto the sand beside her bikini and followed her into the sea.

When I reached her she was standing on a large sand bar about chest deep in the water. I immediately pulled her over to me and kissed her. Our lips parted and our tongues thrashed around in each other’s mouths. I reached down with both of my hands and grabbed her ass cheeks and pulled her up to my waist. She wrapped her legs around my waist for support and balance. We continued our kissing as I lowered her onto my erect pole. As the waves crashed down on us we made sweet love to each other. The noise of our lovemaking and mutual climaxes was lost in the roar of the sea ringing in our ears.

Lily and I eventually made it back to where we had left the rest of our gear where we swam around naked and ate the packed lunch provided to us by our gracious hostess. We made love on the beach before heading back to the B&B.

That night was our last night in New Zealand and our honeymoon so we made the most of it. After a small dinner Lily and I retired to our room and I had already made her climax by licking our her sweet juicy pussy and I now found myself staring at her breasts as they bounced up and down on her chest as she rode my dick with wild abandonment. Never one to miss a golden opportunity I reached up and took her breasts in my hands, caressing and fondling them until we both reached a screaming moaning climax together. Our love juices flowed freely from our bodies as we continued to pound our hips together well past our climaxes.

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