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The Cure

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Big Tits

The Cure

Author’s Note: This story contains elements of the following: Incest/Taboo, Lesbian Sex, BDSM, Anal, Exhibitionist & Voyeur, First Time, NonConsent/Reluctance. It also uses the Covid-19 pandemic as a backdrop. If any or all of these offend you, this is not the story for you.


We know more now. We know why the Chinese government hid the news of the cure. They tried to prevent it from spreading, both the virus and the news. But despite their best efforts, they could not contain it. For months, we couldn’t understand why. But we understood now.

Unfortunately for Gaby Ferrier and her family, the warnings were not soon enough. The virus raced through her family. And while the symptoms were mild for Gaby, her sisters, and her mom, that was not the case for her dad, Paul. As for many men, the virus hit Paul hard and he had to be hospitalized due to complications.

She wished it had been her mom instead. Gaby loved her dad so much. This was very hard on her. She also loved her little sisters, Tara and Grace, but her mom, Emily, was another story.

It seemed that mother and daughter had been fighting for years.

Gaby had heard it said of some people that they could fight about anything. But Gaby and Emily, they managed to fight about nothing.

It had not always been that way between them. But it was bad enough that Gaby could not take it anymore. Her plan had been to move out and get an apartment with her cousin after the school year ended. But with the quarantine, it looked more unlikely everyday.

To make matters worse, when her dad was hospitalized, Emily left Gaby at home to watch over her little sisters, so her mom could be at the hospital with Paul. Gaby didn’t understand why she was at home doing her mom’s job? Why couldn’t Emily watch the kids for a few hours, so Gaby could visit her dad?

Still, Gaby did her very best to take care of things at home with Tara and Grace. Despite her feud with her mother, this Daddy’s girl was responsible and obedient.

That night, Gaby was making dinner for the girls, when the front door opened. She was surprised to see her mom. She hadn’t seen her in days. Before this, contact with their mom had only come in the form of increasingly terse phone calls with vague and distressing news.

So, with her mom’s unannounced appearance, Gaby felt a sick ache that only grew to despair with the simultaneous arrivals of the doctor and her mom’s sister, Caroline.

Choking back tears, Gaby asked, “Is Dad okay?”

Emily was unable to respond, as the mom was engulfed in hugs from Gaby’s younger sisters. It seemed strange that Gaby had felt the same way about Emily once upon a time. A fragile smile flitted across Emily’s face. But she did not have the strength to maintain it. Emily’s face, normally attractive and youthful, now looked weary and maybe closer to her 40 years.

After the younger girls’ brief exchange with their mother in which Emily indicated that their dad was still very sick, Aunt Caroline enticed the girls into the kitchen with promises of something sweet before dinner.

This left Gaby, Emily, and the doctor in a brief silence, ended by the mother’s quiet sigh. Although quiet, Gaby felt the sigh’s weight. They each took a seat around the coffee table.

Gaby asked, “What’s going on? Is Dad going to be okay?”

“Gabriella, dad’s not improving.” Emily looked broken and weary. “We’ve tried everything… Well, almost everything.”

“That’s why we’re here. Look, honey, there’s a chance we might have found something that could help him and we need your help.”

Being called ‘honey’ did not register right with Gaby. Her mom did not talk to her this way, at least not in years. She was still calling her Gabriella.

The doctor, looking at Gaby, asked Emily, “Are you sure there is no one else on your husband’s side of the family? Maybe someone a little older?”

Emily responded, “No. There’s no one else. Paul was an only child and his parents passed away years ago. And as you’ve seen, all the other kids are even younger than Gabriella.”

Gaby said, “Look, I”m 18. I’m an adult. And what difference does my age make anyway?”

The doctor said, “Well, Ms. Ferrier, I’m, Dr. Ashford. You may be able to help your father. I’m not at liberty to discuss the specifics of the treatment plan as of yet. It is still in the trial phase.”

“In any case, first, we need to get some consent forms signed and to perform some tests to see if you are compatible.”

With that, the doctor placed two forms and a pen in front of Gaby and Emily. The forms looked like they were already completed and now only required signatures.

He continued, “Ms. Ferrier, please consider the agreement carefully…”

Gaby didn’t.

She did not need to to think it over. She picked up the pen and signed the document at all of the flagged locations. After she finished, she looked at the doctor and then her mom. She noticed that Emily had not even picked up her pen.

“What illegal bahis are you doing? Why aren’t you signing?”

“We have to do this. You have to sign.” She picked up the pen and handed it to Emily.

Emily said, “Gabriella, honey, it’s not that simple. You haven’t read the document…”

Gaby did not believe the concern for a moment. “Emily. It is simple. So damned simple. Sign the agreement. Save Dad. What is there to think about?”

Emily acquiesced and signed in all of the designated locations, while Gaby asked, “Okay. What does Dad need? What do you need me to do?”

Picking up the documents, Dr. Ashford said, “Actually, as I stated earlier, not only do we need your signed consent, but we also need to perform some tests to ensure you are compatible. Then and only then, will we be able to disclose the nature of the treatment.”

“And we are pressed for time. We should get you to the hospital to complete these tests, if we are going to start the treatment.”

Emily thanked her sister, Caroline, for watching the little sisters and gave them a kiss. Two things she had not done for Gaby. And with that, Dr. Ashford urged Gaby and Emily out of the house.

The ride to the hospital was silent except for a phone call the doctor made. With the hope that Gaby would be compatible, he asked the staff to setup the exam and operating rooms, and to prep Paul for ‘the procedure’.

Dr. Ashford, Gaby and Emily arrived at the hospital, taking a guarded side entrance into the old wing. They walked down the cold hallway, passing room after room. Behind each curtain covered doorway, Gaby heard the sounds of moans, gurgling breaths, and panting coming from the rooms.

So much suffering. It was heartbreaking. This virus was terrible.

God, please. Please let her dad be ok. She prayed silently. Whatever needed to happen to save him, she vowed she would do it.

After twisting through a few hallways and checkpoints, they entered an examination room with a large glass window that looked into the room next door. Dr. Ashford washed his hands in a sink and Emily stood near an examination table that had been equipped with metal stirrups.

Gaby looked through the large window into the next room. She could not see much with all of the doctors and nurses blocking her view, however, it appeared to be an operating room, but different.

For one, it was very tall, easily twice the height of the room they were currently in. Looking up, she could see a gallery consisting of several rows of tiered seating above the surgery floor. The faces of many doctors and nurses peered down at the scene below.

“Is Dad in there?”

Back at ground level, an opening appeared in the crowd of nurses and doctors. Gaby could now see her dad, laying inert on a surgical bed. This was the first time she had seen him in just over a week, but he looked gaunt and pale.

How could this be her dad after just a week? What were they doing to him here? Were they trying to help him at all?

Turning to her mother, she seethed between clenched teeth. “How could you do this? How could you let him get this bad and not let me see him, talk to him, help him? If Dad… If Dad dies, I swear to you…”

“We tried everything.” Emily said. She went to place a hand on Gaby’s shoulder, but Gaby shoved Emily’s arm away.

“Don’t touch me.”

Gaby couldn’t believe the scene before her. It was a horror show to see her dad like this. She loved her dad so much. Her heart sank even lower.

He barely looked like himself. And with all these people taking care of him, this had to be very bad, desperate in fact.

There were nurses and doctors checking monitors, sensors, looking at charts, adjusting the surgical bed. Lastly, two nurses wheeled in some crane like device to the center of the room.

Gaby’s voice was just above a whisper. “Doctor, what is happening? What do you need me to do?”

Dr. Ashford took a noticeable breath. “First, the tests, Ms. Ferrier.”

He handed Gaby a gown. “Get changed into this and get settled on the exam table please. I’ll be back in a moment.” With that, he went into the adjoining operating theater.

Gaby turned from her mother and began to disrobe. And it wasn’t just because of what her mother had allowed to happen to her dad. Gaby was also shy about her body, even with her mother.

Although her hips had a slight flare to them, her breasts were quite small, even bordering on flat chested. But to anyone looking at Gaby Ferrier, including her mother, there was no doubt she was a beautiful girl.

Gaby covered herself with the gown. She pulled the two sides tight behind her, sat down on the exam table, and stared at the window.

After a moment, Dr. Ashford returned with two nurses. The three of them worse masks, but that was where the similarities ended. The two nurses could not have appeared more different from each other.

One looked like a normal professional nurse, light green scrub pants, hideous but illegal bahis siteleri comfortable shoes, and a shapeless shirt that looked like a toddler had barfed up a box of crayons.

The other nurse, she was head-to-toe all in white. But it was not the formless clothes the other nurses wore. No, this nurse looked like a 1950’s pinup girl with a tight white coat on, but no visible top, just cleavage. Gaby could see she was wearing white thigh high stockings with garters. And if she was wearing a skirt, good Lord it was short.

While the doctor prepared, Gaby compared the two nurses. Nurse Barf Shirt looked experienced, trustworthy, like she belonged here. Nurse Wet Dream, on the other hand, looked like sex stuffed in a single button lab coat two sizes too small. What was she doing here?

The doctor approached. “Alright, Ms. Ferrier. For the first test, we are going to need a drop of blood, just a finger prick.” Gaby presented her hand. The doctor selected her ring finger, cleaned it, and used a little device to give it a quick nip at the tip. The drop of blood that appeared was collected, almost sucked up, by a tiny strip of paper. This was placed in a liquid filled vial and given to Nurse Barf Shirt, who left the room.

While Dr. Ashford took off his gloves, he said, “This first test is a new rapid DNA sequencing test. We are verifying that you are a blood relative of your father.”

“Of course he’s my dad. I’m not adopted. Have you looked at our eyes? I have his eyes.”

“Ms. Ferrier, for this treatment, we have to be sure. And I can say, we’ve seen times when the father is, well… not the father.”

Gaby, looking at her mother, said, “Oh, yes. Then let’s make sure.”

A few awkward minutes later, the nurse returned with a tablet in hand. She handed it to the doctor, who inspected it briefly before saying, “Ok, looking good. You are definitely your father’s daughter. So, we are ready to move on to test number two. But before we administer it, there are a few questions. Are you ready Ms. Ferrier?”

Gaby prepared herself for the usual barrage of medical history and allergy questions, where her typical response was all No’s. So, as Gaby watched Nurse Barbi put on her gloves, she was surprised to find that her answer to the first question was ‘Yes’.

“Good. You are a virgin.” The doctor said, while entering something on the tablet.


“So, you have not had sexual relations with anyone since you were sick?”

“No. Like I said, I’m a virgin. But what does this have to do with anything?” Gaby asked, adjusting her gown, and scowling at her mom for the audible sigh of relief.

“I will explain it once we have the results of the second test. Now, Ms. Ferrier, please scoot back on the table. That’s it. Lean back and put your feet in the stirrups. Nurse?” Dr. Ashford nodded at the nurse in white, who was… apparently an actual nurse. She approached not slowly, but smoothly, her heals clicking rhythmically on the floor.

She stopped in front of Gaby, right between the teen’s parted and elevated legs. The bottom of the gown had slid to around mid-thigh. Gaby pushed down on the bunched up material to cover her nether regions a little better.

The nurse put her hands under the gown and placed them on Gaby’s inner thigh. Gaby held her breath for a moment. The nurse then lifted her wrists and pushed forward. This caused the gown to slip to Gaby’s waist and exposed her private area to everyone in the room.

She was either shaved or she just didn’t have hair. The only one who knew for sure was Gaby. But it didn’t really matter, she was humiliated just the same.

Gaby took in another sharp breath, as the nurse ran her fingers down between Gaby’s legs, stopping when there was no further to go. Everyone could see this, right? Gaby’s eyes went wide.

The nurse kept her hands on Gaby’s thighs and began to run her thumbs up and down over Gaby’s lower lips.

This was crazy.

Gaby checked the faces around the room. Whatever was happening here, they didn’t see it as unusual. But wasn’t this crazy?

A Bond girl dressed as a nurse was feeling her up and no one was saying anything. She decided to keep her mouth shut and not draw attention to what it felt like. For all Gaby knew, she the perv here.

As the thrumming thumbs continued their rhythmic movements, Gaby concentrated hard on not making a sound. Her hands, balled around the gown’s fabric at her waist, had pulled it a little off her shoulders.

Then the nurse stopped. She turned to Nurse Barf Shirt and took something off the tray the nurse was holding. It looked to be a tube of something. She squeezed out a copious amount onto the tips of two fingers and rubbed it with her thumb. The thick goo made a smacking sound as she worked it.

The nurse again stepped between Gaby’s legs, even closer than before and lowered her fingers just out of sight, but Gaby felt it. The slick warm goo covered her lips and she felt a finger press into her, tentatively, canlı bahis siteleri slowly, and finally deeply. It felt like all air left the room.

Then unceremoniously, the nurse pulled out, looked at the doctor, and shook her head.

“No?” Dr. Ashford asked. “You’re sure?”

The nurse cocked her head and nodded. Whatever it was, she was sure.

“Gaby, are you sure you are virgin?” Dr. Ashford asked.

“Gabriella, what did you do?” Emily broke in, exasperated. “Who was it with? When was it?”

“What?” Gaby exclaimed. “I told you. I’m a virgin. I haven’t been with anyone, ever.”

“Don’t lie to me. How could you do this? You were our last hope. And now you have literally fucked it up.” Emily had her head in her hands.

“I am not lying! And even if I were lying, who cares? It’s my body, not yours.” Gaby yelled.

It was infuriating, being labeled a slut by her mom in preparation for helping her dad. Why did she put up with this crap?

Realization dawned on Gaby. “Dr. Ashford, does she even have to be here? I’m an adult. Why is she even in the room? Can you please get her out of here?”

Dr. Ashford looked at Emily and said, “Mrs. Ferrier, please wait out in the hallway. Your daughter has a right to privacy. The nurse will come get you when we are ready for you.”

Emily left, crying and saying, “This was our last chance, Gabriella.”

Everyone turned back to Gaby and Dr. Ashford spoke. “The reason I asked you to confirm your virginity is… well, your hymen is not intact. That usually is an indication of prior sexual intercourse.”

“Oh,” Gaby said meekly. “Yes,.. it is broken, but I haven’t slept with anyone. I swear.”

“Okay, we will proceed with the test then.” Dr. Ashford concluded, motioning for Gaby to relax.

The sexy nurse took what looked like an extended silver tampon applicator from the tray and again stepped forward. She aligned it with one of her lubricated fingers and lowered it between Gaby’s legs. With one hand, she spread the girls lips and with the other, she slowly slid her finger and the implement between Gaby’s folds, pushing it in deeper and deeper.

When she had reached the device’s hilt, she pressed a button at the end of it and Gaby felt something like a snake tongue lick her insides. An involuntary shiver rand through her body. The nurse pulled it out slowly. Gaby could swear she might have pushed it back in a little at one point. Once it was out, it was placed inside a plastic bag and given to the other nurse, who immediately left the room.

“Okay, so now can you tell me what you need me to do?” Gaby implored.

“We need to wait for the results.” Dr. Ashford said.

Nurse sex-bot stepped away to remove her gloves and wash her hands. Gaby’s fists let go of her gown and she relaxed as much as she could, which was not much. It was short-lived anyway, as the naughty nurse returned almost immediately.

This time, however, she did not practically molest the girl. She took Gaby’s feet out of the stirrups one at a time and then smoothed back down the bunched up gown. She brought Gaby up into a seated position, pulled the top of the drooping gown over Gaby’s shoulders, and tied the two sides of the gown all down the back.

The sole unusual event in these actions came from the goosebumps raised by the nurse’s fingers occasionally brushing against Gaby’s bare skin. But could Gaby really blame that on the nurse?

The door opened and the more professional nurse entered and immediately stated, “No bond. She is not paired.”

The doctor checked the tablet and confirmed the results. “Ok, Ms. Ferrier. You have passed both tests and we can perform the treatment on your dad. I’m going to describe the process now. Are you sure you would not like your mother in here with you?”

She did not need to even think about it. “No. I don’t want her in here. I don’t want to see her. Just tell me what I need to do for my dad. Please.” She begged.

“Ms. Ferrier, in some patients, when the virus worsens… well, it takes over various systems in the body, causing a cascade of shutdowns. Once the virus gets to this stage, like with your father, it has been near impossible for patients to recover. However, this treatment we are proposing… anecdotally, it is working miracles. Obviously, the science is not definitive on this yet. It is experimental and highly controversial. As such, we are only attempting it as a last resort. Ms. Ferrier…”

Dr. Ashford paused and looked at the teenage girl for a moment before continuing, “Ms. Ferrier, we believe, to save your father, he will need to participate in a daily exchange of sexual fluids with a blood relative, who has survived the virus.”

Gaby, her mouth slightly agape and eyes narrowed, turned to the two nurses. Surely she was not understanding what the doctor was saying. But the look in nurse gropes-a-lot’s eyes told her she was not far off.

“You’re crazy,” Gaby said. “You’re saying my dad has to eat the cum of someone in his family? That’s what’s going to save him?”

“Yes, but to be precise, that person also has to to receive his cum. And they both have to perform this exchange every day.”

“And it can’t be Emily.” Gaby said, a lurch in her stomach.

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