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The Deal

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Big Dicks

Diana Hughes had a big problem. And her problem’s name was Matthew. Most normal eighteen-year-old boys were chasing girls and preparing to go to college. Oh no, not her son. He proudly announced during breakfast that he was perfectly happy working for the rest of his life at the local pizza place waiting for the right girl to stroll through the doors into his arms. Doing anything else just got in the way of his true love – video games and relaxing.

Diana had been prepared to confront him with her suspicions that he was trying to cop a peek at her during her showers when he broadsided her with his future aspirations – or lack thereof was more like it.

Then to add insult to injury as they were leaving for work and school, Diana swiveled as she was getting into her car to tell him that they would have a chat about his plans when they got home and she saw him trying to peek up her skirt which had bunched up around her thighs. Her brain blanked in shock and he left humming to himself as he went off for another C performance at school.

All day Diana mulled over what to do about her sweet, but lazy son. She realized that he had a case of raging teenage hormones. She took good care of herself and was proud of the body she still had in her mid forties. Gravity hadn’t caught up with her yet. His reaction was actually flattering when she thought about it.

But as for his future dreams – How do you motivate the ambitious less? She really didn’t like his job at the pizza place. Lou the owner was a jerk and was taking advantage of Matthew every chance he got. Matthew would never go far there. She was lost in thought all day with no answers.

Dinner was uneventful with no further bombshells. She stopped her son as he got up to clear the table.

“That can wait; Matthew, we need to talk about some things,” Diana started.

“Look mom, I know you mean well and you are worried about me but I really like what I do and who I am and I don’t really see any point to changing things. All my friends are stressing themselves out over what college do I go to and do I have enough money, and should I break up before college or try to make it work long distance. They are all going nuts and feeling miserable.”

“I understand Matt, but the pizza shop won’t give you enough to make a good life for yourself. Don’t you want to live away from home and all my rules?”

“Mom, I am perfectly happy the way things are right now.”

“Well there must be something to motivate you to strive for more.”

“Not unless it involves a naked girl,” Matthew laughed hoping to embarrass his mom into stopping the conversation.

“Well that explains you peeking up my skirt and in my shower Mr. Hormones,” Diana snapped back enjoying watching her son go suddenly scarlet in the face and silent. “Didn’t realize that I’ve caught your wandering eyes, huh? You have been about as stealthy as a bull in a china shop, kiddo.”

“Mom, I am so sorry; I just can’t stop it.”

“It’s normal for your age, but so is wanting to get a good job and going to college. As you get older you are going to want different things for which you will need a better life.”

“I’m sorry mom, but I don’t want to go nuts stressing out like everybody else when I have everything I want.”

“Except a naked girl,” pointed out her mom smirking as he turned an even darker shade of red. Suddenly a voice started whispering crazy ideas in her head. “Go ahead, defend the world from invasion, and I’ll take care of cleaning up here.”

“Thanks mom,” Matthew kissed her on cheek and took off happy to oblige.

Diana cleared and washed the dishes. Ideas swirled in her head. She had spent the last eight years being a mother and the sole breadwinner of the family but had somehow left the woman side of her to the wayside. canlı bahis Not since David died had she ever felt even the stirring of her own hormones. She knew that was how she got through the grief process; she threw herself into her mother and worker roles but at a huge cost to herself. Matthew’s wandering eyes had relit a spark inside of her that she had totally forgotten about. Her woman side wanted to come out and play after all these years. Maybe she could help Matthew find himself and find the old fun side of herself as well. A little voice in her head whispered – desperate times call for desperate measures.

Before leaving the kitchen, Diana reached into the cabinet and pulled out a rarely used bottle of whiskey and poured herself a quick shot that she downed before heading upstairs to Matthew’s room.

“Matthew, can I come in?” Hopefully Matthew wouldn’t notice the slight quiver in her voice.

She walked in to see her son lounging at his desk before his computer. She moved over and sat on the edge of his bed.

“What’s up mom?”

“Matthew, I think you are making a big mistake that you will regret for the rest of your life. Wait and hear me out before you say anything” she added as he started to frown and shake his head.

“I want you to go to college, get a better job and take more pride in your school work. While it is not important to you, it is to me. So I have to make it important to you. I love you and don’t want to punish you by giving you restrictions and taking away your computer as I think it will only drive you further from me, so I need to come up with some thing that you do want.”

“So here’s my deal. If you get accepted into a college, get a better job than the one at the pizza shop and have at least an 80 average in school I will reward you.”

“But mom, I told you I am happy with what I have now.”

Diana took a deep breath and rushed on before she could stop herself.

“If you get those three things by January first I will give you your naked girl.”


“If you give me a letter of acceptance for you from a college, a paystub from a better job, and a printout showing you have an 80 average before the end of the year, I will stop wearing any clothes in the house when we are alone.” Diana stared straight into her son’s eyes as she set the deal more confidently than she felt.

“Are you kidding me?” Matthew had a flushed, glazed look to his face.

“If a look at my forty-four- year-old less than pert ass will get you off your ass than so be it,” Diana laughed while trying to keep from shaking. “But the minute you slip grades or quit your job, or decide not to go to college the clothes go back on mister. Deal?” she asked holding out her hand.

“This is crazy,” Matthew told her but shook her hand quickly anyways.

While life went on as usual there definitely was a subtle change to the atmosphere in the Hughes’ household Diana noticed. Matthew was more affectionate with her as well as more volunteering about doing things around the house. He studied noticeably and more often. He also got a better job at the local hardware store. The big surprise hit when an acceptance letter came from the local community college, a point that almost led to their first post deal argument.

“Community college? Why not a four year school,” Diana asked Matthew after reading the letter.

“Well, I want to save some money, and I don’t want to spend a lot of money only to find that I can’t stand it, deal or no deal.”

“Wow, how mature. Who are you and what have you done with my son?”

This earned Diana a laugh and a lingering hug before Matthew trotted off to study.

Diana grew more and more nervous as Matthew’s grades rose. Several times she almost called the whole thing off as she dwelt bahis siteleri on the taboo nature of things. But she always rationalized back to the positive changes in Matthew. And it wasn’t like they were going to have sex or anything. But in the back of her head Diana knew that Matthew’s hormones weren’t the only ones raging, and she also had to admit that she wasn’t just doing this to motivate her son. She was enjoying the tingling feeling she got when she imagined herself strolling through the house totally nude under Matthew’s watchful eyes. It had been a very long time since she felt butterflies fluttering around in her stomach. She liked the feeling.

Dinner on the fateful night was quieter than usual with the only sounds the clinking of silverware on the plates. Amidst the table settings were a letter, pay stub and printout with the number 82 highlighted. Diana couldn’t stop her eyes from constantly peeking at the documents that would change everything in their relationship. Diana pushed her chair back to stand when Matthew told her to wait.

“Mom, I know you would go through with the deal, but it’s not necessary. You did this because you care about me and you love me. That you would do this deal shows me just how much you love me. That’s reward enough for me. To offer something so extreme shocked me into growing up which was a pretty cool trick. Let’s leave it at that. I am on the right track now.”

With that Matthew cleared the table, kissed Diana on the top of her head and headed off to his room leaving Diana to shake her head and smile wistfully. The butterflies in her stomach still fluttered, driving her crazy, and they would keep her awake for most of the night.

Matthew slept late as it was Saturday with no school and a rare weekend off from his job. After a leisurely shower he trotted down the hall to grab a bite for breakfast. He figured that he had the place to himself as his mom usually used Saturday mornings to grocery shop. He stopped to stare at her dressing gown hanging from the doorknob of the door leading to the entrance way to the front door. Baffled he went to get breakfast while toweling his hair only to stop dead in his tracks dropping his towel at the kitchen doorway.

A very naked Diana turned from the stove and smiled, “Morning sleepyhead; would you like eggs or pancakes for breakfast?”

Matthew stared mutely with his mouth hung open. His eyes wandered from the sloping mounds of flesh on his mother’s ribcage topped with pinkish nipples down her smooth stomach to the patch of soft auburn hair that matched the hair on her head perfectly. Even after a couple of years of sneaking a peek Matt had yet to really see anything but silhouettes of his mom’s very womanly form and now here was everything on display before him.

Taking in his comatose look Diana laughed and turned back to the stove.

“Well, here is that forty-four year-old ass as promised,” She said wiggling her butt in a way that he had never seen her shake. The globes of her ass were emphasized by their absolute whiteness next to the tan of her back and legs.

“Mom, what the hell are you doing?”

“Cooking breakfast, I just don’t know what yet – eggs or pancakes?”

“Eggs, whatever. Why are you naked?”

“Why do you think; a deal is a deal. I am so proud of you; you worked so hard without a single complaint.” Diana turned slightly to look at her son giving him a profile of her left breast. “Sit while I get breakfast for us and feel free to enjoy the view. As I said you earned it.” With that she turned completely to face him putting her hand holding a spatula on her hip while putting the other hand on the back of her neck, bending her knee striking the pose of a pin-up queen. “Ta-da.”

Again Matthew looked from her beautifully shaped breasts which bahis şirketleri had only a slight sag from her forty-four years to the ringlets of hair breaking the smooth landscape of her lower body. Her nipples pebbled into sharp points either from the cool air but more likely the excitement of the moment. Just like the back Matthew noticed a sharp contrast between the tan midriff, arms and legs with her pale breasts and triangular patch between her legs.

“Mom, it’s snowing outside. How did you get so tan?”

“Do you like it? I’ve been going to the tanning salon during lunch. I figured if I was going to do this why not look as good as I can.”

“Mom, you look incredible.”

“Why thank you very much young man. Now sit down while I get your breakfast.”

Matthew sat and watched the pleasant jiggle of his mother as she made breakfast.

Feeling brave Matt laughed and said “I should have asked for pancakes because I would love to see what your breasts would do when you flip the batter.”

Diana looked down at her breasts and chuckled, “Yeah, the girls can have a mind of their own. Just wait until we play the Wii sometime.”

Matthew almost choked on his orange juice at the idea.

“Don’t laugh; you will be so distracted that I might actually beat you for once.”


Diana reached down with her free hand and cupped her left breast jiggling it “Well, yeah. It sounds much nicer than boobs, don’t you think?”

Diana finished up and brought the food over and sat down.

“Alright, we do need some ground rules to make this work. Whenever I get home I will go straight to my room and strip. We’ll keep the shades drawn, and you will need to get the door whenever someone shows up and give me time to dress if I need to.”

“It will be fun to watch you run through the house.”

“I’ll bet. Now you can look all you want; after all I did promise you a naked girl, but absolutely no touching and don’t you dare tell a single soul about this. If the grades drop, you lose your job, drop out of college, touch or blab and the clothes go back on, understood?”

“Sure Mom, but this is so surreal. Don’t get me wrong ’cause this is really cool, but you don’t expect me to join you and create some kind of nudist colony do you?”

“No I don’t expect you would join me. That might be too weird. We’ll just take this one day at a time and have fun.”

The rest of the meal was eaten in silence. As usual Matthew cleaned up the table and leaned over putting an arm around Diana’s shoulder and kissed her on the top of her head. What wasn’t usual was the tingling spark from the contact of Matthew with her bare skin or the lingering look her son stole staring down at her breasts and her pubic hair peeking between them.

The butterflies in her stomach flew into a frenzy at the mere touch and stare of her son.

Matthew’s head spun and he fought the urge to reach his hands around to cup his mother’s breasts. The realization that one touch and he would blow the most incredible deal of his life in less than a half hour kept his hands at bay.

“Mom, you are without a doubt the coolest mom any son ever had.”

Diana looked up into his eyes, “gee thanks kiddo, but I bet you would say that to any naked girl.”

“Actually, I doubt I could call any other girl “mother” and expect her to stay naked.”

Diana laughed and reached her arms up to hug her son into the top of her head and shoulders. Matthew enjoyed the lift and pull of her breasts with the motion. Again he had to fight the urge to reach down and cup them.

“As long as you keep our deal you can expect me to stay very naked just for you. So what do you want to do with your dear old naked mother today?”

Matthew looked back as he walked out the door. “I don’t know, I was thinking of maybe hooking the Wii up and seeing if you really can beat me.”

Diana laughed as she got up from the table to do the dishes. Yup, things were going to be very interesting around here from now on.

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