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The Delaney’s Holiday – Day 09

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All characters in this story who engage in sexual acts are over 18.


After a week of incest at the family hideaway, the Delaney family left the National Forest for the remainder of the journey home with Suzanne wearing pale blue underwear with a thin white beach dress over the top. Her summer dress had been soaked when she squirted all over it. She wasn’t usually a squirter, only when she was super-hot, but she’d had two squirting orgasms watching her daughters. One had ridden their father’s cock, the other his face, and her son had ejaculated on both his sisters’ faces. Quite a morning.

The back seat of the twin cab was a hive of adolescent sexuality. Sammie had no panties under her short denim skirt, because she’d given her family a panty-wetting exhibition. Lizzie had removed her bra as a perpetual tease. Sammie encouraged her to keep the t-shirt damp for effect, but it wasn’t needed. Poor Lizzie’s nipples rubbed at the fabric with every vibration in the car and they stuck out prominently for the whole trip. And Mike. Mike always had a boner, it seemed.

Now that all five family members were involved in this incestuous relationship, the only restraint on sexual activity in the car was the risk of being seen. Despite constant states of arousal though, the morning’s shared sex had satisfied all except Sammie so apart from occasional kissing and petting in the back seat, the rest of the journey was a model of family normality.

But for Sammie, her traditional position in between her older twin siblings gave her a new horny opportunity. While they sped home on the open road, Sammie leaned her back on her sister, put one foot behind her brother’s back with the other on the floor, thus opening her legs wide facing Mike. While her sister stoked her titties through her T-shirt, Mike probed her newly-shaved pussy with his fingers. Not urgently, but sensually. The twins worked as a team, bringing their little sister to the edge of orgasm, then easing off when her breathing and moaning became rushed.

Sammie was in heaven like that for fully twenty minutes, on the verge of climax, until her father spoke slyly in his ‘do as I say’ voice: “For heaven’s sake, do I have to stop and come back there before you guys behave yourself?”

Sammie panted: “You’d be welcome daddy, but… Oh…M-Mike and Lizzie seem to h-have it under control.. Mmfh”. Lizzie nodded at Mike and they pushed their sister harder until her thighs jerked in concert with her jerking belly, as she pressed her nipples against her sister’s tweaking fingers in rapture and cam on her brother’s hand.

In her afterglow Sammie kissed her sister and brother on the lips, lingering sweetly, before resuming her sitting position as if nothing had happened. The only sign that something out of the ordinary had happened was Mike making a show of licking his sister’s juices off his hand and Sammie’s flushed face and perspiring brow.

And then they arrived home. It was still daylight while they unpacked and made dinner preparations. That first night at home would set a new pattern of sexuality for them for years to come. The frantic start to their episodes in the cabin gave way to an open, loving, more patient and inclusive relationship free of guilt or jealousy.

After dinner, Suzanne was exhausted and went up to bed. Paul lazed in the pool for a while, being joined briefly by a topless Lizzie. There was no sexual contact between them, more a display of their comfort with each other.

Sammie and Mike watched a movie together, she nestled in her brother’s strong arms on the double-sized beanbag. During some sex scenes – which two weeks ago would have been intensely embarrassing for them both – Sammie responded to Mike’s obvious arousal by casually stroking his penis through his shorts. Neither took it as much – it now seemed entirely normal and natural.

Over the coming days and weeks, their lust for each other became subtler, less urgent.

After Suzanne canlı bahis and Paul returned one day, they walked past the lounge room where Lizzie was going down on Sammie. Paul stopped briefly to watch until his wife pushed him past the doorway, telling him to give the girls some privacy. That episode did, however trigger a family code to warn the others if they were bringing somebody else in the house.

Another time Suzanne got out of the pool and paddled towards the back door to pee. Mike playfully blocked her path.

“Wow mum! Your wet body is even hotter than ever!”

She looked down at the erection forming in his Bermuda shorts.

“Mmm, so I see. Hold that thought son, but first I need to pee.”


“Oh. I see. What is it? Pee my panties for you? Pee on you?”

“Oh, I don’t know. I only got as far in my plans as making you pee. Oh I know. Lizzie sat on my lap and peed once and that was pretty cool. OK?”

“OK. There, on the picnic chair.”

Mike sat, thighs together, while his mother straddled his legs facing him and sat down. She reached behind her and untied her bikini top, letting it fall. Mike nibbled her nipples and fondled her breasts, his erection poking into his mother’s slit awkwardly.

“Hop up a sec mom, I wanna get rid of the shorts.”

With them gone, Mike’s cock nestled between his mom’s ass cheeks. Her skin in contact with him was cool from the wetness of the pool, so the shock of heat as her piss flooded his lower stomach, cock and thighs made him gasp.

Suzanne stopped the flow and giggled, looking down at her son with her hands lovingly cradling his head: “More?”

“Mmm, lots more.”

“Here’s some…” Psshht. Psshhh.

“Gosh mom that’s hot. Sexy hot and temperature hot.”

He worked his hand inside her bikini bottoms and over her mound. Her clit was the one in the family that responded best to direct pressure, which Mike gave her now.

Suzanne mewed while her son fingered her clit. She resolved to restrain her bladder while she took pleasure from Mike’s diddling and probing. His mouth alternating between her breasts added to the twin burning sensations of needing to pee and having her clit rubbed.

In a fluid motion she stood, untied one half of her bikini bottom, then sat back down. Wriggling her butt, she managed to get her son’s cockhead inside her pussy, just two inches, but it made him gasp and stepped her own orgasm closer still.

She rocked on his cock while he thumbed her clit, all the while his other hand and darting tongue teased and bit her engorged nipples. Her hands on his head urged him harder against her round tits while she frigged herself against her son’s cockhead and thumb.

She felt it rising and warned her son: “I’m nearly cumming Mike. I’m gonna piss all over you when I do.”

She knew he’d heard but he didn’t let up. He was looking forwards to the sensation, but when it happened he was not expecting the erotic charge he felt.

As his mother began little jerks in the early stages of orgasm, Mike’s cock was being rapidly fucked by the wet entrance to his mother’s vagina. It was intense, but what tipped him over was the feeling when she actually came.

At first her gripping pussy and panting told him she was there, but when her piss erupted his senses were overwhelmed at the heat of it splashing and hissing over his hand, cascading over his thighs and stomach, then he felt her piss stream passing the end of his cock from inside her while her outer muscles milked him. He too began to spurt his love into her, thin streams of hot cum, that soon mingled with her piss as her flow eased and then faded away.

Suzanne giggled at the mess she’d made in her son’s lap. There was a small puddle of light yellow pee, swimming in it was a few slicks of white cum. His cock flopped out of her and flung another strand of cum upwards to land on her pussy lips, which were dripping with her own womanly juices. bahis siteleri A cocktail of incestuous lust, hot and sticky.

They kissed. Lover’s kisses, with tongues and mouths. Mike patted his mother’s butt: “Shower for me. Coming?”

And they showered together, talking and laughing as if they were just hook-ups and not mother and son.

Paul and his daughters also reacquainted themselves sexually in those first few days. Paul passed Sammie’s bedroom door while she was drying her hair in front of her dresser. He knelt on the bed behind her to brush her hair, like he had when she was just a little girl. Ever the minx, Sammie pulled at the knot in the towel wrapped around her and let it fall.

“Oops, daddy. I think my titties came out.” Her father teased. Looking at them in the mirror, he said: “It’s OK poppet, you can put them away later when we’re finished.”

“Finished what daddy?”

“Brushing your hair of course!”

Sammie stood, the towel fell to the floor. She turned, bent to her father’s ear and whispered, “Wouldn’t you prefer to fuck me, daddy?”

Paul gulped. He remembered his daughter was not on the pill.

“Yes, yes I would darling. But we haven’t any condoms.”

“Oh, right. But, um, what about my bottom?”

Paul smiled wickedly. He’d hoped that’s where they were heading.

Pulling his daughter towards him as he jostled to sit on the side of her bed, he bent his head to her pink nipples and began sucking and lip-nibbling them.

“Ooh, nice dad. But I’m really wet,” taking his hand there, she said, “see?”

And she was, dripping wet. Could the very thought of being anally fucked by her father have got her so ready so quickly? Or had she been playing with her pretty pussy already? He neither knew nor cared.

Sammie reached for a dresser drawer and took out the tube of lube that Lizzie had produced from nowhere a few days before when Mike had taken the anal cherry of both his sisters. Paul undressed quickly. Sammie slopped some lube over his dick, some more on a finger into her little butthole, then knelt on the side of the bed to present her ass to her daddy.


Paul pushed the end of his cock gently against her anus. She held firm while he worked it a little further in. She was tight, so his cock bent a couple of times before his daughter’s ass relaxed and let him slip half-way inside.

Sammie shrieked.

“Oh poppet, sorry. Is it OK?”

“Mm. It’s OK. Let me do it a minute?”

“Sure darling.”

Sammie concentrated and made her ass relax. She pushed gently back, relaxed, pushed, relaxed. Rocking gently against her father’s hard cock attempting its invasion of her ass, suddenly her innards gave way and she impaled slowly all the way, groaning gutturally.

“Oooh daddy. Ohgoddd.”

Father and daughter began pushing against each other, cock in butt, and Sammie rapidly stretched to take him.

“Oh poppet. You’re so hot in there. And tight. Baby this is heaven!”

“For me too daddy. Don’t go too fast. It’s fantastic like this.”

Her hand went between her legs to play with her blood-filled clitoris. Paul gripped his daughter’s hips and thrust slow and hard, using half the length of his cock in each stroke to make sure he didn’t get spat out by her constricted sphincter. As her insides took on full lube and stretched, he was able to plunder her ass quite hard, so he watched while his daughter’s round butt rippled in fleshy waves as his thighs collided with it.

“I’m cumming. Oh. Now daddy…”

Paul kept up his hammering, to be rewarded with his little girl’s squeals as her climax ripped through her in rapid pulses. For the first time in her life, Sammie’s pussy squirted. Two, then a third jet of liquid lust splashed her father’s thighs, yet still he thrust into her ass. He knew he might increase her pleasure by holding his cock hard up in her insides, but he was close and needed release.

Sammie bahis şirketleri mewed as her rippling climax subsided, breathing heavily, and she let her daddy fuck her because she wanted his cum. Paul needed an extra minute, during which his little girl let him use her ass for his pleasure. He knew he was selfishly using her, but she was clearly up for it.

Then his balls clenched and his semen boiled. His teeth ground together as he grimaced, pushed and held, then jetted his goo into his daughter’s ass. Spurt after spurt, maybe forever? Could he have that much cum? Yes, for his daughter’s ass he did.

He collapsed onto her back briefly as his muscled gave out, then realised he was still inside Sammie’s butt. She pushed back gently, rhythmically, while his cock rapidly deflated.

Sammie’s ass was liquid heat. Fully lubed up, her dad’s cock in there gave her only the minimum of discomfort. He eased back, and Sammie almost came again at the feel of this smooth, slimy log slipping back and out of her puckered ring.

She caught his eye in the mirror and saw love, lust, and satiation. She smiled. “I think I need to do my hair again daddy!”

“Mmm, and we need to change your sheets now too!”

The family had a discussion. To keep their incest a secret, they resolved that anybody in the family could enjoy anybody else, but only in their house or, of course, back at the cabin.

Mike was sitting with Lizzie, his twin, when a sudden realisation came over him.

“Lizzie! Guess what I just worked out?”


“I’m the luckiest guy ever born!”

“Really? How so?”

“No seriously. Think. I lost my cherry to mum. And I was the first to have vaginal sex with you, the first to have vaginal sex with Sammie, and I busted your bum cherries too! I bet I’m the only guy in the world to do that ever!”

Lizzie laughed. “Probably. You forget, you were first to lick Sammie’s pussy and mine too.”

“Hey yeah! Jeez.” Then the enormity of those privileged hit him and he became serious.

“Yeah. Oh my fucking god!”

He looked at Lizzie. “Heaven help me Lizzie. I’m bursting with love for three women all at the same time. My mom and my sisters. How are we going to get through life?”

“So serious. Come here you romantic fool.”

As Mike stood, so did Lizzie. She grabbed his hand, pulled him to the couch, sat before him and undid his jeans. Puling his jeans and boxers to his ankles, she took him in her mouth and sucked him hard.

Then she pulled down her knickers, lay back and gestured to him, lifting her dress out of the way. “Like this Mike. Vanilla style. But quick, OK? I want you in me quick.”

Only their midriffs were naked. Mike positioned himself, pushed gently, and found his cock sliding into his sister. She was not fully ready so there was a little friction, but four or five strokes served to complete her internal readiness.



“Hard. Rough if you want. I want to cum quickly.”

The couch groaned as Mike rabbit-fucked his sister. She whimpered and panted, laying passively while he thrust and plundered.

“Fuck Lizzie. I’m gonna cum soon!”

“No! Hold it! I want to cum together!”

Mike’s belly slapped his sister’s while he thought of rubber tyres, football, lawnmowing… It couldn’t be of much use but it delayed the inevitable a couple of seconds and that was enough.

Lizzie’s hands slapped her brother’s butt then stayed there, pulling to help his rapidfire thrusts into her sopping cunt. Mike didn’t know if she was going to cum but it was too late for him. After a few more quick thrusts, he drew back then pushed hard, back then in hard, and kept that up while his seed burst inside his sister. On the second spurt he realised she was bucking up at him, biting his shoulder through his shirt to quench the scream of her orgasm. His spurting continued, joyously now that he knew he and his sister were in orgasm together, and there is no more intimate sharing than that.

It had taken maybe three minutes. She wanted it fast, and for once Mike had come fast too.

This family was in lust together. And that’s all they needed.

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