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A Boy and His Sister’s Best Friend… In Love (The Long Awaited Sequel)

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I sat there, dumbfounded, with Allie still in my arms while my sister stood in the doorway. Even Allie had managed a countenance of fear on her face.

“Look, Jill…” I stammered

“Allie, can you excuse us for a minute? I have to talk to my brother in private about something,” my sister said cutting me off.

“Ok, but don’t bitch him out or anything or tell on us. He was really gentle and didn’t hurt me at all,” Allie said as she got up and gathered her clothes.

After Allie had left, she closed the door and I started to put on my clothes in an attempt to look decent, even though I was still sweating and smelled of sex. My sister walked in and sat down next to me on the bed.

“Ok, how much did you see Jill?” I said looking down at my feet, knowing she’d tell on me for sure and I’d be screwed.

“Oh, I walked in on you two about 5 minutes before you came in her.”

“Oh God, I’m so embarrassed right now. Jill, I’m sorry about that. I don’t know what came over me. I kissed Allie, and one thing lead to another and before I knew it we were having sex.”

“Please, you have nothing to be embarrassed about. I wish my boyfriend was that gentle with me my first time.”

“Whoa, slow down! You two have had sex already? But you’re only 14!”

“So, Allie’s 14 and that clearly didn’t stop you!”

“Yeah, I guess you’re right, but it’s really hard to imagine you wanting sex and everything like that.”

“Bro, I’m not the nice innocent little girl I used to be. When I was watching you and Allie go at it like that, I was getting so horny I just wanted to strip naked and join you two. So you know what? I’m not going to tell anyone about you and Allie, under one condition.

“What’s that?” I asked

“Chris, you and I are going to have sex, and you’re going to like it!”

“Uh… ok…” was all that I could say.

“So when we take Allie home on Monday and Mom and Dad go to work, you and I are going to have some fun.”

And with that, Jill got up and walked out into the hallway, leaving me sitting there in her room thinking about everything she just said. I’ve always been sexually attracted to my sister, but I never told anyone about it or came on to her or anything like that. Back when she was in the early stages of puberty, I had already gone through it and I began to look at her in a different way. We always used to take baths together and when we were younger we played the classic “I’ll show you mine if you show me yours” game. Then when she started puberty and she began to physically mature, I always found myself trying to hide my erections when I was around her. She loved to tease me when she was 10 and 11 years old. She would wear skirts without shorts underneath them, much to the disdain of our parents, and she would flash me the crotch of her panties all the time. Whenever we went swimming, she insisted on wearing her old bikini that was too small for her budding tits, allowing me a better look at her growing cleavage and perky nipples. Oftentimes she bunched up the bottoms to make it look like a thong and walk around shaking it around me. She drove me insane and she knew it. I remember one day very vividly when I came inside after mowing the lawn and she was sitting on the couch in nothing but a skimpy white bra and a pair of green and blue polka-dot panties. It took every bit of my willpower to not pick her up, throw her clothes off, and fuck her right then and there.

Then as soon as she got her period a couple weeks after her 12th birthday, the parade was over. She began to wear more conservative clothing and she never teased me again. She also became very self-conscious and I was at a loss because I never had any new images to jack off to. By the time she turned 14, she was a knock-out. Perfect 32B breasts, a nice flat stomach, and a firm little ass. At that point, I was about to do anything to see her naked. I set up a hidden camera in her bedroom and filmed her one night after her shower. I would put that video clip on repeat for hours watching that beautifully perfect piece of flesh walk around naked. Even after months of jacking off to that same video clip, it never got old.

Now, here I am, two days away from having sex with her. It was like my wildest dream was finally coming true. As I had expected, the next two days went by agonizingly slow. On Monday morning, we dropped Allie off at her house and then our parents went to work. When we got back home, Jill took me to her room and started to strip, slowly. Before she had even removed a single article of clothing, my 6.5 inch throbbing cock was already crying for freedom from my pants. The anticipation alone was killing me!

My sister first removed her shirt, slowly pulling up and over her head, leaving her beautifully flat stomach and bra-covered tits behind. She flipped her hair back and threw the shirt on the floor. Then one by one she took off her socks and shoes and kicked them aside. What she did next almost made me cum right there watching her. She london escort agency turned around so her back was facing me, then she very slowly wiggled out of her jeans, carefully sliding them down her long, slender, perfectly smooth legs. She stuck out her ass, clad in tight-fitting pink and white striped panties, while she stepped out of her jeans and then kicked them aside. She shook her tight little butt and then turned back around to face me. Jill put her hands behind her back and unclasped her bra. Then she pulled her arms out from under the straps and let the piece of clothing fall to the floor. Her tits looked so much better in person than they did on a crappy low-resolution hidden camera. I wanted to pick her up, throw her on the bed, and fuck her into oblivion by this point, but I remained motionless and speechless while she continued her show. Once I had taken in this perfect sight, she did a little belly-dance maneuver and she reached for the waist-line of her panties. She slid them down ever so gingerly and slowly, even more so than she did her jeans. She kept her legs partially crossed, obscuring the view of the holy grail, her pussy. She let her panties fall to the ground finally, then she collapsed onto the bed and spread her legs, offering me my first view of her very smooth, clean-shaven, pink love hole. If it wasn’t for the fact that I was very much awake and had a good breakfast, I would have fainted by that point.

“So, big brother, like what you see?” she asked, the first time either of us had uttered a word in five minutes.

“Sis, you are absolutely gorgeous! You look so perfect that I could fuck you all day and all night until I pass out from sheer exhaustion.”

“We might have to do that then,” she said very seductively, “I kind of had this idea that maybe we could tag every piece of furniture in every single room in this house, starting right here on my bed.” I just stood there transfixed on the beautiful girl lying on the bed in front of me, that I couldn’t really think of anything appropriate to say to that last comment of hers. “Don’t just stand there like an idiot Chris, come over and do me!”

That was all the motivation I needed. Faster than the speed of light, I shed all of my clothing and approached the bed. I gave my little sister a smile before I climbed on top of her and planted my lips on hers. She was a very good kisser! Our tongues danced and danced and explored each other passionately. We weren’t acting like siblings who were trying out sex on each other, no, we were acting like two lovers who hadn’t seen each other in years! We began to vigorously rub our hands into each other’s hair, thrashing our heads from side to side and soon causing a tangled mess. The two of us were so incredibly turned on now and we couldn’t control our moaning into each other’s mouths, turning us on even more like in a vicious cycle of raging hormones and pent up sexual frustration.

After quite a bit of time of hot, passionate, mouth to mouth kissing, I broke the kiss and started to just nibble on her bottom lip. She continued to rub her hands along the side of my head as I moved down her face and started kissing her neck. I felt like I was in heaven, and I could tell from the moans and the gyrations that my sister was enjoying it too. I finally stopped running my hands through her hair and moved them down to the beautiful mounds of flesh that are her tits. My left hand began to squeeze and grope the left one while my tongue worked the right. My right hand slowly traced an invisible line stretching from her neck, down her chest between her boobs, across her stomach and circling her belly button, and down to the inside of her thighs. The heat emanating from her pussy was extremely intense and the juices flowed from it like a cascading waterfall. My left hand and my mouth switched tits and my right hand began to caress the soft outer lips of my sister’s snatch.

“Oh God Chris, that feels amazing, mmmmmm, don’t stop, ugh…”

I picked up the pace of my rubbing and slipped my index finger into her pussy. I probed around searching for her clit. I knew I found it when my sister arched her back and moaned so loud that I got startled. I vigorously played with her clit, flicking it back and forth and side to side, much to Jill’s pleasure. It didn’t take her long to approach the first orgasm she received from her brother. I knew it was approaching when she moaned more and more and she got very short on breath. I lifted my face off of her chest and my mouth resumed its oral assault on hers. As she got to the brink of her climax, her body completely tensed up and she screamed into my mouth.

After it had subsided, my sister pushed me off of her, rolled me over on the bed so I was lying on my back, and then she straddled me and stared deep into my eyes. Her body was glistening and shining from sweat and her hair was all messy and tangled and her bangs were hanging just down past her eyebrows. She looked amazing and I could tell from her eyes that she escort london wanted more. She turned herself around so her ass was right in my face. What she did next was unbelievable. Jill lowered her head to my crotch and began to take my large, meaty member into her warm moist mouth. She swirled her tongue around the head and moved her lips up and down my shaft like a piston. Man, did my sister ever know how to suck a guy off! Not to be outdone by someone 3 years younger than I, I grabbed her ass and pulled it toward me. Her pussy was still dripping wet from me fingering her to orgasm and her juices were dripping onto my lips. I thrust my tongue into her sopping wet cunt which elicited a sharp moan from her, albeit muffled by the fact that my cock was in her mouth. She tasted wonderful and I couldn’t get enough of her pussy juices. At this point, I learned something about myself that I never knew. The smell of my sister’s ass turned me on more than anything else. The taste of her pussy and the smell of her ass was so much for me, that the blowjob I was receiving from my sister didn’t last long. With a loud grunt, I shot stream after stream of incestuous cum down my little sister’s throat. It was bar none the most intense orgasm I’d ever had up to that point. It was clear that I took her by surprise, but she still managed to swallow most of it, allowing only some to drip down onto my balls and onto her bed sheets. Not to leave her hanging, I continued my work on her cunt, flicking her clit with my tongue and sucking up her juices as I went. Pretty soon, she began to flop around over me and I tried my best to hold her steady, but to no avail. She came for the second time that day flooding my face with her juices as they rained down out of her pussy.

She finally stopped flopping around and collapsed on top of my face, burying it into her ass. That smell coming from her asshole, however wrong it may seem, was such the turn on that my dick began to rise again. I reached out and grabbed my sister’s head to place it back over my cock. She batted my arm away, sat up, and turned around.

“I want you to fuck me… NOW!” she demanded. “I’m sick of these games and I want your cock in my pussy right this minute! I’m on the pill so you can fuck me until collapse!”

I grabbed her by the shoulders and pulled myself up from off the bed and switched positions with her. She put her hands behind her head and lifted her legs up in the air. I grabbed her feet and placed them on my shoulders. My cock was pointed right at her pussy and it was rock solid again now. I pushed the head of my dick past the lips and into her tight tunnel. The sensation was extremely intense and her welcoming pussy grabbed my cock like a velvet glove as I slid it further and further into the deep recesses of her cunt. I slowly withdrew my cock and pushed it back in, this time with more force. I repeated this until I had a nice rhythm going and Jill rocked her hips back and forth to meet me. Because I had cum not 10 minutes prior, I was going to last much longer now. The sensation that I felt was the best thing in the universe. Even though the fact that she was super tight played a major role, in my subconscious I knew full well I was fucking my little sister and the thrill of the taboo made it all the more pleasurable. And my sister was obviously enjoying my cock in her pussy too.

“C’mon Justin, fuck me! Fuck your little sister. Cum in me and fill me with your sperm!”

I never realized that my sister was so horny and could say such things. But who am I to judge? I was the one who was fantasizing about having sex with her even when she was 10! We continued to fuck like rabbits, my cock pounding in and out of her pussy, and my balls slapping her ass every time I pushed into her. Within about 20 minutes, I felt that familiar tingling sensation, telling me that I was about to blow.

“Yeah, you like fucking your little sister don’t you? Well I love fucking my brother… I love feeling his huge cock in my tiny little pussy!”

Those words from her sent me over the edge. With one final push, I began to shoot the load of my seed deep into my sister’s pussy. She could feel my sperm shooting out and she squealed loud enough to wake the dead as her third orgasm of the day came over her. Little by little I pumped the last bit of my sperm into her pussy while her juices mingled with it and began to dribble out onto the bed. I was exhausted and I collapsed on top of my sister. She too was very tired and she just lied there too. My cock was still in her pussy, but it began to shrink and it eventually popped out on its own.

“Jill, do you have any idea how long I’ve dreamt about having sex with you?” I asked her, breaking the silence that befell us.

“Probably since I turned 10 and started messing with you,” she said looking up at me with her eyes twinkling in the sunlight coming through the window.

“Yeah, and why’d you stop that when you started your period?”

“I don’t know. I was turning london escorts into a woman and I knew that it was bad to have sexual thoughts about your brother, and I kept trying to push away those feelings and then when I saw you and Allie having sex, that was the final straw and I just had to have sex with you.”

“So then… was I better than your boyfriend?” I asked her tongue in cheek.

“You were SO much better than he was. I’m a bit nervous about having sex with him again, but I’ll fuck you anytime, day or night.”

“Well sis, I’ll definitely have to take you up on that offer, but right now I’m really tired and we have crap we have to do around the house.”

“Yeah, I know. I have to clean the bathroom and you have a shit load of laundry to do there Chris.”

“Yeah, when we’re done we’ll definitely have to do this again!”

“Oh you know it! Say, you don’t mind if I walk around naked and do everything do you?”

“Not at all, as long as you don’t mind me walking around with my flag pole sticking out all the time.”

She just laughed and we both got up to do our work. I gathered up all of the clothes in the basement and began to sort them into their respective piles. When I reached my sister’s laundry pile, I took the obligatory whiff from each pair of her panties. Back after she started puberty, and stopped giving me images to jack off to, I would either masturbate into her panties, or smell them while masturbating. I know it’s somewhat of a strange fetish, but the smell on them was very aromatic and arousing sometimes. Back when I was home alone, I would sometimes just lie on her bed sniffing her panties and fantasizing about having sex with her. I look back on that and laugh because now I’ve actually done it. I’ve sometimes actually stopped and thought about why I was so sexually attracted to my sister. Of all the girls I’d met in my life, Jill had always been the most attractive in my eyes. I don’t know if it’s because I was always around her or that she had teased me for so long. Whatever it was, it didn’t matter anymore because now I could act out any sexual dream with her for real, and she would soon confirm that statement. After I put the first load of laundry in the washer, I went back upstairs and found Jill bent over in the bathroom cleaning the tub. Her perfect ass was sticking up and out in the open, showing her squeaky-clean, lightly shaded puckered asshole. I grabbed my rock hard dick and gently began to rub it up and down her butt crack. Surprisingly, I didn’t startle her and she didn’t jump back, wince, or anything.

“I heard you come up the stairs… are you ready for more action there bro?” she asked me.

“Well yes, I am ready for some more, but this time I think I want to try something different.”

“You want to stick your cock up my ass, don’t you big boy…”

“Yeah, I’ve always loved your ass and doing it up the butt just seems so kinky.”

“I knew you were going to want to do that sometime, so that’s why I cleaned it up for you”

“And you did a very nice job too, I might add!” I said to her as I leaned down and gave her ass a kiss. Then, some sort of hormonal drive came over me and I started to flick her asshole with my tongue, and soon enough I was licking her tiny little butthole! She had done a very good job cleaning it, because I couldn’t taste anything. My sister was beginning to coo and moan now at the pleasure of me eating out her ass. When I saw her pussy getting wet, I stopped eating her out and I reached for my cock. Rubbing it across her pussy a few times to lube it up, I pointed it at the center of her asshole and began to press on it. The juices from her pussy and the saliva on her ass made the whole process of slipping my dick up her rear end much easier and much less painful for her.

If I thought her pussy was tight, her ass was even tighter! I slowly slipped in and out of her beautiful tight little 14yo ass, gradually picking up the pace as I went along. She shifted and got down on her hands and knees while I took her ass doggy style. It was so erotic being able to see my dick disappear into her ass, seeing it emerge again, and then repeating the whole process many times over. I leaned over her and began to massage her tits while kissing the back of her neck. She turned her neck around so she was looking off to the left, but I could still see her face. We began kissing again while she moaned into my mouth as my cock jack hammered in and out of her tight ass. The whole time I was doing this, she was fingering her pussy and rocking her hips around, greatly increasing the pleasure for both of us. In almost no time, I knew I was going to cum soon. The fact that I was fucking my 14yo sister in the ass and she was enjoying it was way too much for me to handle, and I soon began pumping my third load of sperm into my sister that day. After I had finished filling up my sister’s ass with my seed, I pulled out and she turned around to me.

“Well, we’ve done it in my room and the bathroom. That still leaves your room, mom and dad’s room, the living room, the dining room, the kitchen, and the basement, and if you really want to get picky, the closet is big enough for us too. So what’s next stud?”

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