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A family that cums together stays together (Chapter1)

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My family and childhood had always been normal and to be honest rather boring, that changed fast when my mum came home from a work early to find our dad in bed with her best friend. Not long after this my asshole dad and her friend moved away together and we were left a broken family, my mum turned to drink and drugs to cope, because of this her job didn’t last long and due to not having much money we had to move into a smaller house.

It was me, my younger sister Emily and my mum Becky living together in a small 2 bedroom, one bathroom house. Thanks to my mums new found addictions it was on me to be the man of the house, my day normally consisted of getting back from school, making myself and Emily food, watching TV and then taking care of mum when she eventually stumbled back home, if she didn’t find someone to fuck that is.

Going from a pretty big house with all the privacy I could ask for to having to share a room with my younger sister was incredibly hard, for us both. In the 3 weeks we’d been in the house we had walked in on each other masturbating far too many times. Before having to share a room I never knew girls masturbated and got horney as much as they do.

Normally I would wait until I knew she had gone asleep and then I would take care of myself, thankfully we still had a laptop with different users so once I was sure she was asleep I would turn it on and lower the screen brightness to make sure not to wake her up. Like most 17 year old straight guys my favourite was lesbian porn, I also have a pretty big thing for BDSM, nothing extreme though.

The night our entire family dynamic changed started like any other, I got back from school to Find Emily already in our room, I made us food and then we watched TV for a little while. She always preferred to watch it on my bed with me, since mom and days breakup she was feeling a lot less safe and loved so her way to deal with that and make up for it was to be closer to me. Not that I minded, the truth is it was a good way for me to deal with it as well.

After watching some TV I told her I was gunna take a bath, once I got in the bathroom I bent down and pulled off the skirting board that i had found had a pretty big whole behind it, this was about the only place I could have some privacy, inside I had lube, porno mags, two dildo’s and a fleshlight.

After lubeing up my smaller dildo and my ass I started to slowly work my fingers inside, I started with my index finger, rubbing around the hole like I was rubbing a door bell before sinking it all the way in until i hit my knuckle, my cock twitched as I let out a small moan. I slowly slid my finger in and out for a few minutes, my cock was starting to leak precum and I could feel my heart starting to beat faster. I removed my finger and quickly replaced it with another 2, sliding my two fingers in and out, massaging the inside of my ass and making sure to try and hit my prostate.

I could feel myself getting closer and closer so I stood up and put down the toilet seat, I used the suction cup on my dildo to stick it in place, slowly positioning myself over it until I could feel its head poking against my hole. With a feeling of pure ecstasy I slowly lowered, feeling every pronounced vein as my insides gripped the foreign object, with my head thrown back in pleasure I quickly had all 6 inches of it inside of me, precum pooling and dropping from the tip of my cock down onto my balls as I gently rode my toilet seat.

I was just about to cum when the bathroom door swung open to reveal my wasted mum stood there looking at me. We both remained silent for what seemed like an eternity, “a wanker, just like your dad” she said with slurred speech as she was turning around to leave the room. Thankfully because of my position it must have just looked like I was jerking off on the toilet rather than using a dildo as well.

My dick was now fully flaccid and thanks to the shock I had lost all arousal, unfortunately this also made getting the dildo out a bit more painful than usual, after everything was washed and hidden behind the skirting board again I bathed normally and headed to our bedroom only to find Emily on my bed crying. She really hated seeing our mum drunk, even before our family life went to hell she didn’t enjoy seeing our mum and dad when they were drunk, she made a habit of trying to avoid them or listen to music.

As soon as I walked in the door she asked me to go and check on mum and to make sure that she was ok, I told her I would do it as soon as I got dressed since I was still in my towel and all my clothes were in my wardrobe. But before I could get dressed she begged me to do it and was still crying hard. I told her I would go and check now but reassured her that she would be fine.

I opened the door to see my mum passed out on her bed with her skirt and panties pulled down to her ankles and her boots still on. A dildo was lying between her thighs and london escort agency her small TV had porn on it, that would have been pretty shocking as it was but I noticed that the dildo she was using was the exact same type that I had impaled myself on less than 20 minutes ago, I guess me and mum have something in common after all. I noticed that her bedside draw was open and decided to take a look to see what it was that she kept inside, looking back at me as a pretty decent collection of sextoys, I was shocked at how many she had, there was different type of lubes, condoms, dildo’s and vibrators along with large amounts of bondage rope and ties, something I would never thought she would have been into.

I looked back at her and saw that she had lots of cuts and bruises on her arms and legs, some new some that looked older, most likely from where she’d fallen down on her way back home when she’s been drunk. I noticed she had some strange marks on her neck and her breasts, at first I couldn’t figure out what they were and then I realised they were hickeys, again some older and some that looked like they had just been done a few hours ago. I’d never though that you could even get hickeys anywhere other than your neck until now.

I pulled the bed sheet up over her and was about to turn off the TV when I saw what she was watching, a middle aged woman was kneeling down in front of a much younger man sucking his dick, her head was bobbing up and down and gagging sounds were coming from her, drool dripping from her chin down onto her tits. His hands on the back of her head pushing himself deeper and deeper down her throat. The faster his hands moved the more she gagged coating her tit’s even more, while she was sucking his cock her right hand was furiously rubbing her swollen clit, her juices were dripping down her thighs and from her lips down onto the tile floor making a slippery pool.

As I was watching I could feel myself getting harder and harder, the towel was starting to get tighter around my crotch and I could feel the shaft of my dick being pushing against the soft fabric. At this point I’ve had incestuous feeling towards my mum for a few years, it started when my dad asked if he could use my IPad one day to check his emails and do some work because his phone had ran out. When he gave me it back I noticed that his Facebook was still logged in and for some reason I decided to snoop around a little bit, when I went onto messenger I noticed that the last message mum had sent him was a video and since was at work I was curious what it was. When it started my heart almost burst out of my chest, she was in one of the bathroom cubicles with her legs spread while she was recording herself rubbing her pussy. I instantly turned it off feeling sick and grossed out seeing my mum’s pussy and thinking about her sending stuff like that to our dad. I tried to forget about it but all I could about that entire day was the video I’d seen. I tried to play games and listen to music, anything to distract myself but it was like a fire in the back of my head. A burning itch that wouldn’t let me forget or take my mind off of it.

Eventually I lost to the temptation and curiosity and opened the messenger app again, lying on my bed I pressed the video and again was whiteness to my mum’s legs spread on the toilet seat. Hearing her soft and quite moans sent me over the edge in almost record time as I shot rope after rope of cum all over myself. Over the next few weeks I must have cum to that video and other’s that she’d sent him hundreds of times. The only reason it stopped was because my IPad needed resetting one day and I lost access to his account.

I knew the feelings that I had for her were wrong but I couldn’t stop them, as much as I felt like a freak it was something I couldn’t help, I was smart enough to know that the feelings had to stay to myself and I could never let on to people how I felt and I definitely couldn’t act on them.

Tonight however I wasn’t thinking straight, I’m not sure if it was due to the smell of my mother’s sex filling the room or being so close to the object of my wildest desire. Common sense was out the window and my voice of logic was replaced with the horney pervert I tried to keep under control.

My hand crept towards the top of her quilt, going as slowly as I humanly could to make sure I wouldn’t wake her up, although with the amount of alcohol and most likely drugs that were in her system I didn’t really need to worry about that. My hands gript the quilt edge and slowly started pulling it down, inch by inch displaying more and more skin. Just like trying to view porn images with slow internet. Starting at the top and going down painfully slowly, showing more and more each time. The further down it got the more excited and the closer to getting to the best parts. Her breasts started to come into sight bit by bit, her nipples standing to attention. Revealing the wonderful escort london curves of her hips and her cute little belly button. I knew that soon I would be seeing one of her most intimate parts, the part that I exited 19 years prior and have dreamt about entering again for the last 5 years.

Even though I’d seen her naked only a few minutes earlier this time I was fully paying attention, I wasn’t distracted by checking to see if she was ok. This time I was looking at her naked body with nothing but lust, my mouth dry and my hands shaking, my cock painfully hard. For what seemed like an eternity I stood at the foot of her bed just taking in her naked body, the curve of her breasts, her hard nipples poking out from her lovely light brown areolas, her curvy waist that drew the eye further south, her recently shaven pussy that looked slick to the touch, clearly she had fallen asleep not long after making herself cum. What I would give to touch and feel her wetness on my fingers, to taste on her sweet juices, the feel my cock enveloped in her warmth, just the idea of doing anything to her had me almost cuming in my towel.

I excitedly and nervously placed a single finger on her left nipple, so carful and gently as to not wake her that I could hardy even feel the contact of our two bodies. Eventually I grew a little bolder and started to place a little more pressure, now I could properly feel her hard nipple poking back at my finger, I started to make small circle motions but the friction between our skin made it a little hard.

I undid the small know in my towel allowing it to fall to the ground, freeing my dick from its cotton prison, I took the finger that had been caressing my mums nipple with and ran it over the tip of my cock that was leaking more pre-cum than ever before. With my cum now acting as a lubricant I placed it back to her nipple and started to slide it over and round in circles, sometimes putting more pressure sometimes only lightly grazing over it. While I was lost in this taboo sensation a saw my mother shudder under me and heard a soft moan come from her, my entire body froze and my heart stopped, like a deer in headlights I was frozen in my spot out of fear that I had woken my mum up to the sight of me naked with a giant erection and my finger on her nipple.

Thankfully she was still asleep, growing bolder I lowered my hand’s from her breasts down to her thighs, luckily her legs were spread enough for me to get my hands between them without having to try and open them up. I noticed a mark on her inner thigh just a few inches from her pussy, when I went in for a closer look I noticed that it was another hickey. The thought of someone sucking and biting on her thigh, so close to her cunt drove me mad with envy and lust!

My hand snaked up so close that I could feel her heat radiating from her wet hole, it might have been my imagination but it looked like she was a little wetter now that she was before I started touching and playing with her nipple, I slowly and gently ran my finger over her lips like I was trying to trace and memorise there path, I found her clit and carefully pressed my index finger against it. Another shudder ran though her body but this time I didn’t stop, I knew she was asleep and this was my time to play, to finally get to live my fantasies. As I was rubbing her button I could see more and more liquid oozing out of her hole, the more that come out the shinier it got from the light outside her room.

I burry my finger into her cunt and rub it around her inner walls, making sure to coat it with her liquids then slowly pull out to see a string of hot grool running from my fingertip to her lips. Pulling my finger way and licking it clean, then adding another finger, and then another. All the while licking my mother’s juices off of them each time, making sure to saver the taste not knowing when or if I will ever get the chance to do this again.

With my dick now feeling sore and swollen and my balls and pubes sticky with precum I start touching myself, trying to go slow since I know I won’t be able to last long at all with how excited I am, the feeling of using my mum liquids as a lube was sending me completely over the top and I could feel a powerful orgasm building from deep inside of me, I put my left leg up on the bed to the side of her feet and my right hand next to her shoulder to hold my weight, and start jerking off as fast as I could, my dick aimed at her pussy.

I feel the burning in my balls as I try and hold the load back, pressure building inside of me. I know it’s only a few seconds until I exploded all over her, just as I’m about to cum I burry my mouth onto her right tit and suck, rope after rope bursts from the head of my dick like a fire hose trying to drench the flames of her hole. My entire body stiff except for my mouth that’s franticly sucking her tit into my mouth, I can hear her moaning in what sounds like a mix of london escorts pain and pleasure but thanks to the drink and drugs there’s no risk of her waking up. And even if she did she wouldn’t remember a thing that happened.

Eventually my balls run dry and I stop pumping cum onto my mother’s mound and pussy. Still in ecstasy my head collapse into her inviting tits and there I stay for what seems like forever, eventually I regain the strength to remove my head and pick myself up from the position I’m in, getting off the bed as I do so. Looking over her the hickey that I gave her was much harder than I had planned and looks close to actually breaking the skin and her pussy and tummy was soaked with my cum, it was dripping down her lips down into her ass crack that unfortunately I couldn’t get a good view of. Still horney I was determined to make her cum.

The thought of rubbing my cum into her body was a huge turn on to me so I took my hand and rubbed it straight over her cunt and stomach, spreading it all over her like it was sun cream, up over her tits and on her nipples, everything that my hand rubbed over became sleek and had a nice shine to it. With my index and middle finger I scooped up a bead of cum I hadn’t managed to spread and stuck it inside her open mouth. I had tasted her juices so it was only fair that she taste mine. Now my fingers were all over her clit, her back slightly arching and her legs parting a little more as if by instinct. I grabbed the dildo that still rested just below her pussy and sunk it into my mouth, savouring the taste and the smell that was still strong on its rubber head and shaft.

I took the dildo and ran it up and down the entrance to her pussy making sure to get it slick with her lube, she was dripping with my cum and her own so I knew getting the dildo in wouldn’t be much of a struggle at all, slowly I sank inch after inch into her until all 6 were pressed inside of her and the suction cup was resting against her entrance. I wondered if she ever put this in her ass as well like I do, or if she was into anal at all.

I started to work it in and out of her, starting slowly at first but picking up speed and force every time it bottomed out inside of her. She was starting to squirm quite a bit now and faint moans were coming out from her, looking up making sure she was still asleep when her entire body tensed up as if it were stuck by lightening, the dildo was pushed out of her by a force as she squirted a small amount of liquid onto her bed and down her thighs.

Watching and making my mother squirt from my actions was almost enough to send me over the top.

Looking proudly at my handy work I considered jerking off again when I heard a voice from outside the slight open door

“B-Ben? i-is everything ok?” Emily called

My heart stopped and all colour drained from me, I felt like I was about to have a heart attack. In all my excitement I totally forgot that I had left Emily all alone in our room while I went to check on mum, how long had I been in there? Had she heard any moans from either of us? Could she smell the rather obvious odour that was in the air?

“B-Ben?” she called out again

Quickly trying to pull myself together I grabbed the towel from the floor and rapped it back around myself, trying to hide my still hard dick as I did so.

“Yeah sorry I’m hear, I’m coming now everything’s ok” I said

Walking out I made sure to block the gap in the door and close it as quickly as I could, without slamming it of course. Back in our room Emily kept asking me why I took so long, looking at my phone I had apparently only been in 15 minutes but of course to Emily that would be a worrying amount of time.

The only thing I could think to tell her is that when I walked in I found her naked on the bed with porn on the TV and a dildo next to her, hearing her having sex and masturbating was pretty common in this house now so I knew it was something I could say without grossing her out to much, she gave me a strange look clearly wondering why I was in her room so long if that was the case. I told her that she had a lot of cuts and bruises that I had cleaned out with antiseptic. She gave a satisfied look, clearly believing my story. Getting up from her bed and getting on mine to snuggle for comfort as she usually does after mum comes in like this.

Cuddled up together all I could think about was my mum in the next room, my cum soaking into her hot body, her juices still on my fingers, the hickey that I’d given her, I had a giant erection the entire time and was franticly trying to pivot my hips away from my sister while we were in bed together, we might be a little more comfortable with each other than the normal family but having my dick smack against her stomach or pressing against her side was something neither of us would like to experience.

“I’m really tired, I need to get some sleep” I said to Emily.

She stood up got off my bed and got in her own pulling her sheets up to her neck. Eventually with all the crazy erotic thoughts and feelings racing through my head I managed to drink off to sleep.

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