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An Unforgettable Halloween

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I only wanted this Halloween to be fun, but my boyfriend Jake has to spoil everything. Jake is a very controlling man; he thinks he owns me. He doesn’t let me see, or even talk to my old girl friends, or guy friends for that matter. He tells my friends I’m not home when they call for me, and threatens to kick me out if I even dare to see them.

My best friend invited me to a costume party, and I told her I’d come, but of course I had to get the ok from Jake first. I was so excited when he told me yes, but then he ruined it when he said “only if I can go along”. I had to think of a way to go without having to preoccupy myself with Jake. I wanted to talk to my old friends, even the guy ones, but lord knows I couldn’t do that with Jake right up the center of my ass. I had the perfect plan, that didn’t go exactly the way it should have.

I called my best friend Trina, and discussed my plan with her. She agreed it was good, but also very risky. I didn’t care, I just wanted one night of freedom. Jake thinks I am going to dress up as a cheerleader, but boy is he going to be in for a big surprise. I am going as a cat. Black nose, cat ears, whiskers that cover both cheeks, tight black spandex pants, jet black hair, and a tight black spandex shirt and lets not forget the cute tail. I hoped he didn’t recognize me. Surely he wouldn’t. I have never worn tight cloths around him, and my hair is always a light blonde color.

I left the house and told Jake I would be back soon, and then about an hour later I called him on the cell phone and told him to meet me at the party. I told him I ran out of gas, and AAA was going to bring me some out. He said “okay” and hung up. I went to Trina’s house and told her he bought the “ran out of gas lie” now we he buy the “sorry I couldn’t make it lie?” or would he recognize me? Putting aside my worries I sprayed my hair black, and got my outfit on. I looked pretty hot. The spandex clang to me and showed off my sexy figure. I had slim body with a big butt and nice firm size C tits. The outfit exaggerated the size of them both, the more different I look the better. I got my purse and left with Trina. We got to the party about 10 minutes late and from the looks of it everyone was having a blast. There were people dressed up as lions, strippers, hookers, pimps, baseball players and television characters. You name it and someone was probably dressed as it. Funny though how I was the only cat there. I saw Jake in his football uniform standing in the corner of the room talking to a bunch of guys, he didn’t even look my way. Trina pulled me aside and asked if I wanted to go to the “real party”. I didn’t understand what she meant, but said ok anyway. We went downstairs and to what seemed ankara escort bayan like a game room. It had a pool table, a card table, and a bar. Trina went to get us some drinks.

While Trina was gone a man dressed as bat man came walking towards me. He told me we must be meant to be him being the only bat man and me being the only cat insinuating that I was dressed as cat women. Which I wasn’t, but oh well. I think I’d agree to anything he said, being that he was so fucking hot. We talked for only a minute, and then Trina walked up and started talking to the man as if she knew him. She turned to me and said “oh Kitty this is Taveun” She said it with a odd look, like she were introducing us as if she were trying to hook us up. She told me she would be right back and pulled Taveun out of the room. I was getting bored so I decided to fuck waiting for Trina to get back, and then went to look around for her.

This house was huge there must have been 4 rooms in the basement alone. I decided to go look in them. The first room I looked in there were manly a bunch of guys trying to out due each other in a beer drinking contest, which personally I find to be rather ignorant and immature, so I didn’t stick in their for to long. I was surprised at what I found in the 2nd room. There was a man wearing a football costume, that I knew had to be Jake, (since I hadn’t seen anyone else wearing one) and some girl dressed as a hooker necking in the back of the room. I was pissed, but I didn’t want to go say anything thinking that since I lied to him this is what I deserved. So I just stood there and watched. I was in disbelief when Jake ran his hand up her leg and then further up under her skirt I was hurt that he would do this to me, but still I didn’t want to storm over their and say anything.

I turned around and Trina and Taveun were standing behind me, Trina with her mouth wide open, and Taveun asking her what was wrong. I walked as fast as I could out of the room, with Trina and Taveun right behind me. Trina grabbed my arm and turned me around, and saw that I was about to cry. She hugged me and whispered in my ear that Taveun had told her that he wanted to fuck me. I laughed a little and told her “thanks Trina that lifted my mood,” but she didn’t laugh or even smile. She was really serious. So I said “ok.” Grabbed Taveun by the arm and pulled him with me. I found a vacant room and pulled him in and shut and locked the door. He asked me what this was about. And I told him, I wanted him, I wanted to fuck him. He laughed nervously and said “weeell ok.”

He kissed me gently on my lips then on my neck and worked his way down to my chest. He then reached down and grabbed the bottom of my shirt, and pulled it off etimesgut escort of me, and kissed down to my bra less tits, then started licking and sucking my erect nipples. It felt so good to have a man kiss me like this. With Jake he was always ready to get it over with. There was never any foreplay with him. Taveun then lead me to a couch in the back of the room, and told me to lie down on it. I did, and he pulled my pants down and kissed from my ankles all the way up to my thighs, and then back down again. He stood up and took off his costume, and reveled the most perfect body I had ever seen. With his awesome 6 pack, to his very noticeable 9 inch fully erect cock.

I wanted to just sit up and take the whole thing into my mouth, but instead he knelt on the floor and put his face right between my legs, and starting massaging my now wet pussy with his tongue. He licked my clit until it too was fully erect, he started sucking on it, lapping it, and making circles around it with his tongue. I could feel an orgasm building up inside, and starting moaning in pleasure. He must have known that I was going to cum soon, because he started to lick faster. I couldn’t take it anymore, I had to cum now. I started grinding my pussy into his face, and he started licking even faster then before. I couldn’t hold it any longer, and screamed out in pleasure as my orgasm grew very intense. My body was shaking, and my pussy was throbbing, even after I had came. Taveun stood up, and asked me if I liked that, I told him “yes” and now it was his turn. He quickly moved so I could sit up.

I rubbed his member and handled it for a moment, then went right to sucking it. I was very good at deep throating Jake’s 6 1/2 inch cock, and I was determined that I would deep throat this 9 inch cock. I put as much as I could into my mouth, then slowly tried to take more in. My throat was full I couldn’t take it all, but I must have taken at least 8 1/2 of it. I gave up on that and just started sucking again. Each time I went down I got a little more in then before. Taveun was moaning and grunting in pleasure. He put his hand on the back of my head and showed me the pace that he wanted. I knew this meant he was going to cum soon. I continued sucking and started to play with his balls at the same time. He must have liked that, because they tightened up and he moaned “ooh I’m going to cum .” I never budged my mouth. I took every bit of his sweet cum, and didn’t waste a drop. I sucked him clean.

After that was done with, Taveun commented on how good I was, and asked me if I was ready for a good fucking. You bet I was, I couldn’t wait to feel his 9 inch cock in my cunt. I was a little scared that it might hurt though. kızılay escort I had never had or even seen a real cock as big as his. He told me to get on all fours like the little pussy I am. So with a little chuckle I obeyed. He knelt behind me and started fingering my pussy, and spitting on it to get it lubed up. After the wetness of it got his approval, he then put the head of his monster to my hole and told me to tell him if it hurt. He slowly inserted his cock into my very wet pussy. He got it all in, it hurt but not in a bad way. I could deal with it. He started pumping it in and out faster and with each thrust I moaned very loudly. I was near another orgasm and started moving in rhythm with him. He grabbed my shoulders and thrust his cock in as deep as it would go and with that I let out one of those moans you hear only in porn movies as I reached orgasm.

It was so intense, I thought I would black out, but I didn’t. Taveun grunted loudly and thrust his cock in my pussy one last time, and I felt him cum deep inside me. He pulled his cock out and stood up then sat down on the couch . I followed him. I was tired and wanted to rest. We sat there not saying a word trying to catch our breath. He was the first to speak. He asked me if that was good and I told him it was the best I had ever had even better then my loser boyfriend whom I needed to go find. With that we got dressed. Taveun grabbed a pen and paper from his pocket and wrote something on it, then slipped the paper into my hand and walked out of the room. I read it, and it said “thanks for the great fuck” and had his phone number on it. I stuffed it into my sock and went to look for Jake.

Trina was in the first room I looked in, and I asked her if she had seen Jake. She told me not since I had. I went to the room that I had saw Jake in, and there he was in the back of the room with the same girl. She was sitting on his lap facing him. I started to walk towards them ready to break up with him when my cell phone rang. I answered, and the voice on the other end said “Kitty sorry I missed you baby the party got boring without you so I decided to leave.” I stood there silent not believing what I was hearing. Jake kept asking if I was there and I told him I was on my way home. He sounded annoyed and asked me what took me so long to get to the party. I just told him AAA got delayed. I hung up with him and went to find Trina.

I told her who had just called and she laughed and said “oh well he’s a jerk anyway” “no one has to know what happened.” I agreed and we went back to her house, I got a shower, washed the black spray out of my hair, got dressed and started out the door. Trina called to me “hey Kitty lets do this again next year.” I laughed and said “yea again next year.” and left. I got home and Jake was fast asleep. I changed my clothes and got into bed. All I could think of was Taveun and how I could not wait until next Halloween, but I have a feeling I’ll be seeing him much sooner then that.

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