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Beach House Ch. 02

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Chapter 2: Life After Tony

I had all my stuff packed as Tony had come up from behind me and kissed my neck. I turned around and kissed him on the lips and just held his waist. We had an amazing weekend together and now we were dating I was the happiest guy in the whole world and that’s how he made me feel in bed.

“You know we are leaving today and I’m going home tomorrow why don’t we give this bed one more go around,” he said

I smiled and thought about how far we came in this one weekend we had made love so many times on this bed and on the beach which was the most romantic thing ever.

“Tony we are cousins I don’t know how we are gonna explain this to my parents and your dad,” I said.

“I know babe, but nothing makes me happier than you I know this fall we’ll both be in college in different cities and I wanna make the most of today I know I will see you a few times this summer but let’s make this morning worth while,” he said

I turned to him and smiled and I kissed him softly and moved my suitcase off the bed and laid there and signaled him to come over. He crawled on the bed slowly until he was on top of me and we began kissing passionately then I broke from him and asked him:

“Do you have a condom?”

“No, but its okay I’ll be careful,” he said.

We kept kissing and he slowly removed my shirt as he moved his hands up and down my body. He removed his shirt and kissed my chest. He sucked on my belly button as he undid my belt, and pulled off my pants until I was in my underwear. He slowly removed my boxers and my semi erect cock was out. He took me in his arms and said:

“Be my lover.”

I smiled as I lied there naked in front of him and said:

“Of course I will.”

There I took off his pants followed by his boxers and he continued to lie in bed just kissing passionately. There we lay naked just kissing until he started to move lower to suck my cock. His tongue was so wet as he went up and down my shaft and licked the tip of my penis.

“Oh Tony don’t stop you dirty boy,” I moaned loudly.

As he slowly swallowed my cock into his he slowly put his fingered my ass so it could loosen up so he could fuck me. I felt myself about to cum when he stopped and said:

“Let me fuck you now.”

I got on all fours and gave him my ass, he slowly lubed up my ass with his saliva as he slowly pushed his dick into my ass as he said:

“I love you.”

I smiled and said:

“I love you too.”

He slowly fucked my ass and made passionate love to my ass. I felt him deep inside of me as he slowly slid up and down. I had never felt so much pleasure in his fucking. It was like he was fucking me for the first time and I was his handsome prince.

“Tony keep fucking me.”

He started to go faster and a lot harder as he pounded my ass. The orgasm was building up inside of me and I just wanted to release it. Then he began to go faster and harder until the bed began to shake and make noises.

“Oh shit Tony I’m gonna fucking cum. Oh God don’t stop please five me your bursa escort cum inside of me,” I said loudly.

He moaned so loudly saying:

“I’m cumming.”

Right when those words were uttered from his mouth he cummed in my ass. And right when that last drop of cum hit my ass I cummed as well all over the bed. We fell on to the bed and on to each other as we savored in each others kisses. Just then there was a knock on the door. We were freaking out until I put my underwear back on and answered the door. It was the man from next door asking if everything was okay that he heard a lot of moving around and thought we were being robbed. I said that we were moving the furniture because I had dropped my phone behind the bed. But right when I was about to close the door Tony walked across the hall naked and the man was in shocked and walked off. I closed the door and thought to myself if I was ready to come out of the closet and be an openly gay man, but I was doubting myself, yet I was in love with him, my cousin, and my lover.

We both got dressed and shared kisses as we packed the car with our luggage, and then we drove home holding hands. Tomorrow Tony would be going back to Houston and his dad and I would be left at my house with no boyfriend and even worse come fall we would be going to different colleges and apart from each other. So I asked:

“What’s gonna happen to us babe?”

“I was just thinking about that too. Well I know we are gonna be far away from each other, but I love you and I want you to be happy so I think if we have an open relationship like we are still together but its okay to fuck others at least until we can be together then we become strictly monogamous, but I promise you one day we will have a threesome with me, you, and another guy,” he said.

“Okay I held his hand tight as we drove up the driveway to my house, and from there his dad came and picked him up. I hugged him good bye and watch him drive away. I smiled and thought of all the love and fun we shared this past weekend and how I would never forget the way we made love.

A month has passed since Tony left my arms and went back home. We text whenever we can and tell stories about the guys we have fucked or just wished we had fucked from a distance, but we knew nothing could compare to what we had. I had decided to go to college in San Antonio (I won’t say where for obvious reasons) and Tony said he was going to stay in Houston to stay close to his dad which was the only family he ever really had.

I was leaving to school in a week and no matter who I was with I could not stop thinking about Tony and how passionate of a lover he was to me at the beach. Then one day when I was working out at the gym I caught a lovely stranger staring at me and my short shorts. I smiled at him and walked over and asked him his name.

“My name is Ryan. I’m sorry for staring at you, you’re just so attractive and handsome and I wanted to know if you would like to have dinner with me at my house I’m an amazing cook and I would like your approval,” he said

From the moment bursa escort bayan he spoke to me I was captivated by this 20 year old man, so I agreed and he gave me his address and told me to be there by seven. I walked off back to my car to catch my breath. This man was so beautiful and I had not felt a connection like that since I was with Tony and for a second I thought he could be the one.

I dressed casual for our dinner just a green t-shirt and my ripped jeans, but I had a little surprise under it all. I was wearing a thong I had just gotten for an occasion such as this. It was red with lace with black dots around my crotch and just a string going through my crack. And just like that I was gone.

I arrived to Ryan’s place just on time and he welcomed me into his house. I walked into his dinning to room to find a fine steak prepared for me with mashed potatoes lit up my candles. I took my seat and sat down and we began to eat. We talked about life, lessons learned, and past lovers. And that’s when the subject came up.

“So who was your first lover,” he asked me.

I was stunned I could not answer him and I said:

“A boy named Tony he was from Houston”

I did not even wanna mention he was my cousin if not I bet Ryan would freak out and I would have to leave.

“How was he in bed,” Ryan asked.

“Amazing he made the most passionate love to me ever,” I said getting a bit aroused.

At that point Ryan leaned in and kissed my lips, softly, but passionately. I looked at him and smiled, then he stood up grabbed my hand and lead me into his bed room. We kissed standing up for awhile as I took off his shirt and he took off mine. We ran our hands through each other’s body. Then I slowly undid his pants and I saw his nice boxers. I smiled as I grabbed his ass while we kissed. He slowly undid my pants and revealed my thong. He smiled and slapped my ass as he revealed my semi erect cock. I stood naked in front of him as he removed his boxers and I saw his cock. He was circumcised and about six and a half inches with a half hard on. I took a deep breath and went down on him. I played around with his cock before I finally put it in my mouth and began to work his shaft. As my mouth slide up and down his cock I could hear him moaning.

“Oh my God please don’t stop,” he said.

I had no intention of stopping not even for a minute cause now that he was full on hard his dick had grown to nine inches which was a whole inch bigger than Tony. I deep throated his cock all the way until I gagged and then he said:

“Lets 69.”

I laid down on the bed on my back and Ryan got on top of me and started to lick my dick and I returned the favor to him. He was so good at sucking my dick even better than Tony was. I felt like I was gonna cum all over his face if he kept going, but right when I was going to reach the climax he stopped and got off and bent over for me.

“Fuck me nice and slow. Make love to my ass,” Ryan said.

I looked at his ass and took a deep breath as I licked around his asshole to get it nice and wet for escort bursa my dick. And then I gave it a push and put my dick in his ass, slowly of course so his ass could loosen up to my dick then I started to go in and out slowly and passionately kissing his back at different points. I pounded his ass for a solid ten minutes before I picked up the speed and went faster.

“That’s right keep fucking my ass, but I want your cum in my face,” he said.

“I’m gonna cum,” I said

I quickly pulled out and Ryan gave me his face and I started to jerk myself off so I can get the cum all on his face.

“Ahhhhhhh,” I said cumming in his face.

“It tastes salty but so refreshing, now I wanna fuck you but I wanna be on top,” Ryan said licking the cum off of his face.

Now that I was fresh out of juice I laid on my back and spread my legs open so he could fuck me missionary position. He kissed me all the way up to my mouth and slowly pushed his cock into my ass.

“You’re so tight, you haven’t been fucked in awhile,” he said.

“I know its been a few weeks since my last fuck,” I said.

He went in slow and loosened up my tight ass; he put his hands at my hips and kissed me while he fucked me with love and passion.

“Go harder I want this bed to rock,” I said

With that command he went harder and faster, his nine inch cock was making my ass so wide with every push he gave me. The bed began to move faster and rock harder.

“Oh God fuck me harder give me all your cum,” I said kissing him.

“Ahhhhhhh I cummed,” he said kissing me.

He pulled out of my ass slowly with his cock dripping wet from my ass filled with cum.

“Oh my God you were the best I had yet,” I said realizing he was better than Tony.

“I’m glad we got to have this moment I really like you,” he said.

“I really like you too, but I’m in love with my first love,” I said.

He smiled at me kissed my lips and said:

“It’s okay, but if you ever wanna fuck again or wanna get serious just call me here’s my number, or maybe if you wanna get together with your man and have a threesome I would be glad,” he said.

I smiled at him and gave him a big kiss, got my clothes and left his house and went back home. My ass was so sore from the pounding that Ryan had given me, but now I was excited for college. In one week I would leave and start anew with a roommate who I think I might have a lot of fun with whoever he may be.

Well here I am in college now all my stuff is set I claimed my side of the room and now I just have to wait for my roommate to come in. I wonder if he will be hot. It would be so hot if he had such big biceps so he can hold me while I sleep. Suddenly a knock on the door startles me. I walk to the door and open it and to my surprise I see Tony standing in front of me with a suitcase. He walked in closed the door and kissed me on the lips.

“So I guess we are roommates now. First rule as soon as you walk in here you have to get naked. Second we are pushing these beds together. And third I want you to fuck me right now,” he said.

I was so happy so I took off all my clothes and walked over and kissed him.

“So are we dating now,” I asked him.

“Yes we are. I love you,” he said kissing me.

“I love you too, my cousin, my lover.

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