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I really didn’t have a bad childhood. It was pretty normal for the most part. My family was awesome, we did virtually everything together. We were not very religious, but we would attend church on occasion. I’m the oldest of 3 kids, and my name is Alan. I have 2 little sisters, Malia who was the next oldest, then my younger sister named Stephanie. My parents had me when they were about 18 years old. Malia was born 4 years later, as my parents decided to wait to have more kids after they had gone through college. My father got finished quick as he decided to pursue a career in public safety. When he reached his goal they we’re able to have two more kids, my two little sisters.

Growing up was easy. I didn’t have that many issues with the normal teenage drama. I guess it was because I really didn’t have a lot of girlfriends. I minded my own business most of the time and concentrated on my school work and sports. I played football in a little league program until I hit the age of 16. And like I said my family was close.

I did begin to notice how close my sister Malia and I were when I was 14. She was only 9 so I felt it my responsibility to protect her. I was always there for her when she was sick or what ever. We would always cuddle when we watched movies, and Stephanie would always cling to my father and mom. I loved both of my sisters the same! Loved hanging out with them and playing games, and it was like that for years.

I noticed some things continuing to changing with Malia as we grew older. From the way she would look at me sometimes, and even how she would cuddle with me. It was really different when we cuddled under the blankets as I would lightly scratch her back, and she would always gently rub my thighs. She would always get close to my hardening cock without touching it. I really didn’t put a lot of thought into it. Well, at least until she turned 12.

I was 16 when I over heard Stephanie making fun of Malia on a few occasions as she had just turned 10. I would hear her say things like “eeww you like Alan” or “that’s gross you like your own brother”. Malia would always counter with a statement like “ew that’s gross no I don’t!”. Stephanie would always laugh at that response and say “then why are you always hugging him and touching him, I think you do like him!”. That would usually lead to Stephanie getting hurt then Malia getting into trouble.

Malia at 12 was very attractive to me, and that did not help with the inner battle going on in me. She was all of 4’9, maybe 90 pounds or less. She had long dark brown hair that was straight. She had a really nice ass for her age. Her eyes were a really light brown. She was just all around small. She had tiny hands and a really cute small voice that was almost squeaky. Her skin was a light bronze, almost a permanent tan if you will. I loved the way she looked.

As we neared our next birthdays, we began playing a new game. I was playing a photographer and she would almost always want to be my model. So we would do “photo shoots”. A little weird for a 16 year old like me to be playing, but hey I was spending time with my sister so who cares? She would dress up in “fancy clothes” and model them for me. Stephanie even started to join in on our play time. It was kinda fun, different poses and different outfits. Then we got to the bathing suits. That was kind of interesting. I started to get a little horny when I saw Malia come out and do her “shoot”. I don’t know for sure but I think Malia kind of noticed. She would just grin every time and glance at my crotch real quick. This went on for a long time and it remained somewhat innocent. I say somewhat because of some of the poses she had done when Steph wasn’t around. They were almost always one piece suits.

Malia had begun to develop some really small tits as she grew older. I guess she had become aware of them. She had been wearing a training bra since just before her 12th birthday. So you can imagine my excitement at seeing those little tits grow. Not only that, I began to stop noticing the girls at my school. Every time I would look at them I would begin to see Malia. I began to get disgusted with myself at this! She is my sister, I would constantly tell myself. You are one sick pervert to be thinking about how sexy your sister is! You really need help and some medication!!

At 16 I wasn’t bad to look at according to some of the girls I went to school with. I was almost 6’2 and weighed almost 200 pounds. I had spent a lot of time in sports so I was in great shape. I had even been told by many of my female school mates that I had a really nice body. My skin was like Malias. I had dark hair and dark eyes, and had no idea how big my cock was. I loved having a 6 pak though and the girls loved seeing it at school! They would always come up to me and lift my shirt up to see and feel it. I hit the gym often since I was on the high school football team. So I had a “great body” as they would always say.

I Had already discovered masturbation and did it often. However when my sister would do sexy poses in her bathing suite I would do it more often. I tried so hard to masturbate with images of girls I went to school with, but I always went back to the image of Malia posing. That would always ignite a fire in me that at first I had no idea existed. I would cum at least 3 times in one night.

My parents didn’t help matters! In fact they made it worse for me! They went out and bought Malia a really small bikini! Her first one. She was so excited about it she came to me and asked if we would play photographer when mom and dad were at work. I hadn’t seen the bikini yet so I didn’t know what to expect. “Ok whatever” I answered, to her giggly excitement. “Don’t forget that Stephanie is going to be here too so you might want to include her”, I said without a clue as to how good she might look in her bikini.

That Thursday went fast. Mom and dad then pulled all of us kids in the living room. Mom said “your dad and I will be going out of town this weekend. We won’t be back till late Sunday night. Alan you’re 16 now and I think you are old enough to look after Malia. So you’re in charge this weekend. Steph is going to spend the night at her friends house Saturday night so its escort going to be just you and Malia. Malia you listen your brother. I know your are 12 but Alan is older. We all said ok and went about our usual movie watching, and cuddling.

Friday was just like any other boring long day for me. I never thought for a second that it might be an interesting weekend. I was excited about spending the weekend with my sisters just being lazy and playing our game my sisters and I played all the time. To me its going to just be normal.

Then Friday night came. Mom and dad gave us our good byes and told us all to behave. They left then we ordered pizza and got comfortable. I got a t shirt and a pair of sweats on, malia wore a tank top and sweat pants and Steph in pajama bottoms and a t shirt. We all made it to the living room and waited for the pizza to arrive and watched TV. Pizza came we ate and watched a movie. Once it got around ten I decided to turn in for the night and do my usual masturbating ritual. I got to my room just after the girls went to bed and decided to try watching a porn. I had a computer so I hopped onto the net and found some teen porn. It was incredible! For the first time I came more than once without the image of my sister in my head! I was hooked!

Saturday night was now here and Steph was getting picked up for her sleep over. Once she was out the door Malia came to me and asked “so are we going to play photographer now?” I said yeah sure! So I went upstairs and got my camera with no film, not my digital camera, and got ready. I put my gym shorts on after I put my boxer briefs on. I decided to go shirt less this time. I went down stairs and readied myself for the “photo shoot”. Malia came down and looked at me. I heard a slight sigh as she walked into the room. The shoot went off well. Just the normal routine we had always done.

Malia then said “umm can I show you something?” “yeah of course you can!” I replied. “Ok wait here, but promise me you won’t tell mom or dad! Promise me!” “look Malia I won’t tell them I promise you, it’ll be our secret, if they find out it’ll be because you told them not me ok?”. Ok she said as she bounced out of the room. She came back with a few magazines. Puzzled I asked her what are those? She just grinned and said “I found these in dads night stand.”

She sat them down on the coffee table and we sat on the floor. I looked at them and realized that they were porn mags. She looked at me and said look. She opened the pages and showed me different pics of naked teens, and teens getting fucked. I started to get hard. “Malia we should probably stop looking at these.” She just giggled as she looked at me. With a sparkle in her eye she just said “I want to pose like this.” as she turned to naked teens showing their pussies and rubbing them. My cock started to get really hard! She wants me to take naked “pictures” of her. “Uh I don’t know Malia, I mean its going to be weird seeing my sister naked.” “Its not like we are going to do it, besides you use to change my diaper all the time and give me baths, so its really not all that different. C’mon please, I promise I won’t tell!” I just shook my head as she pleaded with me and did all she could to convince me that it would be ok. “I don’t know its just going to be weird, your not exactly a little girl anymore. You’re growing up its still going to be a little weird” I responded. “I tell you what” she says, “if it makes you feel better, ill take “pictures” of you too! Please I have been wanting to try this and this is the only time I can think of doing it. Mom and dad are gone, Steph is gone its just you and me. Its the perfect time, besides you have seen me naked before so what’s one more time? I’m not asking you to do this all the time, just this once, for me please? What mom dad and Steph don’t know won’t hurt them right?”. Well I answered. “please just this once?” she asked, and if you don’t like it well stop I promise. No one needs to know but us.”.

Deep down I really wanted to see Malia naked! I was so hard just thinking about it! So between that and her sexy little girl voice I caved! “Ok then, but if I don’t like it is going to stop ok?” I answered. She jumped up with squeal of excitement as she bounced out of the room with the mags. About 15 minutes later she came back. She had pulled her hair back and put make up on. She had on a silk see through robe. Through the robe I saw her bikini! My cock started to throb!! I sighed and gasped as I looked at her. She just smiled. She handed me her digital camera and said, “I want real pictures this time”. I began to take photos of a sexy girl that I couldn’t believe was my sister!! She began to pose as I took pic after pic of her! She took her robe off as I watched in awe of her absolute beauty! “wow you’re so beautiful!” I said as I took pics. She smiled as she took one strap of her top and began to slide it down her arm! My mouth was watering. Then she took her top completely off! That was the day I fell in love with small tits! I love them small! I just looked at her small pointy brown nipples as she looked at me with so much lust! She did so many sexy poses that I was hard as a rock, and didn’t care if she saw my growing bulge!! She saw it of course and couldn’t keep her eyes off of it! I couldn’t help but stare at her as she had nothing but her bikini bottom on!

“Ok its your turn now” she said as she took the camera from me. I just stared at her perfect little tits as my cock throbbed! She took the camera from me and told me to sit on the couch. I sat down as she began to take photos of me. I had no shirt on, just my boxer briefs and gym shorts. She had a glassy look in her eyes and she was breathing kind of hard. I watched as her sexy little tits rose and fell with each breath, and it was making me very hard. I wanted to touch them so bad it hurt!

I did a few poses as I kept hearing Malia moan and gasp as she took shot after shot. “um Alan can you do some sexy poses for me, I mean uummm, you have a really nice body, and since I did sexy poses for you, can you do some for me?”, she asked. I didn’t know what the hell to do, I have never done this so I had no clue as to what sexy poses were. So I began to just wing it. I started teasing her by acting izmit escort bayan like I was going to take my shorts off. I pulled on the waist band and looked right at her as she would have the sexiest look on her face. She would bite her lower lip and release it every time I did this.

Then I got an idea. I turned around and sat on the couch, and began to tease her more. I pulled my shorts down almost to the head of my throbbing cock. I slid my hands into my shorts and stroked my cock through my boxer briefs. She kept taking pic after pic. I then pulled my shorts all the way off. Now I’m in just my boxer briefs. “oh wow hhhh” my sister whispered. I scooted to the edge of the couch and layed the rest of the way back. I watched my sisters face the whole time wanting to see her reaction. Her eyes still glassy, and with her eyes not widening, opened her mouth and just stared at my bulge. “you look so hot like that hhhh” she said in a shaky voice. She kept taking shot after shot of me. I spread my legs wide and put my hand back on my covered throbbing bone. I just started to stroke gently, watching my sisters face and her rising and falling A cup tits. She took a close up of my bulge. “I don’t think you know how hot your are” she said.

Then we ended the photo shoot. She came up to me and hugged me tightly. Her bare little titties pressing against me. I could feel her hard little nipples on my upper my abdomen. My throbbing cock was pressed tightly against her stomach, and she very slightly squirmed from side to side! if you promise not to tell, can I show you something, I asked. She looked up into my eyes. Then said, ok. I took her by the hand and went to my room. We went straight to my desk. I opened my computer and turned it on. She sat in my lap. Now you HAVE to promise you won’t tell mom and dad. She turned her head and looked into my eyes. Her face just screamed I’m so horny! “I promise” she said.

I went to the browser and opened it. I typed the name of the site I had just been to a few nights before. It opened. Its like you tube only its porn. Dad isn’t the only one who likes porn, I said. Now ill let you look and see which video you want to see, I told her. She began to scroll through the page. She found a good one quick! She clicked on it and we began to watch it together. This young blonde and some dude start making out heavily. Soon the girl is rubbing the dudes hard cock through his pants. Malia begins to breath really hard, as do I. What do you think, I ask her. Ssooooo hot, she whispers. My cock is so hard by now that I had her stand up so I could adjust my throbbing cock. She sat back down and slightly gasped as she felt my cock on her bikini covered ass. Soon the blonde had her pants off. She was rubbing the dudes cock through his boxers. Then the next shot caught my little sisters breath. A close up of the blondes thong covered pussy, with the mans hand sliding down into them. His hand slid up and down the girls pussy over and over again. You could see the outline of the dudes middle finger sliding along her pussy slit. The girl was moaning and moving her hips in time with the dudes strokes. The camera went to where the blonde had her hand in his pants, stroking his hard cock. Malia sighed as she bent towards the screen. She placed her finger tip on the screen right where the girls hand was moving up and down. That is sooo hot, she whispered!

She leaned forward and readjusted herself. She was straddling my thigh. Then as she leaned back I wrapped both of my arms around her tiny stomach. I started to stroke her stomach lightly with my finger tips. She just sighed as she began to lightly slide her bikini covered pussy along my leg. I took my left hand and began to stroke my cock lightly as she turned and looked down at my covered cock. My little sister began to grind harder as she watched my hand stroke my cock. She moaned as she layed back and slid her covered pussy on my leg. I was feeling the warm moistness of her pussy as she was grinding on my leg.

She reached down and with her right hand covered mine. She then gently guided my hand to her tiny little tits. My cock jumped as I felt the smooth warm flesh of her 12 year old tits. Her nipples felt hard. They were almost the size of a pencil eraser. I gently rubbed and messaged her small tits, running her nipples between my fingers with each stroke. I would close my fingers, gently pinching them, making her gasp as she started grinding her pussy harder on my leg as she watched the video play.

I couldn’t breath. I was so turned on and so hard that I needed relief. My sister gasped as the next shot came up. The girl was pulling the mans boxers off. Then as his cock came into view my little sister gasped. Oh god that’s sooo hot, she moaned. Just then the scene faded out. Malia groaned in disappointment. She closed her eyes as she leaned back placing her head on my shoulder. Our eyes locked as we both panted. I have an idea she said. Our mouths were so close our lips were almost touching.

She stopped then stood up and faced me. Took my hands and pulled me up. She guided me around the chair and to my bed. She gently pushed me back, and told me to lay on my back. So as I scooted up onto the bed, her eyes locked onto my hard throbbing cock. She bit her lower lip as her eyes never left the bulge in my boxer briefs. As soon as I was situated she climbed onto the bed with me. I then adjusted my hard cock so it was pointing up as it layed flat on my abdomen. It was still covered in my boxer briefs. She climbed on me and placed her covered pussy onto my cock. Hhhhhhh, she sighed. Her pussy made contact with my cock and I thought I was going to cum! She then started to grind her pussy on my cock! Mmmmml I moaned as her pussy messaged my hard cock. She started shaking as her pussy jerkingly slid up and down on me. She fell forward onto her hands, placing her face very close to mine. My sexy little sister began to moan and whimper. I was moaning as well. Soon I felt a familiar feeling beginning to well up in my balls. They began to tighten as my cock started getting bigger! An electric pulse ran through my body over and over. I had never felt that before. My whole body began to feel as though it was on izmit sınırsız escort fire! I knew this was going to be a huge orgasm. I had never felt the feelings I was having! Even when I masturbated! It was the most intense feeling I had ever had! I’m guessing that my little sister was experiencing the same thing. I was listening to her little voice squealing and moaning as her hips began to jerk hard as she slid her pussy on my hard cock! She was panting, oh god oh god ahhh! Her whole body tensed! She stopped sliding her pussy on my cock! Her whole body jerked hard as she gasped loud! She trembled all over. I’m cumming, ohhhh! She whimpered! That sent me over the edge! I tensed up and my cock erupted! Oohh god! I moaned loud as shot after big shot of cum shot into my boxer briefs! My sister collapsed on me breathing really hard! That was so hot, she whimpered, god that was so hot!! I couldn’t speak, I was just at the end of the most intense orgasm I had ever had! That was amazing, I said. Yeah it was, my sister replied! We both just layed there for what seemed like an hour. We just jerked as our orgasms began to subside. After a while malia said, I need to go get cleaned up, that was sooo hot! Thank you! You’re welcome I said as she stood up and walked out. She turned around and looked at me, she winked and said, you’re so sexy so are you I replied.

As she left I realized that my boxer briefs we’re soaked with both of our cum! My room reeked of sex! I stood up and peeled them off. My cock was still semi hard. And I stroked it to full attention! I jerked off once again replaying everything that happened. I didn’t cum as hard as I had when I was with my little sister. It was still good though.

As soon as Malia came out of the bathroom I went in and showered. We both went to bed and slept. We slept in our own rooms. As soon as I woke up the next morning I had realized that Malia had come to my room and was sitting there. I looked at her and said good morning. We need to talk about what happened she said. Ok I answered as I sat up.

She sat down on the bed and looked at me. She was wearing a robe and from what I could tell nothing else. She began to speak. First of all I want you to know that last night was amazing! I have been playing with myself for a little while, and I have never had an orgasm that intense. The thing is, your my brother and I love you. I just lost control last night. Its just that your so hot, and what we we’re doing before that happened made me really horny. I just want you to know that I loved it! It felt so good, and I don’t know if there will be anything to top last night. But I’m not too sure we should do that again since your my brother and I’m your sister. We have to be careful cause we don’t want mom dad and Steph knowing about it.

I replied, I am not going to say anything about it I promise! I agree with you, last night was awesome! I been jerking off since I was 14 and I have never came that hard! You look really hot for a 12 year old! I’m sorry but you do! When you took your top off I just kind of lost it! First you made me really horny by showing me dads porn, then you took your top off! I couldn’t help myself. Me either, especially when you took your shorts off, she said as I continued. I loved the way you ground your pussy on me! It was amazing! I’m just sorry that it got out of control like it did. I’m not she said with a seductive tone. I then looked at her and said, and to be honest I wouldn’t be mad if it happened again! But don’t expect it to, she said. Your right Malia we are brother sister. I wouldn’t mind seeing your tits again though.

Oh I loved the way you looked at them, and touched them she said. She then opened her robe and let me look at her sexy tiny tits! They’re amazing I said. You don’t think they’re to small, she asked. They are small but thanks to you I absolutely love them small now! If I ever get another girlfriend I hope her tits are small like yours! She just smiled and said thanks. We can’t do anything like we did last night cause we are siblings but if you ever want an image to jerk off to just let me know, and I will be glad to show you my tits. Ok I said. Now if you’ll excuse me I need to jerk off now! She giggled as she looked at my bulging clean boxer briefs. She stood up and walked to the door. She turned around and gave me a really good look at her tits! My cock was so hard it began to throb again. I looked up at her and she had the corner of her lip in her mouth. Her eyes we’re locked on my hard bulge. Hhhhh I need to go play with my pussy, she said as she walked off. I didn’t hear her door close. I kept mine open too, and I could hear her breathing hard and moaning. I just jerked my cock listening to her small little voice moaning as I jerked off! I didn’t last long at all but I was able to jerk off a second time in a row. It was amazing!

We both cleaned up and went down stairs. Soon Steph was home. She asked, so what did you too do last night. Malia looked at me with a very sexy look and smiled. Nothing we said, just movies is all. Oh Steph said, sounds kind of boring. Yeah it kind of was Malia replied as she looked at me again. Her eyes locking on my crotch for a second as her eye brows jumped a little.

From that day on we never did anything like that again. We would still tease each other and play our game. When Steph was not around malia would always pose topless! Which always led to me jerking off!

When I had just barely turned 17, I finally got me a girlfriend. Her name was Tara. She was hot too! She looked so much like Malia except there we’re a few differences. Tara had blue eyes and pasty white skin. I eventually lost my virginity to her. And every time we had sex I always imagined it was Malia! I never called my girlfriend by my sisters name though. Malia wanted all the details when I fucked Tara, and I gave them to her.

I finally graduated high school and moved on! I decided to follow my fathers steps and chose it to be my career! Tara and I finally broke up when I turned 19. Malia was amazing to me! She helped me cope with the break up, because Tara had cheated on me.

Nothing happened with me and Malia again. But I lived up to what she said and never expected it to. I moved out of state to work in a big city in the mid west. My sister was sad of course. I was convinced it wouldn’t ever happen again. But you know what they say, always expect the unexpected.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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