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caught in the act 7-9

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Ok I have had good comments so here is the next addition to my encounters in mastering the art of cuckqueaning. Here is chapters 7-9 hope you enjoy

Chapter seven: the next morning

The next morning I woke up to the site of Sammy still naked and Whore curled up on the floor no blanket in a

g string. I reach over and slap her ass and tell her to get breakfast started and will be eating in bed. I kiss

Sammy on the neck to wake her and she wakes with a smile on her face I tell her breakfast will be here

shortly and she tells me that she has something else in mind for her breakfast and puts her lips to my cock

and starts to suck me off swirling her tongue around my head and shaft. As Whore enters with breakfast to

see her still going up and down on my cock she sets the food down on the tray and stands waiting for my

next command. I tell her to take over for Sammy while we eat and she does not hesitate going to town on my

cock like a starving kid in a third world country. It was by far the best blowjob she has ever given. We finish

eating as I tab Whore and tell her to take the dishes and go clean the kitchen. When she returns I’m behind

Sammy pounding her pussy like a jackhammer I tell her to lay on the floor on her back and then position

Sammy on her back on top of her chest and begin to pound away again till she orgasms like a waterfall all

over Whore’s face. Then I cum and it drips out on her face as well I tell her to leave it there and get dressed

in a new g string skirt and tank top and start the shower for me and Sammy. The shower started Sammy

gets in to start washing off as I step to Whore and tell her to kneel and open her mouth she does as I put my

cock in her mouth I tell her to drink my piss and not to spill a drop. I jump in the shower and wash off with

Sammy as we get out and dry off I kiss her deeply and tell her I had a good time. She said that she had a

great night and told me if I wanted to do it again that I can call her anytime but she had to go her husband

would be home from his business trip soon and she needed to be home when he got there. She called a taxi

and left out the door. I turn to Whore and tell her that she is to clean the house and Ankara escort have it done by 5 so we

can start our night early as we were going to a club uptown that just opened and she was going to have a

special task this evening.

Chapter eight: Nightclub
On the way out the door I tell her to come in the room got something extra for her to wear. I open

the drawer and pull out a big black butt plug and tell her to bend over as I stick it in she yells out in pain as

we have never had anal sex and it was about 2 inches wide. After its inserted I put her g string back over it

and told her to kneel and slapped her slapped her for yelling and told her to crawl to the car and followed her

out. As we drove to the club I tell her that tonight she will be servicing any women I send her way and that

she is to keep their panties as well she nods her head yes. We arrive at the club she get out and I hook the

leash to her collar and lead her in I take her to sit in the back corner in this chair and leave her there. I walk

to the bar and get a drink and start my rounds talking to the ladies and dancing. As I get looser with the

drinks in my system I meet a group of women that seem to be out having a good time as we talk I find out

that three of them are lesbians and I suggest that I can make their night. Intrigued by my comment they ask

how and I tell them that there is a woman in the back in a chair that will lick them till they are satisfied and all

they have to do is tell her I sent them to be serviced. They walk to the back room and find Whore sitting there

as they walk up to her they ask if she is the one they heard about and she nods her head. The girls then ask

her if she wants to go to the bathroom and service them and Whore tells them that she is to do it here in the

open. She gets out of the chair and kneels in front of it as the first one sits down and she slides her panties

off and she begins to lick her slit with passion and it doesn’t take long for her to cum all over her face. The

girls take turns rotating in the chair and by this point other women see what is going on and ask if they can

join in and Whore nods and services them as well. By the end of the night she Ankara escort bayan is covered in pussy juice. I

walk to the back to see how well she has done and she probably had about 20 pairs of panties laying on the

floor beside her and she was still licking pussy I pat her head and tell her she’s a good girl. I sit and enjoy the

show for a minute then slap her ass and walk back to the bar where I have been working on the bartender.

Her name was Brittany red hair lovely shape and an ass to die for plus she had been running up and down

the bar and I knew her pussy would be sweaty and musty another way to humiliate my wife. Brittany was

hard to get she would say that she can’t she had plans after work but finally around 2 am she gave in and

told me she got off around 4 and if I waited for her than she would go get some coffee with me and

breakfast. So I waited at the bar for the club to close and her to get off. I went to get Whore from the back

and she was so tired and covered in cum I told her to gather the panties and go wait in the car she nodded

and left. Brittany finally finished up and we left out to my car as we got to the car she asked who was in the

backseat and I told her that it was my wife she paused for a minute and then asked if I was married why

would I be hitting on her all night. I told her that I would explain it to her over breakfast and she agreed and

we left and went to the Denny’s down the street . Brittany and I got out and went inside to get a bite to eat

and I explained that my wife cheated on me and that she is now my cuckquean and that she does what I say

when I say and that I bring women home to humiliate her and show her how to make love the right way. She

agreed by the time we left it was about six and I was ready to explode from looking at her in those tight jeans

and little shirt. We get back in the car Whore is asleep I reach back and slap her face she wakes and realizes

she was asleep she bowed her head and knew she was in trouble. Brittany shocked at what happened

looked at me and said that she didn’t want to cause problems. I assured her she wasn’t and off we went to

the house.

Chapter nine: one crazy night at home

We Escort Ankara arrive at home we get out and go in Whore grabs her trophies of the evening and crawls in the house

and strips to her g string and fixes us a drink. I waste no time with Brittany and take her straight to the bed

room and call Whore in and tell her to strip her and lick her pussy clean from her hard night at work. You

could see that she was seating her pussy glistening and Whore knew she was in for a salty dessert face still

covered in dried cum from the morning and at the club she licked her pussy till it was soaking wet. I stopped

her for a moment and flipped Brittany on her hands and knees and then told her to continue as I placed my

cock to Brittany’s lips and she took me in her mouth as if she had not had a cock in years. Her lips tightened

around my cock and a suction a vacuum would be jealous of pulled my cock down her throat. After a bit of

that I had a plan in mind tonight and I went for it. I placed Whore on the floor on her knees and positioned

Brittany doggy style at the edge of the bed and began to pound her pussy like there was no tomorrow then

ordered Whore to lick my ass while I fucked her senseless. As I pounded her pussy she screamed in

ecstasy ! I pulled out for a min to prolong my climax as her pussy was so tight I wanted to savor the moment.

She collapsed on the bed in a quivering convolution and rolled on her back. Still licking my ass I grab her hair

and turn to shove my cock down her throat and fuck her face like it was a pussy gagging her whit each thrust

giving Brittany time to recover and humiliate Whore as well. As I turn back to Brittany she yells out “treat me

like your whore” and I grab her pull her to me and place my cock to her ass and push in slowly and as I get in

further and further I get harder and harder till I’m all the way in and she is shaking in sweet ecstasy. I pull

out and cum on her back and tell Whore to lick it up and clean off my dick. After she was done I sent her to

clean up Brittany and then to her spot on the floor. As I snuggle up to Brittany she whispers in my ear that

she had not came like that ever and wanted to know if we could do this regularly. I told her that we could she

could even move in and we would be able to do it every day. She said she would think it over. We drifted off

to sleep.

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