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Cumsport, CH 1

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Cumsport, CH 1

“UNH… fuck me harder!” screamed Kelly again.

Her moans encouraged Phil to piston into the blonde even faster. The wet slapping from their movements echoed down the alley. Kelly felt her tits bouncing into the brick building, rubbing on her nipples and causing her moans to grow louder still. Phil felt Kelly’s moist walls milking him and let out a groan of his own.

“Stick your fingers in my ass!” Kelly yelled wildly. Phil wasted no time in spitting in his hand, rubbing it on Kelly’s rosebud, and ramming three fingers in the gaping hole. With a feral growl, Kelly started slamming herself back onto Phil with abandon. Her ferocity pushed Phil over the edge and he began spurting strand after strand of cum into Kelly. Feeling his warm seed pushed her over the edge as well and she began squirting down Phil’s legs.

A few moments later, when their breathing had settled, Kelly turned and pecked Phil on the check, “Thanks, honey!”
With no further talk, she pulled a tight white tank from the ground and forced it over her sizable breasts. Her miniskirt had remained on through the fuck session, so she simply walked out of the alley onto the streets of Cumsport.

Around 2025, a group of like-minded people had made a decision. They wanted to fuck. No holds barred and no limits. This single driving thought had driven them to the ultimate plan: a city wholly accepting of explicit sexual behavior. This group of thirty moved to one of the last free major plots of land in Northern California and founded Cumsport. Now, two generations down the line, the city was established and the principles upon which it was founded were thriving. Kelly was the granddaughter of two of the original citizens of Cumsport and had been raised as such. While outside the city she would have been describe as an insatiable slut, in Cumsport Kelly was simply another sexy girl.

Kelly, of college age but with no interest in such things, worked at a large Starbucks in downtown Cumsport. She hurried there, her morning sex having taken a bit more time than expected. She slipped in the back door and changed into her uniform. While the well-known Starbucks apron was still part of the dress code, everything else was optional. Kelly opted to remove her tank to let the apron rub on her nipples and to feel the breeze on her bare back. She hiked her skirt up a bit further, wanting to entice customers, and then went to the front.

“Kelly, refill the napkin holders,” was her boss’ greeting. She obliged and walked that way. She passed by the latest addition to the store. A set of chairs, currently filled with naked women, that all had vibrators attached. To sit there, two dollars was added to your receipt, allowing you to enjoy yourself as long as you liked. As Kelly passed, a small, Asian woman moaned and grabbed her shoulder for balance. Kelly paused, letting the woman compose herself. Instead, the woman jerked Kelly closer and slammed their lips together. Kelly was surprised, but took it in stride, flicking her tongue on the other woman’s lip, inviting herself in. The woman let out a throaty moan and opened her mouth. Their tongues danced for before Kelly leaned in a little further and started rubbing the other woman’s clit. An intake of breath was followed by a scream as Kelly’s ministrations caused the woman to orgasm intensely.

“Fuck,” she panted, “Thanks.”

“No problem,” Kelly smiled and proceeded to refill the napkin holders.

The rest of her shift passed with nothing exciting occurring. Except, that is, for her intense horniness caused by the vibrator chairs. She’d tried one when they’d first arrived and knew what all those women were experiencing. Although she brought herself to orgasm twice while on break, Kelly’s libido remained high. Consequently, the second her shift was over, Kelly ordered a Frappuccino and sat down on one of those chairs. Being so close to closing, there was finally a couple open. Kelly used this to her advantage and sat right in the middle, spreading her legs wide and using her hands to slam herself down on the vibrator. They weren’t enormous, for liability reasons, but they got the job done. In moments, Kelly was thrashing in another orgasm, having been tweaking her nipples, rubbing her clit furiously, and practically leaping up and down on the chair.

As her panting subsided, a voice whispered to her, “Satisfied?”

Kelly shook her head, still massaging her breasts eagerly, “Not even close.”

“Then perhaps you’d like to help me close,” It then registered with Kelly that it was her boss’ voice in her ear.
She purred seductively, “Absolutely.”

He chuckled, “I’ll start closing up. You take some time to get ready.”

Closing took about twenty minutes, the first half of which Kelly spent lightly playing with herself. Then, she decided to make herself more presentable for her boss. She slipped into the back while he was ushering some customers out and rinsed her legs clean, having had them covered in cum all day. She then showered completely in the employee lockers. Finally, she slipped on her eveningwear, which she had been planning to wear for a night out on the town. She slowly rolled the black fishnets up to her bare thighs. She slipped on a strapless dress that fell an inch short of the top of the fishnets, leaving a bit of skin enticingly uncovered. An interesting development in 2020 had allowed dresses to be worn in new ways. This meant that her dress was strapless, backless down to her lusciously tight ass, and also covered only the bottom half of her breasts, leaving a hint of areola showing, along with a deep valley of cleavage.
Her ensemble complete, she peeked through the window, saw that her boss was alone, and pushed the door open. He was distracted with the cash register, so she sidled up behind him and wrapped her arms around his neck, inhaling his masculine scent eagerly.

“Are you ready, Marcus?” She whispered throatily as she lowered one hand slowly to his bulge.

“Mmm… nearly, Kelly. Perhaps you could help me,” he turned and caught her mouth in a fiery kiss.

Marcus was an inch taller than Kelly’s own nearly six-foot frame. His dark skin was Ankara escort muscle bound and his broad shoulders bordered on menacing. As he kissed her, his hands drifted to her trembling tits, rubbing the tops and nearly causing her to spill out of her dress. Meanwhile, Marcus’ bulge was now insistently rubbing against Kelly’s leg, urging her to take action. Breaking the kiss, Kelly went to her knees.

“Fuck, Marcus, why have we never done this before?” Kelly asked admiring the straining jeans her boss wore.

“I’m not sure, but we’re fixing that problem now,” he said pointedly.

Kelly grinned, understanding his request, and hastily tore at his clothing. In a moment, his jeans were tossed to a dark corner and Kelly was smacked in the face by the largest cock she’d ever seen. The mere sight of it nearly caused her to orgasm in joy. The thought of it stretching her insides was bliss. It wasn’t the time for that, though.

“Now I definitely wish we’d done this before,” she said with genuine sorrow, “You’re enormous.”

He began to respond, but Kelly jammed her mouth down his cock while squeezing with both hands, causing his words to change to groans. Her lips stretching to fit his girth, Kelly licked at the dick’s underside and moaned, the vibrations sending waves of pleasure through her lover. Her slowly stroking hands were soon lubricated by the saliva running from her mouth. After bobbing for a few minutes, still fitting less than half the cock in her mouth, Kelly pulled away with a pop. She ran her hands along the tip, collecting pre-cum, spit, anything that would lubricate.

Kelly looked frowned slightly, worrying she wouldn’t be able to fit it all. She wanted to fit it all. She looked at the patiently waiting Marcus, “Fuck my face.”

He looked at her, seeking assurance that he heard her right. She nodded and he wove one large hand in her blonde hair, using the other to guide himself into her gaping mouth. With a deep breath, Kelly dove back on, using Marcus’ hand to push herself further down his throbbing eleven inches. Kelly hummed and ran her hands up and down the exposed dick while going a little further down with each of Marcus’ thrusts. In a couple of minutes, she did it. With a final push, Kelly felt her chin hit his balls. Holding there, swallowing, massaging his balls, and sliding a finger into her own pussy, Kelly felt Marcus shudder and then release a massive spray of cum down her throat. Tears filled her eyes as she fought the urge to pull him out. She held him down, still massaging him with her throat, until he’d finished. Then, slowly, rubbing her tongue all over him, she pulled out. A single strand of cum that had held on to his cock draped itself down her chin for a moment before she seductively liked her lips, pulling the strand back inside her. While feeling good about her work, she was worried that Marcus would be done and send her away unsatisfied.

Instead, he lightly pushed her to her back, dove under her revealing dress, and went to work. Lightly spreading her lips, he ran fingers down both sides of her pussy, sending almost intangible tremors through her thighs. Meanwhile, his mouth had also gone to work, sucking gently on her thick clit, prompting a purr of approval from Kelly.

Just when she was ready to tell him to kick it up a notch, he raised a hand, tore her dress from her breasts, and started to roughly tweak her nipples. He in no way curtailed his other activities, either. She was amazed at his ability to multitask. His rigid tongue now thrust noisily into her twat, swirling occasionally and causing her to squirm. His remaining hand alternated between rubbing her clit playing at the entrance to her asshole. Altogether, this led Kelly to an extremely deep orgasm that left her devoid of any control over her movements for a solid minute.

Coming down from this high, breathing deeply and, she hoped, erotically, Kelly wound her hands into Marcus’ hair and gently pulled him to her eye level. His chest rested on her heaving breasts, still providing some small stimulation. Ecstatic with the feeling, she crushed her lips to his again. Her tongue wound madly around his, seeking more pleasure in even the deepest recesses of his body. He responded eagerly, holding the kiss tightly while unbuttoning his shirt and tossing it to the same dark corner as his pants. He then lifted her slightly and worked her dress completely off her. The fact that he did all this while maintaining contact had soaked Kelly’s pussy once more. It was clear Marcus was extremely experienced and that excited her.

Finally pulling back to breathe, Marcus smiled slightly, “Ready?”

For an answer, Kelly reached down to his semi-hard dick and stroked slowly while guiding him to her soaking entrance. At this point, she leaned back on the section of counter where they generally gave customers their drinks. Marcus remained standing and allowed her hand to place him at her entrance. Once there, he took control.

Pushing Kelly’s legs apart, Marcus thrust powerfully sinking three inches into her dripping cunt immediately. Her scream rebounded off the walls, encouraging Marcus further. Watching Kelly play violently with her nipples, he began to thrust, but more slowly, sinking a centimeter at a time into her pussy. Not two minutes had passed before she orgasmed violently, nearly pushing Marcus out with the force of her squirting. He held onto her hips deciding to let her recover before continuing,

“Fuck, no! Keep going! Fuck me harder! UNH! DEEPER!” Kelly’s guttural screams drove Marcus into an insatiable lust.

He began slamming faster and harder into her, ensuring she would be sore the next day. Another minute passed and Kelly raised her still stocking covered feet to the counter, spreading her knees wider, and allowing Marcus a better angle. This was all it took for him to feel the head of his dick meet with resistance—her cervix.

With effort, he slowed down, not wanting to hurt her. Her moans tapered off, “What now, Marcus?”

“I’m at your cervix.”


“It’s my understanding that hitting a woman’s cervix hurts.”

Kelly smiled at his chivalrous attitude and then gave him Ankara escort bayan the sultriest, sexiest, most erotic look she could conjure, “Just fuck me as deep and hard and fast as you possibly can.”

Marcus nearly came just from her purred words, but restrained himself. After a moment to work up to it, Marcus pulled everything but his head from her still dripping pussy. The emptiness in the rest of her lasted just long enough for Kelly to miss it. Then, Marcus pistoned forward at a speed she didn’t know existed. Her pussy, empty a moment ago, stretched generously, electrifying the rest of her body and sending her into a convulsive orgasm of such strength she passed out. It was mere seconds, however, before Marcus once more struck her cervix igniting a mixture of pain and pleasure that awoke Kelly and sent her to still new heights of pleasure. All control of her bodily function was gone, but she couldn’t have been happier. His cock was pulsing, throbbing, and thrusting its way into every crevice of pleasure imaginable. Her next powerful orgasm came when she looked down and realized that he still had some of his cock outside. He’d filled her up and even that wasn’t enough. This knowledge brought what could best be described as a chain reaction of mini-orgasms tearing through every cell in her body.

This sight pushed Marcus to his limit. He pulled out, slapped his soaking cock between her breasts, squeezed, and fucked her tits until orgasm. The first thick strand of cum smacked the bottom of her chin and open mouth. The next, he directed to her forehead, drenching the top of her face. One string trailed from her neck and over each tit. He finished in her tangled blonde hair, soaking her bangs in his seed.

Drenched in his cum, as well as her own, Kelly eventually woke up and sighed contentedly. She noticed that only one thing was wrong. Marcus sensed her disappointment,

“What did I do wrong?”

She looked at him happily, “Nothing wrong. In fact, this couldn’t be better.”

“I don’t understand.”

She sat up, wiped some cum from her glazed eye, and licked her finger seductively, “I never let men leave me before they’ve filled my pussy with their cum.”


An hour later, Kelly left the Starbucks. She was back in her miniskirt, though in a moment of lessened inhibition, she’d cut the thing in half, meaning it did absolutely nothing to hide her raw cunt. This also afforded passersby a completely unimpeded view of the cum still dripping down her legs. She’d forgone a top completely, preferring to feel the cool night air hardening her nipples. She’d also left on her fishnet stockings and applied a copious amount of red lipstick that seemed to illuminate her from a distance.

Marcus, while eager to fuck her again, had needed a good amount of coaxing to bring his exhausted penis back to life. She’d accomplished this by sucking on his cockhead until she felt it twitching with arousal. She’d then spit in the cleft between her tits and enfolded his dick in her cleavage. The subsequent massage he’d received had brought him to full hardness again and wild fucking had ensued. Still wanting more, Kelly had grabbed a bottle of lube from her locker and led Marcus to the vibrating chairs. She spent a few moments coating one in the lube before sticking her fingers up her ass, lubing herself up for more pleasure. All the while, she gently stroked Marcus, keeping him aroused but waiting. Finally ready, she’d leaned herself back on the chair, letting the fake dick slide in a bit before flipping on the power. The sensations made her support arm weak and she slipped further down on it, eliciting a scream. Marcus caught her, though, and held her steady as she sank down further. When she was sitting down completely, he entered her. The anal stimulation had made her wet again and provided him with an easy entrance.

What followed was very much a repeat of their previous session, except Kelly’s screams and moans had turned to screeching and howling. Obscenities flew and her nails scratched into Marcus. He sucked on her tits the whole time, leaving hickies on every inch of her chest. The pain of the vibrator in her ass, the love marks on her tits, and the orgasm that eluded her had built Kelly’s passion to previously unexplored depths. She wanted him to break first this time. She wanted her cum to be a response to his.

Ten minutes later, she got her wish. Marcus grunted in release and, rather than the usual ropes of cum, felt a veritable spray shoot through her. The force knocked the air out of her, leaving her gasping as her own orgasm overtook her senses and left the two of them drenched in her nectar.

She’d then kissed her boss passionately, thanking him for the marvelous night. He’d nodded in acknowledgment, apparently dumbstruck from their erotic adventures. After thinking for a moment, Kelly decided to leave her cum soaked body as it was. Nobody in Cumsport would mind and it made her feel sexier to be so utterly soaked in the juices of her conquest.

It was closing in on 2 am in the city and the nightlife was in full force. Kelly would be shocked if there was a single married couple in the city not fucking each other tirelessly in their houses. In Cumsport, love lives never grew dull because everyone who married did so because of intense sexual compatibility. Those unfettered by the bonds of marriage, were engaged in similar activities. They, however, did not feel constrained to a house. Exhibitionism and voyeurism were both things of the past. Now it was all just fucking. As she walked, slightly bow-legged, Kelly passed easily a dozen separate couples, as well as a few large groups, on cars, benches, and sometimes the concrete ground, gyrating in ecstasy as the cool night air struck their sweet soaked, sex-tired bodies. Their moans and screams seemed to travel with her when the lovers had long faded into the darkness. They electrified the night air, exciting Kelly, though she was still too tired from her own evening to truly respond to the eroticism surrounding her.

Kelly finally got to her own apartment and rode the elevator up with thoughts of her comfortable bed drifting through her. She walked Escort Ankara in her door to the sounds of wet slapping and short breaths. Kelly sighed—apparently, her roommate had found a man willing to have her.

Annoyed that her sleep would now be more difficult to achieve, Kelly walked past her roommate’s open door. Inside, Kristen was riding a man’s cock reverse cowgirl style. Facing Kelly, she had her eyes closed and head thrown back, with her long black hair tickling the nipples of the man below her. Her hands were wrenching her own nipples furiously, her moans making the pleasure this gave her clear. Her legs, stomach, and chest were already covered in cum; they’d been at it a while. Kelly took another step, taking her out of sight of the fucking, and stopped. The sight, she noticed, had produced a pang of horniness. She’d not believed it possible for her to get her motor running again after orgasming more than a dozen times in the day. She wasn’t disappointed to have been wrong. She veered right, away from her room, and sat on the love seat next to the fireplace, just in sight of Kristen’s room. She opened the drawer of the in table next to her and fished out her eight-inch vibrator. This model had the rabbit ears for her clit, beads in the tip for her g-spot, and was famous for spinning faster and vibrating harder than anything else on the market.

Not wanting to cause pain, she started slowly, slipping the tip in and starting on the lowest setting. She let the slow spinning propel the thing deeper slowly, giving her ample opportunity to watch the activities in the next room. As she watched, two hands gripped Kristen’s sides, holding her on the cock she was servicing. Next, the man to whom those hands belonged somehow rolled himself up, placed Kristen on her hands and knees, and continued the session doggy-style, all without pulling out of her pussy. The sheer strength and finesse required for such a move caused Kelly to moan lightly and become more forceful in her self-ministrations. She cranked the speed to almost full and pushed until about six inches filled her. This was enough to put the rabbit on her clit, causing her hips to thrust madly at the air, desiring more.

Looking up at the lovers again, she saw that the man was now looking at her, eyes wide with lust. Kelly smiled and licked her lips in response. She then thrust the last bit of the toy into herself, causing the walls of her pussy to pulse with desire, her g-spot to throb with joy, and her clit to explode with yearning. She wanted more. To accomplish this, she turned the toy to full strength and used its final feature. They rabbit ears were special in that they could be tightened like a small clamp. Kelly tightened them to the point that her clit ached in pain and then let go of the toy. It stayed firmly inside of her. Hands free, she immediately did two things. With her left, she began rubbing her sore breasts sending tingles of joy down her spine that met with those from her pelvis, setting off small fireworks in her stomach. With her right, she opened the drawer once more and removed a second vibrator, this once shorter and simpler. Years of double penetration had done Kelly well. Her asshole was just open enough that penetration was not overly painful, yet tight enough to still have to work for it. The last remnants of her early fuck session were still in there, meaning she was able to slide it in with more ease than usual. Wasting no time, she began to really thrust, cranking the vibrations up as she went.

Now, with pleasure spreading from her anus, pussy, g-spot, clit, and breasts, Kelly locked eyes with her roommate’s lover. He was still pistoning faster and faster, showing amazing endurance. Kristen seemed almost delirious with pleasure and simply had her head in the covers, moaning nonstop. Kelly wanted to try one more thing before finishing. She pulled her breast up to her mouth, clamped her lips around the areola, and let go. Her tit stayed in her mouth, allowing her to use her tongue for her nipple while sucking on the tit and, most importantly, freeing up a hand for more important things.

She loosened the clamp on her clit and pulled the vibrator almost all the way out before slamming it home, sending spears of pleasure lancing through her every cell. She once again locked eyes with the man and then began fucking herself harder than she ever had before, never breaking eye contact. Her moans vibrated her own tit, causing the nipple to reach diamond hardness. Her ass was a miasma of pleasure radiating through her abdomen. And the sensations from her vagina had locked down everything else in her body. It was as though her body had made a direct line from her brain to her pussy. Every thrust of the vibrator sent a wave of pleasure straight up, scorching her insides with lust before bouncing around her head endlessly. Not one jolt of pleasure that she experienced faded. Instead, they all built, sending her higher and higher on this mountain of pleasure.

It was not long, though, before the mountain began to shake. The rattling, she knew, signaled the approaching end to her lust soaked session. Still gazing at the mysterious man, her hand, trembling violently, found an even greater pace, thrusting her instrument at a dizzying pace. What before had been a rapid ascent up a mountain became a journey straight into the stratosphere. She released her breast with a pop as she neared her summit and the cold air of the room slicing across her nipple caused yet another burst of pleasure to ring through her body.

This was enough, and the orgasm upon which it seemed her life hinged ripped through her with the speed of a bullet, propelling her once more higher and closer to the sun. It seemed as though she was being burned from the inside as every molecule vibrated ruthlessly, causing her to spasm. Her hand, of its own accord, ripped the vibrator from her pussy. The emptiness was another sensation that added to her experience. As the walls collapsed upon each other, her juices squirted several feet, landing at the doorway to Kristen’s room. Another spurt soaked the coffee table just as she saw the mystery man pull out of her roommate. He came like a hose, his cum mingling with her own juices from fifteen feet away. That was all Kristen knew as she faded into a blissful blackness that was comprised wholly of lust and pleasure.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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