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Goddess of Soles Pt. 02

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Garoth felt a pain in his side and slowly opened his eyes. He grumbled and his hand found something hard and leathery.

“Garoth, wake up,” a voice swam and pulsed from across a great distance. “She’s gone done it to you again.”

Garoth managed to open his eyes and he saw Jarint looking down at him. A light breeze blew and chill ran down his lower half. She hadn’t even put his pants back on. “Burning balls,” he swore and pulled his trousers up and stood.

“You need to stop letting her do this to you,” Jarint smirked. “It’s going to get you killed eventually.”

Garoth grinned at Jarint, pitying him for not knowing what it was like. “If only I actually wanted too.”

Jarint shook his head in resignation. “You fool.”

They began packing up what little they had of a camp and got ready to set out further into enemy territory.

“Mornin’,” Shel said as she pushed through the trees. “What’s for breakfast?” She was already in her armour and armed to the teeth.

“What we always have,” Jarint groaned. “Bread and cheese.”

Garoth dug into his pack and pulled out several packages. He grabbed some cheese and stuffed it into the hard bread. “Here,” he handed it out to Shel. “You’ll need all the energy you can get. Today will be another hard trek.”

“Right.” Shel took the morsel and gobbled it down. They then set out as they ate.

“Where’s Dor?” Jarint asked.

“You know him. He’ll catch up later,” Garoth said.

As he predicted Dor emerged from the brush ahead of them and approached with urgency. “I found evidence of enemy movement within the forest,” he reported. “I suspect they’ve been searching for us.”

“Do you think they’ll ambush us?” Garoth asked.

Dor nodded. “Yes. An ambush has most likely been set further ahead.”

“What do you suggest we do then?” Jarint said as he notched an arrow. “Turn back?”

“No,” Shel growled. “We walk into their trap and give them a fair fight. They’ll need it.”

Garoth grinned. “We have met far worse before. Let’s push forward and see what they have laid for us. Keep your hands on your weapons and be ready to counter attack. We know it’s coming so it’s no longer an ambush, right?”

A clang turned Garoth’s head. He saw an arrow falling beside Shel as she drew her sword. “The enemy is upon us! Draw your weapons!”

Garoth didn’t need to be told. His axe unclipped from his belt and swept out defensively in front of him in one smooth motion.

Just in time as men garbed in dark clothing brandishing swords burst from the foliage. “For the claw!” They yelled as they rushed in with blood lust in their eyes and spittle on their chins.

“For Hartland!” Garoth screamed as he cleaved the nearest man’s head from his neck. It was always satisfying to know that the final thing that the defeated heard was the name of the land that they fought against.

The fighting went on and the enemy fell one after the other in an endless stream. “There’s no end to them!” Jarint called as he let loose an arrow which slammed into a man’s eye, dropping him to the earth.

“The more the merrier!” Dor bellowed with yearning. His daggers were making quick work of anyone who came close, even against great swords and spears.

“Keep fighting pussy cat!” Shel urged. Her broadsword was covered in blood, as was her armour. Garoth thought that she looked good in red, especially as it speckled around her cheeks and nose.

The ground shook as a boom echoed out from the forest. Everyone that was standing fell. Garoth’s ears rang as he looked around to locate the source of the phenomena. His hearing returned to screams of the dying.

The most beautiful woman he had ever seen came through the trees, covered loosely by see-through silk clothing. Her hair was the perfect shade of red and her lips spoke of untouched desire. She floated through the air, bare feet teasing the ground below with their femininity, toes pointed and painted black.

She flicked her hand out at the nearest man. He convulsed until all the orifices on his face began tandoğan escort to bleed, then he collapsed, no doubt dead. More of the enemy saw what she did and began to retreat, screaming like new-borns.

Jarint’s voice came crashing into Garoth’s ears. “…her! It’s the Goddess of Soles!” he turned to see the bowman running for his life.

The Goddess was getting closer but Garoth couldn’t seem to make his legs work. An otherworldly feeling was pulsing in his nether region as he gazed upon the perfect hourglass shape of the deity. Her clothing waved and licked lustily against her marble skin.

“Die whore!” Dor fell from the trees above, both daggers in his hands, aimed at the Goddesses back.

The deity’s arms went up and the daggers halted as they touched her fingertips. Her fingers flicked forwards and Dor tumbled down to the ground at her feet. She thrust her hands down catching Dor’s daggers and launched them straight into his body. Meaty thumps accompanied several spurts of blood and a sigh of release.

The Goddesses’ eyes met Garoth’s.

His breath simply stopped. Her emeralds uncovered layers of emotion, fear and lust boiled his frozen blood, confusion and awe throbbed at his mind, expanding his brain against his tight skull. Why was she here? Why would the Goddess want to kill them all? She glided closer and closer.

“Garoth, run!” Shel screamed from where she lay. It looked like she had a serious wound to the leg and couldn’t move.

The Goddess ignored her and halted in front of Garoth. He couldn’t take his eyes off her feet. The way they levitated daintily in the air above the soft earth. Her toes were long, the perfect shape and size. Her pale skin shone in the light and didn’t hold a single speck of dirt. It didn’t look like they had ever been dirty in her eternal life, and why would they be? She was a Goddess after all, there was no need for her to walk upon the moral earth.

“Ahhh, I see the spark inside of you,” her voice met his ears like flowing water and a soft breeze. His ears trembled with glee. She put a foot forwards. “Worship your Goddess.”

Garoth didn’t need to be told twice. He shuffled forward on his knees and reached out. His hands delicately guided her foot to his mouth. His lips kissed the top, just above her toes. Her soft skin made everything else feel like pumice, like every surface had been bathed in the scorching sun for thousands of years. The natural scent of her skin weaved without hesitation through his nose and into his head, creating a thick cloud that numbed him to everything else around.

“Your blood,” she hummed, “I can feel it pulsing, rushing into your humanhood. My powers don’t work on your because they don’t need too, well, for the most part.” Something tugged sharply at his mind. “You are a gem among mortals.” Her foot withdrew and she turned. “Come, Garoth.”

He couldn’t control his legs. He stood and followed the Goddess as she glided back towards the trees. Even if he was being manipulated he was sure that he would have followed anyway. Would any man with a fetish for the female foot not follow the Goddess of such a thing?

Shel’s voice continued to call out, begging him to stop, but it fell on deaf ears. Garoth was hypnotised by the deity’s swaying soles as they left the battlefield behind, soiled and dirty.


Garoth had no idea how long they walked for. It seemed like days yet the sun didn’t seem to move at all in the sky between the trees. The smaller details went unnoticed. The only thing he cared for was the way the Goddesses feet moved as she glided. Never did the earth taint her perfect skin, she wouldn’t allow that. No doubt he was to be taken and made a prisoner too her will. Was he to spend eternity worshiping her feet? Garoth thought that he might be okay with that. Her feet were immaculate and rightly so!

He opened his mouth to vocalise his questions but something prevented his words from forming. It seemed like there was nothing that he could do for the time being. He would have to wait and see türbanlı escort what the God of Time would weave.

The air began to warm and it didn’t take long for Garoth to be covered in a sheen of sweat. The skin of the Goddess showed no change. A powerful sense of misdirection overcame him. It felt like he was no longer in the place he was before, like he had progressed into a new plane of existence. Had he entered some kind of realm of the Goddess?

The trees started to thin until they came to a solitary glade with the most lavish open tent that Garoth had ever seen. The king’s finery was nothing in comparison. Next to the tent a pool surrounded by rocks was fed from a small waterfall above. The sound of trickling water and chirping insects permeated the clearing. Garoth found it troubling that he couldn’t tell what type of insect it was. He had grown up exploring the woods and had become a woodsman when he had turned sixteen. Perhaps he had just lost his touch now that he was a mercenary at twenty six.

“Welcome, Garoth,” the Goddess of Soles chimed. She moved towards the tent as her thin clothes faded from view. Garoth held in a gasp as he gazed upon her long legs which connected perfectly with her heart shaped cheeks. Two dimples sat in her lower back, as if finalising her ultimate beauty for eternity. Red hair swam behind her in the light warm breeze. She turned and beckoned him with long, black painted fingers. Garoth relished in the way her bosom moved as she breathed in and out. He wasn’t even disturbed that flat skin sat where nipples would normally be. Were Goddess’ unable to give birth like humans did? What did that mean for her womanhood? Could she even be called a woman?

“Come, Garoth, it is time to begin your training.” The corners of her lips turned up in a wicked grin. She continued her flight to cover.

Garoth followed eagerly behind. All he wanted was his lips against her feet again. He could still feel the aftershock of her soft skin. A lustful shudder ran down his spine as he recalled his hands on her soles and ankle, his hands began to tingle as if melting. Nothing else mattered. He couldn’t even take his eyes away to survey the surroundings.

The Goddess crossed the fine carpets of the tent and slowly lowered into an extravagant seat as she turned. The subtle sound of her skin rubbing as she crossed her legs caressed Garoth’s ears. “On your knees.”

Garoth supressed a moan and fell to the soft ground. The Goddess of Soles reached out towards him and his clothes began to disintegrate, blowing away in the warm breeze. He felt her eyes reach down and take in his manhood. “You pulse and harden for me despite me not using any of my power. What you see before you is only a fraction of my beauty. If I revealed myself in my most purist and truest form, your mind would not be able to bare what you saw. It would drive you mad and you would crave nothing but death.”

Garoth only heard her voice in the distance. He was captivated by her hanging foot and wiggling toes. The saliva in his mouth felt thick as well as the sheen of sweat on his forehead.

The Goddess stretched her foot out, the ball right in front of his nose. He wanted nothing more than to launch forwards and devour them completely but knew better than to do something without being commanded too. “You will use only your nose,” the Goddess instructed. “At no point are you to touch.”

Garoth swallowed. What would happen if he did? He leaned in a fraction and breathed in. Her skin was the same as before except for one minor difference. He could detect a hint of sweat beneath the pleasant smell of coconut and vanilla. It reminded him of Shel’s scent but seemed to exude nature. The warm breeze continued to blow, carrying her scent to him in waves, like water lapping against the soft sand of a forbidden beach. He could feel the blood draining from his head and further fuelling his rope of man. It felt like he could explode at any time. Sweat was pouring down his face and torso. He gritted his teeth and closed his eyes, determined that visual stimuli would be the end. He needed it, he wanted it, he couldn’t help it. He reached out for his manhood and his muscles seized and locked up.

“You don’t get to spill your mortal seed unless I command it,” the Goddess taunted, a growl at the back of her throat erected goosebumps along his arms.

Garoth resisted as much as possible but no matter how strong he thought he was, he was no match for a Goddess. He relaxed his muscles and his arm came loose. He clenched his fists and locked them in place at his sides.

“Very good,” she purred. “Don’t stop now.”

Garoth sniffed, determined to end this as quick as possible. It felt like he could explode and not just his forbidden zone.

Her scent intensified, overwhelming him with skin and sweat, nuts and honey, bringing him into a state of euphoria. Her toes wiggled, one at a time like a wave.

“You may climax.” As soon as the words left her mouth he exploded. Thick ropes of pure white seed launched forth with each intense convulsion of his tortured muscle. It slapped lovingly against the crimson and gold carpets accompanied by his muffled groans through clenched teeth. He throbbed and pumped, over and over, as if the moon remained in one place in the night sky.

The Goddess of Soles removed her foot and crossed her legs once more. “Just a simple scent brought you to the orgasm? Having one like you will be interesting indeed.” As her natural fragrance took flight his orgasm finally began to die down.

She stood and glided over to the natural pool. The remainder of her clothing fell off and she slowly lowered into the water. “You may stand and enter.”

Garoth struggled to rise. His legs ached and wobbled as he limped over to the pool. He climbed in with little grace and splashed into the water. He wasn’t sure where to go so he made his way to the opposite end and sat down facing the Goddess.

She smiled and ran a hand along the top of her chest. “What is it, Garoth, that attracts you to the female foot?”

Garoth felt the warmth of the water soothing his muscles. The usual after sex lethargy seemed to vanish in an instant. “I… I don’t really know,” he said as he shook his head. “I’ve never thought about it before. I just accept that they turn me on and that’s all I need.” His eyes went to the water and the shape of the movement was almost hypnotising. What was it about feet that he liked? They came in all shapes and sizes and, like anything, some were more attractive than others. Was it perhaps that fact that they alone are what allows the human body to stand and help move them around in where they intend to go? They were the limbs that connected everyone to the ground below, the ancient and sacred earth. Did that connection somehow link humans to some other higher life form, the ones who forged the world, like this Goddess in front of him?

“I believe you know somewhere deep down,” the Goddess’ fingers swirled the top of the crystal clear water. “We just need to bring that to the surface.” She leaned back and her foot broke the surface. It shimmered with wetness as pure droplets fell down her unblemished skin to fall from her round heel with a symphonic dripping as it hit the water below. Just what was it about the curving shape of her foot that made his loins pulse? The curve of the ball wound round, making way for her wide arch, leading right down, and curving out once more to her heel. The entire shape was just so… feminine. And her toes. They wiggled teasingly, waving at him as a hand would beckon. He wanted nothing more than to suck each and every toe, one by one, big to small. Why did the very thought drive blood hotter into his lower half?

Garoth managed to rip his eyes free. “How do I address you, Goddess?”

“Just like that for now,” she said as her foot vanished beneath the water once more. “I have a task for you. I will send you back into the mortal world to research the quality of the modern female foot. I need you to explore them and compare them to mine.” A smile caressed her lips. “If you do good I may just reward you.”

Garoth’s mind exploded with images of what that could mean for him and his poor manhood. “Yes my Goddess.”

The Goddess of Soles stood. “Good. Then you leave immediately. Get out and we will get you ready.”

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