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Hades’ Gift

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Luke Solberg was, perhaps, the most unhappy 18 year old in Spokane, Montana. He had been orphaned at the tender age of 8, and the only memory of his parents that remained was a blurry photo from a newspaper article detailing the gruesome plane crash which had claimed the lives of Luke’s parents along with those of the 132 other passengers. The only survivor of Flight 316 had been Luke, who had miraculously survived when his seat had been wrenched from the fuselage of the airplane and become lodged precariously in the branches of an oak tree.
This astounding piece of luck would normally be regarded as the only piece of good news in an otherwise horrific event, but Luke would soon rue the faulty mounting bracket that had allowed him to survive the accident. After the crash Luke, who had no surviving family, had been placed into the foster care system, where he had had the misfortune of being adopted by Mr. and Ms. Robinson. The Robinsons, a pair of 60 year-old retirees, were in dire financial straits and saw Luke as nothing more than a possible source of delivrance. They used the government benefits granted to foster parents as a means of rescuing their financial situation, and quickly set Luke to work sweeping floors in the local barbershop until he was old enough to be legally employed in a mechanic’s shop.
These things alone were not enough to make Luke resent the Robinson’s, after all, times were tight and the Robinsons were decent enough to allow Luke to go to the local school all the way through the twelfth grade. What really led to Luke’s resentment was the fact that, no matter how hard he worked, he was never accepted as part of the family. The Robinson’s insisted that he keep his own last name, gave him a room in the loft of the garage, and steadfastly refused to eat any meals with him. In fact, the only interactions that Luke had with them were when he delivered his weekly paychecks, and when Ms.Robinson brought him his weekly allowance of food.
When this enforced isolation at home was combined with the fact that he worked from 4 until 12 each day at Joe’s Autobody Shoppe, during which time Joe spoke with him only when absolutely necessary, meant that the only time Luke had to interact with other humans was during school. Even this, however, was not particularly encouraging, as any acquaintances Luke made at school slowly faded due to his lack of leisure time outside of school in which to hangout.
These circumstances had combined to make Luke’s life almost unbearably miserable, and the only thing that kept him going was the chance that he could escape from the horrific backwater that was Spokane. This chance came in the form of going to an out of state university or college, something which would require a full scholarship as Luke was not allowed by the Robinson’s to keep any of the money which he earned. Luke had worked extremely diligently throughout highschool with this thought in mind, and had managed to achieve straight A’s in the most advanced classes offered at his highschool, unfortunately, this was not enough by itself. Luke knew that he would have to write the SAT’s, something which he had no money for, and he prayed that he would be able to convince the Robinson’s to lend him the money.
Luke decided to ask the Robinsons for the money on his birthday, after coming home from his shift at the garage. When Luke asked Mr.Robinson the reply was disastrous, although not entirely unexpected. What made it worse; however, was the fact that the answer was prefaced by a chuckle, as if the old man was genuinely amused by the notion that Luke would ever leave. Luke, emotionally numb from years of neglect, was able to absorb this news relatively well, but once he entered the safety of his own room, he could not help but feel a deep-seated sense of rage. This rage was directed at the Robinsons, but also at the world in general, every single person who was out there not helping him. Although he knew it was silly, after all many people doubtless were in much worse situations, he couldn’t help but feel entitled to something more out of life. These thoughts were still swirling around in his head when he fell into bed, and slowly drifted in the peaceful sanctuary of sleep.
Luke found himself in an empty space. The space was not only empty, it was entirely featureless, no walls, no irregularities, just a non-descript gray stretching as far as the eye could see in all directions. He could not remember getting there, or how long he had been there. It just seemed that he had been there for as long as he could remember, the rest of his life seemed detached somehow, as if it had all happened to someone else. Luke wondered what this was, undoubtedly a strange dream, and as soon as the thought crossed his mind a Voice replied, coming from everywhere, and simultaeneously from nowhere at all.
“This is the Homepage”, the Voice replied, strangely devoid of any characteristics that would normally allow Luke to judge things like the gender or age of the speaker. Luke immediately began to formulate a question regarding this seemingly cryptic response, but the Voice immediately began to speak again, as if in answer to his unasked question.
“The Homepage, Luke Solberg, is a realm between Elysium, and the realm you know as Earth. Elysium is the realm of the Gods, Gods you know as the Greek gods Zeus, Poseidon, Hades etc. You, Luke Solberg, are the offspring of these gods, a child of Hades himself. This lineage has been largely irrelevant to your life up until this point, only preventing serious injury or illness. However, now that you are come of age, your true potential is to be fulfilled. You will not age, you cannot become ill or die, and you will be able to alter yourself in whatever ways you see fit, all through the Homepage. This Homepage can be accessed concentrating your mind on the idea of this emptiness.”
Luke floated slowly through the nothingness, stunned and speechless. The Voice had answered his questions almost faster than he had been able to think of them, responding instantly to his thoughts. He was immediately suspiscous that this was nothing more than a dream, but it seemed so vivid that he decided to play along on the off-chance that it was indeed really happening. He immediately wondered what the point of all of this was, and he had barely finished forming this thought when the Voice began to answer.
“The Gods, despite their ultimate power, are unable to visit the earthly realm with any regularity, as their vast powers weaken the very fabric of what you know as reality. They once resided on Earth, during the age of the Greeks, but they were forced to leave by the fraying of reality that resulted şişli bayan escort from their combined presence. Furthermore, an eternity shared among such a small group of Gods becomes dull, even with unlimited powers. Therefore, they seek entertainment, and one of the best ways they know how to achieve this is through their offspring. Each God is alotted a turn, in which he sends his or her offspring to Earth, to run wild. The antics of the Godchildren amongst the mortals amuses them to no end. Previous godchildren, such as Jesus, Mohammed, Genghis Khan, and Julius Cesar were the offspring of minor gods, such as Hermes and Hephaestos. They were endowed with less power, and, therefore, eventually became tiring to their Elders. You; however, are the offspring of one of the originators, Hades himself, and you will be granted powers the likes of which the Earth has not seen in many generations. Hades is the God of the Underworld, as you undoutedly learned in your youth, and your powers will reflect those of your father. You will have complete control over fire, the element which dominates your father’s realm. Furthermore, you will have control over death, albeit to a limited degree. You will not be able to extend anyone’s life past its natural extent, but you will be able to stave off illness, as well as all but the most serious of injuries. You will have much more power when it comes to taking life, and you will be able to rip away anyone’s life in anyway you choose. Thirdly, as your father’s realm is enshrouded in shadows, you will be able to become invisible whenever you chose, simpy by slipping into the realm of the dead, which exists direclty parrallel to the realm of the living. Finally, you will have superhuman strength and speed, much like that which was given to Herkules, as well as the ability to control the minds of mortals.”
The Voice then paused momentarily, before resuming its course. “Hades would deign to speak with you, although only briefly due to the difficulties caused by inter-realm communication”. Before Luke could ask what the Voice meant, his head was filled with what felt like liquid fire.
“Luke,” an immense voice boomed, “as my son you have been granted many powers. These powers are not to be squandered, although I have no doubt that you will use them to their fullest extent. Your life has been hard, this was by my design. You needed to be free of empathy, and any similar useless manfestations of weakness. You are a Godchild among mortals, better and more worthy in every way. They exist only insofar as you desire them to. You may live out your existence in any way you choose, and your reign over Earth will end only when you ask me to end it. This is my gift to my first Godchild, although I would ask that, in keeping with my reputation, you use your powers for your own benefit. Any suffering caused by this will be much appreciated by me and my siblings, Earth has become much too predictable since we departed those short millenia ago.”
As suddenly as it had begun, the voice of Hades ended, leaving only a faint shadow of the immense presence which had burst through Luke’s consciousness. The inexplicable pain which this conversation had visited upon Luke reomved from his mind any doubts he may have harbored as the the reality of the situation. Never had a human experienced such pain before. He was; however, overjoye by the possibilities which his father had just laid out before him. He remembered what he had learned about the Homepage, and found that he could see himself, as if from a security camera, if he concentrated his mind in a certain way. With deep satisfaction, he found that he could indeed alter his appearance, something which he proceeded to do immediately. He immediately grew from 5’11 to 6’3, and his skin rippled as his muscles swelled to the the proportions of a male fitness model. Luke had never thought himself bad-looking, but he now had the chance to perfect himself and he certainly didn’t want to pass it up. He sharpened his features, squaring his chin and smoothing out any irregularities, until he looked almost like a God himself. He then moved to his cock. It had never been small, at an average 6 and a half inches long, but he lengthened it to a more appropriate 10 inches, also widening it until it looked like something out of a porn film. Finally, as an afterthought, he blackened his irises, in tribute to the countless Hollywood depictions of his father, after all, he was now effectively a God incarnate himself, and people should notice.
Luke awoke in a cold sweat, and immediately knew that his visions the previous night had been more than just a dream. He was exactly as he had appeared on the Homepage the previous night, right down to his throbbing ten inch member. He looked through his closet, laughing as he realized that none of his clothes would fit him anymore. He grabbed a loose fitting pair of gymshorts, and the baggiest hoody that he could find, grinning as it fit snuggly over his newly acquired muscles. Throwing on the overlarge pair of workboots that now fit rather tightly, he headed out of the garage and up to the main house, where he stopped abruptly at the door. He realized that he could hear thoughts emmanating from the house. Not hear in a normal sense, but rather in a kind of metaphorical sense. He somehow knew exactly what Mr.Robinson was thinking, although he found that he could effortlessly block it out if he so chose. However, he decided to listen in on the old man’s thoughts, and was infuriated by how little he himself figured into them. He realized just how little the Robinson’s thought of him, they saw him as nothing more than an employee who happened to live in the garage. This realization, combined with his father’s request from the previous night, caused Luke to smile maliciously. He concentrated on the old man, and he quickly was able to see him in his mind’s eye. With a little concentration, he was able to visualize each part of the old man’s body, and he suddenly got an idea.
Johnathan Robinson was sitting in the kitchen, reading the newspaper while sipping on a cup of coffee, much like any other morning. His routine; however, was abrutly interrupted by a burning sensation in his feet, a sensation which was growing steadily in intensity. He initially ignored it, but then kicked off his socks to inspect his feet, only to yell in surprise at what he found. The tips of his toes were beginning to smoke and blacken. The pain hit him at that moment, immediately as his wife let off an agonized scream from the adjacent room. The pain quickly became hus entire world, as his his feet were subsumed by an invisible flame, withering away at an ever increasing pace. şişli escort He tried to stand, but his feet crumbled like charcoals, and he tumbled to the floor, screaming in pain as the fire worked its way up his legs.
Luke stood outside in grim silence, visualizing the bodies of his adopted parents dissapear into a fine ash. He smiled grimly, realizing with a start that he didn’t feel the slightest bit of remorse. He turned and walked down the street towards the nearest clothing store he could think of, but he could swear that a low chuckle reverberated throughout the silence of the morning air.
Luke walked down the street in the cool morning air, thinking about the endless possibilities that lay before him. However, before any of these could become a reality, he needed a new set of clothes. It was with this thought in mind that he walked into the solitary H&M that graced the streets of Spokane. Immediately upon entering the premises his eyes were drawn to the girl standing behind the cash register. Natalie Waller was by far the hottest girl in Luke’s high school. Standing 5’4, she weighed 110 lbs, none of it fat. Her legs were perfectly toned, and always on display in a pair of short shorts or a mini-skirt. Her ass was perfectly rounded, although it had nothing on her breasts, a pair of C’s that fitted her petite frame perfectly, massive without being ridiculous. Her blue bright blue eyes were framed by strawberry blonde curls that fell halfway down her back. Her final, and perhaps most impressive, feature, were her lips. Full and red, they could only be described as the perfect blow-job lips, although only her long-term boyfriend, Kevin Reddick, could attest to this.
Luke, suddenly curious, glanced through her thoughts, and was unsurprised to find that she knew him only as a face among many in the halls of the highschool. That however, was about to change. Luke quickly set about altering her state of mind, something that he found himself able to do with only the slightest exertion. He ensured that she would find him supremely attractive, and made it so that any interaction with him would gradually increase her horniness. These adjustments made, he walked up to the cash register.
“Excuse me, I was wondering where you keep the shoes”, he asked casually, although he knew full well that they were just around the corner. Natalie looked up from her phone, and Luke could see her pupils expand immediately as she took in his new appearance. “Shoes are just around the corner”, she said in a slightly husky voice. Luke could barely refrain from chuckling, as it was ovious that he had overdone his alterations. He had barely spoken to her, and she was already beginning to get wet. “Ok thanks”, he said, as he turned to go and look through the shoe section.
He looked through the shoe selection for a few minutes, before finally settling on a pair of black sneakers. Throughout this time he had been monitoring Natalie, who was by now completely ignoring her phone and focusing on the handsome stranger alone in the store. When Luke headed over to the shirt section, Natalie walked over, trying her hardest to appear casual while still showing off her body, currently on display in a pair of short shorts and v-necked t-shirt. “Do you need help with anything?” she asked. “Actually,” Luke replied, “I need to pick out a new wardrobe, I lost all my luggage at the airport”. Natalie practically jumped at the chance to spend more time with this new customer, and immediately grabbed a few shirts off the rack.
After about half an hour Luke had most of a new wardrobe, and Natalie was practically dripping from her pussy as she had been unable to make any progress. Luke had steadfastly refused to respond to Natalie’s flirting, although he had taken every opportunity to talk to her, thereby increasing her arousal. By this point; however, Luke was ready to take advantage of her arousal. Thinking of how to make his next move, he looked over to Natalie, and saw her practically drooling as she glanced in his direction every few seconds. Chuckiling to himself, Luke decided to try a ploy straight out of a porno which, due to Natalie’s undeniable desire, seemed foolproof regardless of its stupidity. Grabbing a pair of jeans from the rack he moved to the changeroom, and swithced into them. He noticed then that they were button-ups, rather than a traditional zipper. Smiling to himself he walked out into the store, anxious to try out the most ridiculous ploy imaginable.
When he walked out of the change room Natalie jumped up from behind the counter, and Luke saw in her mind that she had been trying to masturbate, although it had only served to heighten her arousal. Her panties were drenched, and Luke suspected that in a few more minutes her shorts would have become unusable as well. “Excuse me”, he called.
Natalie walked across the store, doing her best impersonation of a hooker, chest out, ass swaying side to side, slowly running her tongue along her teeth. She was becoming desperate, never had she worked so hard to seduce someone. She recalled the 30 minutes she had spent trying to get the customer to hit on her. She had brushed against him, practically stared at his crotch, and had even run her fingers along his thigh when he had tried on a pair of shorts. All of this; however, had been to no avail, and she was now seriously considering just ripping off her clothes and begging him to fuck her.
“Sorry,” Luke said, “but I noticed that these jeans are button up and I’m not sure if that’s gonna be ok or not”. “How do you mean?”, asked Natalie. “Well you see,” replied Luke, ” I generally get my girlfriend to blow me a few times during the day, and I’m not sure if the buttons are easy to unbutton, so I was wondering if you could try?”
Natalie’s eyes lit up, and she practically jumped to her knees as her fingers flew to his crotch, fumbling somewhat with the buttons as she opened his fly. “Huh”, Luke said, inwardly gleeful at seeing Natalie Waller herself unbottoning his pants. “I guess they’re not too bad then, thanks”. Natalie looked up, and Luke could hardly keep himself from laughing at the look of despair on her face as she realized he had only asked her to unbotton his pants. “Yeah”, she stuttered, “they’re pretty easy to open I guess”.
Luke smiled, now certain that he was going to get to fuck the hottest girl in his school. “Well”, he said, “I haven’t gotten blown yet today because my girlfriend is out of town, since you’re already down there why dont you just be a good little slut and suck my dick for me?” Natalie barely heard the insult, all she heard was permission to suck his dick, she eagerly reached into his pants, and gasped out loud mecidiyeköy escort as she pulled out his monstrous dick. “Well dont just sit there bitch, my dick isn’t going to suck itself”, Luke said, slapping Natalie across the face with his newfound strength, knocking her to her side.
“Sorry sir”, Natalie said as she scrambled back to her knees and began to worship the massive cock staring her in the face. She grabbed the shaft, pulling back his forskin, revealing the plum-coloured head beneath. She kissed the tip of his cock, running her tongue lightly over the opening, while she cradled his massive balls in her hands. She then took him into her mouth, or at least she tried to. His huge cock barely fit in her mouth, and even when she reached around and grabbed his ass, trying to pull herself further onto his cock she could only get about six inches into her throat before she had to back off. She looked up from him, and saw him smirking down at her.
“Is that all you can take slut?” Luke spat, as he looked down at the wet dream of every guy in his highschool. Natalie gagged, and pulled off his cock, leaving a thin trail of spit and smears of red lisptick on his cock. She opened her mouth to explain that his cock was too wide to fit down her throat, but Luke slapped her before she could get a word out, this time leaving a red mark on her cheek. “Shut up whore”, he said, “you dont get to talk until you take my whole cock down your slutty throat”.
Natalie blushed red from the abuse, ashamed at herself, because every insult, and every blow, made her more and more horny. She was just about to try again when he grabbed a handful of her hair and dragged her over to the counter. “Get up on the counter and grab your ankles cunt” said Luke. Natalie hastened to comply, and she was soon laying on her stomach, garbbing her ankles behind her back, staring directly at her lipstick smeared on his cock. “Open wide slut, and I had better not feel teeth”, Luke ordered. Natalie nodded quickly, opening her mouth and looking up at Luke as he grabbed two handfulls of her hair and began facefucking her mercilessly.
Luke was in heaven, he looked down at Natalie, a girl who had been unattainable yesterday, struggling not to gag on his huge cock, mascara running down her cheeks. After a few light thrusts Luke went for broke, ramming his cock into her mouth as hard as he possibly could. Natalie experienced a brief moment of pain as his cock forced itself down her throat, but she was then overcome by his pleasure, which was emmanating from Luke and directly into Natalie’s brain. Luke thrusted a few more times, and then held Natalie’s face in his crotch as he came down her throat. As he came he realized that he could control how much semen he emitted. Smiling, he emptied half a litre of cum into her throat, directly into her stomach.
Natalie had felt his cock pulse massively, immediately before he fired his load into her stomach. She struggled to breathe through her nose as he emptied more cum into her mouth than she thought was humanly possible. Finally, however, he finished, and pulled his cock out of her mouth. She stared unbelievengly at his cock which, despite his recent explosion, remained hard as rock. “Yeah,” Luke said with a smirk, “I’m not done with you yet bitch”.
Luke pulled her off the counter and kissed her deeply, chuckling at her passionate reciprocation. “You liked that slut?”. Natalie blushed, ashamed by the answer, “Yes sir, that was the best orgasm of my life”. With a smile Luke pushed Natalie back onto the counter and pulled off her shorts, laughing at the sight of her panties, entirely soaked through. He then ripped off her shirt, revealing a gorgeous pair of tits confined within a bright pink lace bra. He smiled approvingly and leaned down to barry his head in her chest for a moment before he placed her legs on his shoulders and lined up his cock with the entrance of her pussy. Natalie moaned incoherently, driven to the edge of madness by the proximity of his cock to her pussy. Luke proceeded to fuck her with long, deep thrusts, revelling in the tightness of her pussy. Natalie screamed as his cock stretched her vagina to its limit, and as he bottomed out, running his cock head into her cervix. Luke continued to pound away, drilling her time and time again, until he finally came, a torrent of cum which exploded into her uterus.
Without hesitation Luke pulled out, flipped her over, and drove into her ass despite her initial protests. He could feel her ass tearing as his massive cock forced its way into her, but her screams were of pure pleasure, her pain overridden by his pleasure. Luke grabbed her hair, pulling her head back and thrusting even harder into her ass. After ten minutes of uninterrupted fucking Luke pulled out, and pulled Natalie back to face him. “Time to clean my dick bitch” he snarled. Natalie looked down at the cock waving in front of her face, covered in sex juices and a few smears of shit. She hesitated slightly, and was rewarded by Luke slapping her in the face with his cock, leaving an unmistakable red mark on her other cheek. He then grabbed her hair with one hand and began facefucking her viciously, as he fished in his pocket with his other pocket for his phone. He quickly retrieved it and began recording, chuckling at the alarm on Natalie’s face. After a few minutes of her gagging on his cock, tears streaming down her face as she stared right into the camera, he pulled out of her mouth, and tore off her bra. “Fuck me with your tits slut” he ordered. Natalie quickly obeyed, cowed by the thought of further retribution. She quickly grabbed his cock, now clean of all traces of shit and cum, and put it between her tits, squeezing them tightly around it. Luke then began to thrust, laughing aloud as he realized his dick was long enough for Natalie to suck the tip as he fucked her tits. After only a few minutes of this fresh heaven, Luke felt once again on the verge of orgasm, and he pulled her head off of his cock, pulling her head back by her hair and emptying a full litre of cum over her face and tits. He stopped recording on his phone, and wiped his cock off with a handfull of her hair. Looking down at her he smiled, she was covered in an obscene quantity of cum, and yet she was smiling and licking it off of her tits. He stooped to grab the bag full of clothes he had picked out, put the jeans back on and turned to leave.
Natalie, jolted from her reverie, sat up and asked pleadingly “Call me?” Luke looked back at his highschool wet dream, his cum dripping off of her face in rivers, and said, “You know what, I actually might. Thanks for the clothes by the way.” Natalie smiled, the happiest girl on the planet, covered in the cum of the man she now loved, surrounded by the remnants of her clothes, and lay back to enjoy the moment as the stranger walked out of the store.

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