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Hers To Keep

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I watched her sleep.

Dressed in nothing by a lacy camisole and matching boy shorts. It contrasted with her golden skin. Her long, relaxed hair fell in layers around her face and I gently pushed a few of the strands back.

Her legs curled beneath her on my plain cream couch, the dragon tattoo that ran done her right thigh never failed to turn me on. I always imaged eating her out while that thigh was pressed against me like the live serpent, pulling me in deeper and deeper.

Tasha had the perfect body to me, probably because she inspired my preference. Curvy all her life, Tasha had ass and tits to spare and had no problem flaunting the fact.

Her nipples showed through the sheer underwear, those big, beautiful breasts hardly contained. It was those breasts that made me realize that I was in love with Tasha. It happened at the mall when we went shopping for new bras since she had already outgrown those she bought the year before. Born only two days apart, we were both sixteen at the time yet I only graduated to an A cup. Tasha had already been on size D.

I was in the dressing room helping her try on what felt like the gazillionth one when she told me about her new boyfriend and his fascination with her breasts. Breasts I found myself sneaking a peek at way too often.

She placed my hand on her breast and describing their last make out session, said, “It felt so good, Denie. Oh and then he sucked them!”

Testing the weight of them, I looked into her eyes and the air in the tiny room changed.

“How’d he do it?” I asked her.

I caressed and squeezed her breasts to her instruction, pinching her nipples when she said. Up to this day, I don’t know anyone whose breasts were as sensitive. She had to bite her lip to contain her moans and still the sales assistant came up to the booth to ask if everything was alright.

Rubbing up against me, she’d said, “Use your mouth.”

I fitted my mouth over her nipple and sucked. It was not long before she was riding my legs, her moisture soaking in to the leg of my pants. She bit my shoulder when she came, though it did not stifle all the tiny sounds she made. I have no idea how long passed but when she lifted her head, her cheeks flushed and her eyes glazed, I realized how gorgeous she was and fell head over heels. In that moment I knew why I had no interest in boys.

That was the only sexual experience we’ve ever had though.

I tried to hide what I was for years and when I finally did come out, Tasha supported me.

She stuck by me when my parents divorced, claiming my orientation as the last straw in their troubled marriage. She had no problem giving anyone a piece of her mind in my defense. She came to every major event in my life. She was there for me and I was there for her. That was our pact, sealed by the scars in the center of our right palms.

Though I always wonder what she would do if I put the moves on her, I was terrified of jeopardizing our friendship. It was the only constant in my life. I couldn’t stand to lose her even if her status in my life remained only friend.

She shifted into her sleep, snuggling deeper against my side and making the cutest little sound in the back of her throat. The muted television flashed pale light across her face and reminded me of the tears she shed earlier.

She showed up at my doorstep this morning, angry and announcing her boyfriend Ted had dumped her after she found him cheating.

Forgoing my plan to spend the Saturday lazing in bed, I made it my mission to cheer her up. We made a girls’ day out of it. We went shopping, had a manicure and pedicure and had an expensive lunch before returning to my apartment. I asked her to sleep over and we finished the day off by watching a chick flick, half of which Tasha did not see since she dozed off on my shoulder.

Looking at her, so beautiful and full of spirit, I wondered why she did this to herself. This was not the first Ted she dated. It probably won’t be the last either. She had a penchant for choosing the wrong guy. With her looks and personality she could do so much better.

A stubborn lock of hair fell back over her brow and I pushed it back, loving the way my hand stood out against her face. Dark chocolate to her fairness. The color of our skin notwithstanding, I was the polar opposite bursa yabancı escort of Tasha in looks. My hair was cut short and I wore it natural. Whereas Tasha was petite and thick, I was tall, slender and all angles.

I wanted her softness. I wanted to suck on those tits again, to see if they were as sweet as the pink-brown berries I remembered. To finally sip of her juicy lips and taste every inch of skin. I have fantasized about us in every possible position, inventing a few on those lonely nights when my pussy wept for her and her alone.

The list of things I wanted to do to her was endless. I would use my strap-on on her, making her beg for me to fuck her harder as I held her up against the wall. I would hold her down against any and every available surface and stick my face between her legs for hours on end until she was weak with orgasm and could not take anymore. I would-

I squirmed, the movement uncontrollable. My panties were already soaked. They always were in her presence. I knew if I looked down, I would find my nipples poking at the fabric of my tank top.

Taking a deep breath I closed my eyes and tried to regain control of my scattered senses.

A cool palm touched my thigh and I jumped, my eyes flying open. She was looking up at me with those deep brown eyes. “What are you thinking about?”


How did I tell my best friend that I’ve wanted to fuck her brains out for more than ten years?

I didn’t.

I tried to think of a nonchalant response but before I could, she said, “I can smell you, you know. Hot and musky.”

Her hand travelled higher and cupped my wet crotch. I arched into the touch, my gasp loud in the nighttime. She rubbed me through the wet cloth and I wished I hadn’t put on the pajama bottoms.

She met my eyes boldly and said, “I’ve always wondered what it’s like to be with another woman. To be with you, really.

I could not breath, speak. All I could do was feel.

She pushed her hand through the top of my pants and under the waist band of my thong. I was so slick, her finger parted my lips with ease, stroking over my hard clit.

Oh God. I was only seconds away from blowing.

“I want to know, Denie. What’s it like having a woman’s breasts pressed against mine instead of a man’s chest? What’s it like having her tongue in my pussy? Having her cum on mine? I want to be your woman, Denie.”

She pushed up closer against me and covered my mouth with her. The kiss was long and languid. Over and around, she pushed her tongue into my mouth. I sucked on it, pulling it deeper. She tasted of the mousse we had earlier, her natural flavor just as addictive as the chocolaty treat.

Her finger penetrated my pussy and I moaned into her mouth.

Using the moisture she collected there, she circled my clit. It was a tight fit, the barrier of my clothing not allowing the contact to deepen. I spread my thighs a wider, hoping for a harder touch.

She straddled one of my thighs and began riding to the rhythm of the two fingers she pushed back into me. Her breathing was as harsh as mine, her eyes still holding mine prisoner. Her curled fingers scraped against my bud with ever drag and push. My thighs began to tremble and it was all I could do to prolong the pleasure.

I wanted to see her cum before I went over that edge.

I broke the kiss to taste the skin covering her collar bone and the line of her jaw. She arched into my touch, her hands running down my back and finding the bare skin beneath the tank. She pushed it up and I lifted my hands so she could remove it.

She cupped one breast, rasping her thumb over the erect nipple. “You’re beautiful.”

I could not remember the last time I blushed but I felt the heat rise in my cheeks.

I ducked my head to hide my embarrassment and licked the tip of her breast through the material. A wet spot immediately appeared and outlined the stiff nipple. She shuddered and a thrill went through me. She was just as sensitive as before.

Licking again, I gently nipped her, pulling on the flesh with my teeth before sucking her.

“More,” she cried, her eyes hooded, her movements against my thigh becoming jerkier. Her wetness soaked through her panties and dampened my skin.

I pulled away just enough bursa sınırsız escort to remove the top. It flew over my head and the globes bounced free.

I was almost afraid to move, afraid that this was all a dream. But their temptation was too much to resist. I sucked on one, massaging the other. It tasted better than I remember, like sweet Caribbean rum and was just as intoxicating.

I feasted on her. Using every weapon on my arsenal, I licked and sucked alternating between the two and just as she’d done, I eased my finger beneath her panties. She clutched my head closer. “Oh yes, Denie. That feels good. I’m going to cum. Oh my God!”

With strength I did not know I possessed, I flipped us, still tonguing her.

Her back against the cushions, I settled between her thighs, loving how she arched into the thrust of my hips.

I popped her nipple free, seeking the only thing sure to taste better.

“Fuck, I need to see this hot pussy,” I groaned.

Sitting up, I hooked my fingers in her panties. She lifted her hips and I pulled them down.

“Hurry,” she urged.

Tasha’s pussy was plump like the rest of her. The lips were only slightly darker than the rest of her skin. In the center, the entrance to her pussy was pink, the clitoral hood above the same. Her flesh was dewy, glistening with her arousal. I wanted to tell how beautiful she was but I’ve never been good at expressing myself so I decided to show her instead.

I gently parted the lips. They were smooth and warm. She shifted a bit and a soft sound escaped her lips. Musky and sweet with just a slight salty under bite, she was the best thing I ever tasted.

Spreading the wet lips, I French kissed her moving up and down her slit with long licks. She cried out, jerking when I engulfed her nub, pulling with a hard kiss.

“Oh, you like that, huh?”

I slapped her ass, pushing two fingers knuckle deep. Curling my fingers, I pushed them against the upper wall of her vagina and massaged the flesh. Reaching up I pinched her nipple, the demon that pushed me to the darker side of sex breaking beyond my control.

She hissed but did not stop me. Instead she pushed back against my hand, spreading her legs wider. “Oh yes, Denie, fuck me,” she begged.

Moisture welled out of her and I rushed to lick it up. I angled for a deeper taste and felt her walls contract around my fingers. Her clit stiffened with every flicker of my tongue. I groaned, unable to get enough. She moaned, begging for more.

Suddenly she frozen before erupting in shudders, her ass cheeks clenching, and screamed, “Yesssss. Oh, yes. Harder! Do me harder. Denie. don’t stop!”

The fluid hit me on the chin and chest, instantly soaking us both. I pulled back, pleasantly surprised. “Oh, damn baby.”

“Don’t stop,” she cried.

I continued to pound her pussy with my fingers, feeling her muscles contract with every gush. I licked up as much of the slightly sweet liquid as I could.

Her orgasm went on forever. Until my arms ached with the exercise and it was a battle to keep her hips on the couch. She grabbed onto my head, her thighs squeezing tight enough to make my ears ring. I have never enjoyed having a woman cumming for me more.

I kissed my way up her frame. Her eyes were wet with tears. Following their trek, I kissed them away before devouring her lips.

“I’ve never cum so hard before. You’re incredible,” she praised huskily seconds, minutes, maybe days later. I had no sense of time. Only the warm curves beneath me existed in my world at that moment. “If I knew it would be this good, I would have raped your ass years ago.”

I smiled against her skin. Her hand on my ass, she squeezed me through my remaining clothing. “Get rid go these. I want to make you cum too.”

I stood and shucked them before climbing over her, my legs on either side of her head. “Eat me.”

She inhaled deep, muzzling my flesh with her nose. “You smell so fucking delicious.”

She kissed the inside of one thigh, then the next. She licked the top of my mound, caressing my ass, running her hands up and down my body. Everywhere within her reach she gave her loving attention. Everywhere but the place that ached the most.

My muscles trembled in reaction. “You’re a little tease, aren’t görükle escort you?”

She bit me softly, kissing it better a second later. “I like to play first. It makes everything so much better, I promise.”

She scraped her teeth against my sensitive flesh and I shuddered. “Ohhhh. Wow.”

She laughed softly, doing it again. This time, she nipped my slick labia.

I could not wait anymore.

Grabbing her head, I wrapped her hair in my hand and guided her mouth where I needed it most. She slid her fingers between us and opened my pussy lips, slurping her tongue up and down. She sucked on my folds, coming closer and closer to my clit with each movement.

She made love to me like she’d been doing it for years. Her chin and mouth were wet with my juices. Her eyes did not leaving mine, showing no shyness or revulsion. Only desire. Only need. If I looked hard enough, I could image that the same love I felt was reflected there.

But wishful thinking never got me anywhere so I drowned in the moment and left the rest for later. The sight of her pink tongue closing over my clit, dipping just that little bit into my pussy before circling the yearning organ again. The feel of every line of fire that shot through my body at her touch and the sound of slick heat against probing decadence. The smell of us together. Hot. Wet. Addictive.

Her hands around my thighs, she scooted a little higher. She bobbed her head up and down, her tongue sliding with erotic accuracy.

“Slide it all the way it, baby,” I urged.

I gasped shortly after. “Oh baby. You’re a natural.”

And she was. She knew how hard to touch and when to change the speed and angle of her tongue. But I needed the fullness of something harder.

“Fingers,” I gasped. “Put your fingers in me.”

Thankfully she did not tease this time. Two fingers penetrated me and I arched, breaking out in shudders, so damn close with only a hair’s width keeping me from falling off the edge.

Pushing her hair out of the way, I pushed my hips up and down to meet her tongue and fingers. “Yes, Yes. Harder, baby. I just need a little more.”

The orgasm rush over me with the urgency of a tidal wave. I shook madly. My breath was stuck in my throat and my mouth opened on a silent scream. She insistently attacked my g-spot and the ball of pleasure rolled into another and another.

My climax died down into lingering flutters in my pussy but I was ravenous. I wanted more. Lots more.

Scooting down Tasha’s body, I commanded, “Lift your leg.”

I helped her get into position and our legs scissored, my pussy pressed against hers. Bring her knee to my chest, I started slowly and grinded against her in a circular motion. Our nether lips slipped and slid, and I felt the hardness of her clit caressing mine.

Tasha threw her head back and grabbed her nipples. She pinched and more cream gushed between us.

“You have no idea how fucking beautiful you are. A goddess on earth.”

My voice was harsh, surely betraying too much of my emotions.

“Show me. Make me believe,” she breathed. Pushing herself onto her elbows, she countered my thrusts. The sound of wet pussy smashing against wet pussy sounded so good to my ears. My hand between our bodies, I placed my middle and index finger on either side of her clit and slid them up and down.

Her fingers nails hooked into my ass. “Oh, right there. Rightthererightthererightthere. Oh god, I’m cummmmming.”

There was a rush of moisture between us.

I moved faster and harder, humping instead of sliding now and screamed when the tide finally swept me under.

Breathing hard, I fell down next to Tasha and she cuddled up against me, purring like a satisfied cat. The scent of sex clung heavily on her lips and tongue. I suck on them, loving the way she eagerly reciprocated the action. I reached down to clutched her ass and bring her closer.

We dozed with our legs intertwined, our breasts rubbing erotically together. We woke some time later to make love before moving to the bedrom where we whispered about anything and nothing long into the night.

The next morning I woke up to the smell of eggs and bacon and found Tasha wearing only an apron at the stove. Of course I had to bend her over and lick that smooth pussy. She came on my tongue and returned the favor as I lay back on the table.

We had breakfast in bed after.

“I can get used to this,” she said.

I smiled at her and placed a piece of crispy bacon at her lips. As her lips closed over it, I thought So can I.

Tasha would soon find out I was playing for keeps.

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