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The Bimbofication of Allison

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Allison Gibson couldn’t pass up the offer. It was the summer after her freshman year at university and the 19 year old Communications major was happy to be back at home and earning some side money house sitting for people who were out traveling.

A particularly generous house sitting offer came from family friend, Keith Wallace. Keith owned his own automobile repair shop and had a collection of classic muscle cars and expensive and loud motorcycles.

He was a self made millionaire who was only a high school graduate and went to the same high school as Allison’s father. They had known each other for decades and times were always more lively when Keith showed up to parties or get togethers.

Keith was obsessed with staying in great shape all throughout his life and still filled out the specialized t-shirts and jeans that left little to the imagination.

Allison’s relationship with Keith was one she always thought was friendly. He was frequently at family parties and get-togethers. She did wonder why he wasn’t married but was told he became so successful with his business that he forgot to settle down.

To her, he seemed like a fun and in shape guy who had his shit together.

That’s why she didn’t hesitate to agree to house sit for Keith while he was away on a business trip. It would give her a chance to make some good money, Keith had offered her $100 a day for the week, and she could hang out with his cat Bubbles.

The house was on the other side of town and out in the country a bit. The drive was more than an hour each way, so Allison decided it would be fun to stay at the house for the week so that she didn’t have to make the long commute.

Nestled on multiple acres of forest, the only entrance to the tucked away cabin feeling home was a long driveway from the county road. The house was just beyond the last few signs of dense city population. The county road buzzed with traffic, especially on weekends as people made their way to lakes in the area, but once she was on the heavily wooded it felt as if Allison had found an oasis of relaxation.

Keith had left early on the morning of his business trip so the pristine home was left to only Bubbles the cat and Allison.

She drove up in her well worn car to the expansive fivd car garage area where he kept his treasured autos and bikes.

As the five foot five inch, brown haired, blue eyed Allison exited her car she wondered what type of motorcycle or car Keith was working on in his spare time. She thought about taking a look around once she got settled into the house.

The wooden interlocked beams of the rustic looking home still gave signs of grandeur inside. Large windows and hints of modern finishes to the home made it feel like a design element in the forest rather than a house.

She was a bit awestruck as she clutched her plaid overnight bag and went to the front door to punch in the code that he had given her to retrieve the key to let herself into the luxury home.

Inside, the house had immaculate hardwood floors throughout with a rustic feel throughout. The main level looked out into the peaceful and serene forest and felt like a refuge for unwinding from the busy world.

The living room’s main feature was a vaulted ceiling that also held a massive stone fireplace that dominated the room as it ascended to the top of the house.

Multiple hunting trophies adorned the walls and Allison began to wonder how many of the deer on the walls were roaming around out back from the house when they met their fateful end.

She made her way to the guest room that he had set up for her to use while she watched the house.

She settled into the tastefully adorned guest room and thought about what movies she was going to watch and what food she would order to be delivered.

First, she thought she would make contact with Bubbles the cat to just make sure everything was okay.

Bubbles had been with Keith for a decade and had free roam of the entire estate. The cat meant a lot to him and he spared no expense to make sure she was well taken care of.

Allison, in her jeans and peach t-shirt, made her way through the house looking for the cat to make sure she was okay.

She went upstairs and couldn’t help but be awestruck by the reclaimed wood handrail that looked completely handmade.

She was mildly distracted by the beauty of the house when out of the corner of her eye, she saw Bubbles possibly peek out of a bedroom before darting back in.

Allison wasn’t completely sure if she saw the cat and wanted to go investigate and so she walked down the upstairs hallway to the open door.

She stepped inside the room and turned on the light to reveal it to be his master bedroom.

The grandeur of the room wasn’t the least bit surprising as the large room contained a gigantic king size four post bed extravagantly made up with pillows and satin sheets.

A quick peek inside the master bathroom revealed exquisite white tile, jacuzzi tub, and a large shower with bonus veren siteler two rainwater style shower heads.

Allison had to remind herself to not gawk at the incredible house and to locate Bubbles so she could start unwinding downstairs.

She caught a glance at what appeared to be Bubbles near a computer desk in the corner of the room and walked towards the cat who jumped off of the computer desk and sprinted out of the room.

Just as Allison twirled around to see the cat depart, something on the computer caught her eye.

She did a double take and then walked over to see the brightly lit screen saver on Keith’s computer.

The picture was of a brunette in a bikini with an incredible body, breasts nearly the size of soccer balls, long and lush brown hair, and a smile with thick lips.

Right as she was about to turn away from the picture she noticed something else: the picture was of her.

None of the features were Allison’s. She had only B cup sized breasts and her brown hair only went to her shoulders. However, her face had been photoshopped onto a model’s body.

She just stared at the picture for a minute and took in how different she looked. A range of emotions rattled through her mind. Why did Keith have this altered photo of her? What else could be on the computer? Why did he ask her to come over to housesit?

Curiosity got the better of her and she clicked the computer mouse. To her shock, the computer screen opened to reveal the full desktop. There was no password needed.

She could feel her breathing get deeper as she tried to wrap her head around what she would do next. She knew there could be anything on the computer including many things she probably didn’t want to see.

However, she felt that she needed to know what else Keith had on the computer.

She clicked on the first computer desktop folder that caught her eye.

She opened the folder entitled “Allison” and found an incredible number of items.

More altered pictures of her with massive breasts in bikinis, dresses, sweaters, and lingerie. Altered photos of her nude.

There were long stories about her and journal entries as Keith documented when they met at parties and get togethers and also wrote out how things would ideally go between them.

Allison sat at the computer as minutes began to slip away as she found more and more material about what he wanted her to look like and become.

She learned about what it meant for her to become a bimbo. More specifically, what it would mean to become his bimbo.

The writing was overwhelming for Allison to read. She was a nerdy girl at heart who enjoyed schoolwork, reading, and finding new cookie recipes to bake.

She was cute but not enough to ever truly stand out in a crowd. She had gone through high school and freshman year of college mostly anonymously as it came to boys. No one asked her out and she only went to her senior prom with a guy friend.

The girl Allison saw in the pictures and in the stories was an attention magnet.

Not only because of her look but the stories Keith had written gave her a bubbly and outgoing personality. She was the center of attention.

An hour passed by before Allison knew it. She read and saw things she never could have imagined.

The thought ran through her head to run away from the house and never return but something kept her glued to the chair.

She didn’t fully understand why but something about all of the altered pictures, or “morphs” as she found out they were called, was alluring and sexy.

She lost herself in thought as she looked down at her very average sized breasts and wondered what it would be like to have massive ones like the pictures showed.

She began to think about the logistics of everything as her nerdy side seemingly fought inside to stay relevant. How would sleeping work? How would one even be able to drive? How much would they weigh? How would anyone take her seriously again?

All of those questions bounced around inside her head but she began to realize something else. She was turned on at the thought of becoming a bimbo.

The realization baffled her as it was so out of character. Yet, she had always felt overlooked in school and in life. Perhaps being a bimbo would make her feel like more than a wallflower in life?

She found some audio files on the computer and couldn’t resist putting on the computer headphones to listen to the recordings.

The recordings were interviews with large breasted bimbos who talked about how much they loved their new lives.

She couldn’t believe how a few of them sounded a lot like her where they simply wanted to try out the social butterfly side of life but didn’t know how to until they tried bimbofication.

The noise canceling headphones did the job as Allison didn’t notice that Keith had arrived back home and made his way up to his bedroom and was just staring at her as she intently watched the videos.

Finally, out of the bedava bahis corner of her eye, Allison caught a glimpse of Keith and she tore off the headphones and just about flew out of the chair, “Oh my God! Oh Keith! I’m so sorry! You scared me!”

Allison clutched her chest as the also surprised Keith tried to calm her down, “It’s okay Allison. Sorry to startle you. My meetings got canceled so I’m back. I see you came across my computer.”

Her blue eyes got wide as she self hugged herself and tried to explain, “I…umm…it was…the cat…Bubbles.”

He gave a knowing smirk as the computer video of a big breasted bimbo continued to play uninterrupted.

“So, what do you think Allison?”

“About what?”

“About everything you saw. I presume you saw everything.”

Allison didn’t know what to say but the calmness in Keith’s voice made her significantly less afraid than she thought she should be.

She breathed deep, “I think…I have no idea what to think.”

He sat down on the edge of the massive bed and nodded his head, “I have always seen you as someone who should be as beautiful as your soul is. Allison, what you saw on the computer is simply my ultimate fantasy. Not just for a night but the truth is you need to realize you are so much more than you think you are.”

She tried to not blush at the comments from the much older, handsome, and successful man but it was the most flattering thing she had ever heard a guy say about her.

“How do I know you aren’t full of it? Just trying to say whatever?”

“Fair point. I’m not full of it at all. I really do believe you should be the one who everyone in the room can’t take their eyes off of. You have become a wonderful young woman. Let me tell you what, how about you let me have you pampered for the rest of the day and then let me take you out tonight to show you a brief glimpse of what this is all about.”

Allison was surprised at the offer, “You mean a romantic date? I’m sorry but I can’t.”

“Please, let me send you to the spa, salon, and to get some incredible clothes so you can understand what I mean. Look, I know this is different and awkward but just think of it as being like prom except you will actually have fun and you will be the prom queen tonight. I know I’m more fun than Jimmy or Jason whatever the fuck that guy’s name was who took you to prom.”

“His name was Janson. He was nice but it certainly wasn’t a night to remember.”

“You deserve to have a fun evening. Promise. Just some fun.”

“Just fun?”

“Yes, just for fun. You know I mean that. You will finally get the pampering you deserve. A chance to let your hair down a bit from a busy year at university.”

The offer was tempting for a few reasons but mainly it provided a chance to have some fun on a day that had become slightly awkward, “Why not? Could be fun.”

Keith smiled, “Terrific, I was hoping you would say that. I will see what I can book.”

He exited the room as he called and quickly got an appointment setup with The Woodhouse Spa and Salon for that morning.

Keith brought Allison out to his black Range Rover parked in the front of the house. They both got in and he drove her down to the exclusive Woodhouse Spa and Salon. It was situated next to a lake resort that drew in people from all over for rest and relaxation.

During the car ride, he decided to attempt to break some of the awkwardness from Allison seeing everything on his computer, “There is one thing about today that I think would help you get into the right mindset.”

“What’s that? Can I look through your phone to see what you have me saved as?”

She laughed as the Range Rover cruised down the lakeside road on the way to the Woodhouse.

“No, for you to fully understand what you’re capable of you need to turn off part of that brain of yours and go with the flow. Embrace being a little spontaneous.”

“Keith, you know that’s not me at all. I’m very, almost repressively, literal.”

“That’s why you need a persona. Just for today. I used them all of the time during my acting days back in high school. It’s a fun exercise to help relieve stress.”

“You acted? Did my Dad?”

“That’s not important and I would never give up my fellow thespian.”

Allison chuckled at the thought of Keith and her Dad in plays in high school as the concept seems so incredibly foreign to them now, “Why were you in theater?”

“Why would you think? There was a girl.”

“Oh! What was her name?”

“It isn’t important at all. Now, as I was saying, I think for you to really enjoy yourself you should adopt a new persona just for the day.”

She rolled her eyes, “Okay, whatever the thespian says.”

“This thespian remembers your middle name is Nicole. Correct?”

“Yes, and I don’t care much for it. It makes little sense as it has no meaning in our family.”

“Right, but how about Nikki? I think that would be a fun twist on your name and give you something to tap into as a character. deneme bonus Think of the things Nikki might do and do them.”

It was a silly idea but to an extent Allison knew it might be an escape to pretend to be someone else, “Nikki? Could be fun.”

“Nikki will help remind you to not be so literal with everything and to have fun. Just try it with the ladies at the salon and spa.”

They arrived at the bustling Woodhouse Spa and Salon and soon arrived inside. Keith went up to the front desk and said to the attendant, “Nikki is here for her 11 o’clock.”

She smirked at the statement but could only roll her eyes at Keith as she went back with the attendant who greeted her as Nikki.

Soon Nikki was in a small room with a table and waxing supplies. The room was decorated with a floral theme and the soft calming music playing tried to give the feeling of calm.

As the door closed, the woman calmly introduced herself to the nervous teenager, “Hi Nikki, I’m Anna and I will be doing your wax today. Is this your first time?”

“Is it that obvious?”

“Don’t you worry, young lady, we are going to get you through this and get you out to the salon chair in a jiffy. Just jump up on the table and remove your jeans and we can get started.”

Everything happened so quickly that Nikki had little time to think of how out of character getting waxed was for her. Allison never really considered going to get a wax and the pain certainly made her feel hesitant.

Still, the calm and reassuring order from Anna made her more comfortable and she leaned on the edge of the table and unbuttoned her comfortable and cute high rise jeans. They slid to the ground revealing simple grey panties. She exhaled and then calmly removed her gray panties.

Naked from the waist down, Nikki climbed onto the table and leaned back as the process began.

“A full Brazilian was ordered by your boyfriend. He is going to love this especially since I’m guessing he has been asking you to get this done for some time.”

Nikki was blushing when Anna mentioned the thought of Keith being her boyfriend. She thought about correcting her but talking about her love life with a woman who was working in her pubic area seemed like an awkward conversation that she didn’t want to have, “It’s our three month anniversary tonight, so I guess he wanted to treat me right.”

Telling the anniversary lie seemed like a much easier time than explaining the real story.

“Oh, congratulations hun. That’s great. Bet he has big plans for you tonight.”

Nikki laughed at the suggestion but any thought of what Keith might actually have in mind beyond just a fun night out evaporated with the fear of her waxing being painful.

It wasn’t nearly as bad as she feared and ended up with a completely hairless pussy.

Once fully clothed again, Nikki was whisked away and was in front of a large, well lit mirror, in a salon chair, and draped before she knew it.

As she sat in the chair, Keith emerged from the waiting area to personally hand instructions to the stylist, “So, I want her to look like this. I think you can make this work. Spare no expense for Nikki.”

She stared at him in the mirror and they made eye contact. She felt different not only with her freshly waxed privates but having her hair choice picked out for her.

She wasn’t upset but rather intrigued to see what he had in mind and how it might look compared to the images she saw on his computer.

Keith smiled at her and then returned to the waiting area while the work began and high end brown human hair extensions were put onto Nikki’s natural, virgin hair.

The process took her from hair just past her shoulder blades, to lush and thick hair that ended at her waist.

The installation created lush and thick gorgeous brunette locks that covered the young woman’s entire back.

As she pondered her new look in the mirror, she felt like a whole new woman. There was a deep feminine energy to the new luscious hair that she couldn’t help but thoroughly enjoy.

She was reminded of how things used to be in high school for her. She was cute and in shape but her look never attracted the attention of guys compared to some of the more glamorous girls bouncing around the halls. Their beauty had always intimidated her but now she could feel hair all the way down her back and a sense of pride and beauty washed over her.

Lost in the shock of the new hair, Nikki didn’t even hear the discussion of the next part of her transformation as she was swept away into a changing room.

She snapped out of her day dream to the sound of her being told by Anna what she would be wearing, “Your boyfriend wanted you to have the full glamour package. He has very precise taste for sure but we will be getting you into all of these lovely things he has requested. Nikki, you are going to love all of this. We have breast and ass forms as requested by Keith. Once we have you in those, we will get you into this dress and then get you all fancy for your big night.”

The young Nikki took in the sight of the clothes hanging delicately from hangers: a massive pink lace bra and large hip panties, breasts and ass forms, jewelry, and a pink bodycon dress that was perfectly suited for the elaborate look.

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