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The Golden Years

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Jim was only 62 when his wife died and he found himself living alone. His 3 daughters were all grown up and had their own families.

What he missed most about his wife’s passing besides the companionship was the sex. They had an active sex life from the time they met in college until shortly before she died. They loved fucking.

In one of his morose moments he mentioned missing sex to his oldest daughter, Julie. Much to his surprise she offered to fuck him. “You’re a very handsome man, Daddy. Any woman would be lucky to have sex with you. I’ll fuck you anytime you want.”

Jim was at a loss for words and let the offer pass without comment. That night he had a wet dream about fucking Julie. It was the first wet dream in years.

Two weeks later he was taking a shower when his youngest daughter, Cindy, stepped into the shower with him fully clothed. Taking the bar of soap from her father she soaped him all over making sure she got every crevice. Jim just stood there letting his youngest daughter wash him and make sure cock and balls were squeaky clean.

He knew he shouldn’t be thinking about fucking his daughter but that didn’t matter. His cock was as hard as it had ever been with his wife. He was about to grab his dick and start yanking on it when Cindy got down on her knees and wrapped her lips around his stiff cock and gave him the best blow-job he’d ever had.

“You shouldn’t have done that,” he said to Cindy after they were out of the shower.

“I know, but Julie said you were down in the dumps and since I’ve always wanted to fuck you I thought a nice blow-job might break the ice.”

“You give better blow-jobs than your mother, thank you. And it’s been a long time.”

Cindy gave him a small kiss on the ckeek and said, “Maybe next weekend london escorts when I stop by you’ll let me fuck you.”

Hannah beat her to it. Hannah was his middle daughter. She was 28 and had two sons. On Thursday, right in the middle of his favorite TV show Hannah showed up and told him to take his pants off. “It’s time you got fucked.”

Hannah pulled his pants off and pushed him back in the recliner until it was fully extended. She unzipped her shorts and pulled them down over her hips and stepped out of them. Then she climbed up on the recliner and reached between her legs pulling her panties to the side so she could lower her pussy on his hard cock.

As she slowing rode him she asked, “Daddy, have you ever thought about selling this old house and moving into a retirement community with people your own age?”

“I’m not thinking about anything right now while your wet pussy is wrapped around my stiff dick.”

When she climbed off him after he shot his load of cum in her he said, “Why did you leave your panties on?”

“I didn’t want to lose any of your cum when I climbed off you,” she said. “I want my pussy to be squishy and filled with your cum when I get home and Dave eats me.”

The following week Julie stopped by while Jim was washing dishes. She walked up behind him and reached around his waist and unzipped his pants. She pulled his hardening cock out. “It’s my turn now,” she said as she turned around and leaned over the kitchen table. She wasn’t wearing panties and her wet pussy was calling to Jim’s hard cock.

Jim stared at the pussy between her legs. “Don’t just stand there Daddy. My pussy is wet and I really need a good fuck.”

When Julie felt her father pull his spent cock from her pussy she let her skirt fall back london escort into place. She wasn’t wearing panties and felt her father’s cum leaking out of her pussy and run down her legs.

This went on for several months. Every few weeks one of his daughters would stop by for a visit and a fuck. He felt a little guilty about fucking his daughters but cock was happy.

Jim finally decided that the 4 bedroom 3 bath house was too much for him and he was tired of mowing the lawn. He sold his house and found a one bedroom apartment with a small kitchenette in “Sunrise Village”, a retirement community.

Shortly after he moved in he was walking in the neighborhood one afternoon when he saw a grey haired woman sitting on a park bench watching the ducks in the pond.

Anita was a hippie right out of the sixties. She was tall and thin with small breasts and wearing a calf length “blue-jean” skirt with a white cotton flowery blouse. Her hair was long and grey with a loose French braid in the back. She smelled of patchouli.

They struck up a conversation and Anita invited Jim over to her place for a glass of wine.

They were sitting on her couch when suddenly Anita asked, “Will you hold me? It’s been a long time since anyone held me.”

Jim moved closer to her and wrapped his arms around her and she put her head on his shoulder. After a few minutes Anita moved her hand down and grabbed Jim’s cock through his pants. She still had her head against Jim’s shoulder and her eyes were closed. She didn’t squeeze or stroke his cock; just held it tightly in her hand as it grew in size and stiffness.

Jim said, “You might want to let go of my dick before something unexpected happens.” But it was too late. Jim’s cock started throbbing as he shot his cum in london escort agency his pants. He looked down at the wet spot and saw Anita still had her eyes closed. She was still holding his cock tightly.

Opening her eyes, Anita looked down at the wet spot on Jim’s pants. “I’m so sorry about that. I didn’t mean for that to happen.” She was still holding his cock and didn’t seem inclined to let go. “My husband used to let me hold his penis while he was holding me. He usually didn’t have his pants on, though.”

She used her free hand to take Jim’s hand and slide it under the elastic waist band of her skirt and pressed his fingers on her clitoris and held them there. Jim’s cock was getting hard again.

Anita started moving Jim’s fingers up and down on her clitoris. When she climaxed she squeezed Jim’s cock as hard as she could causing him to cum in his pants again.

When their breathing returned to normal Jim said, “I haven’t cum in my pants since my wife and I started petting when we first dated. And I certainly haven’t cum twice in thirty minutes for years.”

Anita just smiled and held on to his cock and kept his fingers pressing on her clit.

On Sunday morning, Jim’s middle daughter, Hannah, stopped by to check on him and see if he needed a quick fuck. When Hannah opened the door to Jim’s apartment she saw an older woman with long grey hair sitting on the kitchen table. Her skirt was hiked up around her waist and her panties were on the floor.

Jim was sitting on a stool between her legs licking and sucking furiously on the woman’s clit. She saw Hannah out of the corner of her eye but was too far done to stop Jim from bringing her to a climax.

When she finished her orgasm and Jim came up for air he saw Hannah. He stood up and helped Anita with her skirt and panties. “Sorry, this isn’t what it looks like.”

The woman stuck her hand out to Hannah and said, “Hi, I’m Anita and this is exactly what it looks like. Your father was eating my pussy and he gave me an incredible orgasm.”

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